.:Crimson Love:.

Chapter 4- Amends to the Dead.

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Benedict felt his heart sink lowly into his chest. He could feel the dismay of what had just happened course through his body. It nauseated him.

There in front of him, dropped a dying Mrs. Mills to her knees. She had a large puncture wound now placed in her chest. Her killer stood in front of her, a smile placed upon his face. His clawed hand dripping with the woman's red liquid.

Vampires. How he hated vampires..

Mrs. Mills locked eyes with Ben for a split second, "I followed you." She mouthed, unable to speak. Guilt washed over him. He was the one that had been concerning her lately.. This was his fault. If he would had just stayed home and solaced his anger..

He dropped to his knees and buried his face in one hand, warm tears stinging his eyes now.

He couldn't bring himself to look up as he heard her body hit the ground with a soft thud, the snow blanketing her fall.

Then the laughter came. The haunting, shrill laughter of the one responsible. Ben placed his hands over his ears, trying his hardest to block it all out. "I hate you." He chanted over and over again, his eyes tightly shut.


On top of a tall building sat Jack. The silent brunette gazing down at the world below him with his deep red eyes. It was late. Most humans didn't come out at this time. He was free to sit here and ponder in thought, if only for a few hours. It was the only thing he truly considered a blessing. His only peace of mind.

To him, the world was such a beautiful place. Once you lost so much access to it, you learned to appreciate what you once had. Still though, he could not remember the basics of what his life once looked like through his old eyes. He held memories, memories of his past, memories of his friends...memories of Ben...but could harbor not one of what the world looked like before the change. He could only feel in his heart that it was beyond imaginable.

He longed to see the sun rise and set even. He longed for the taste of the sweet morning air, the feel of the fresh dew on the grass. He longed for something to look forward to again.

Things that once struck him as annoying now seemed angelic. Things like the sun getting in your eyes, the nagging of people older than himself, those warm summer afternoons, even the simple things that made him sad at one time.

It was all a bittersweet melody of the past now. Things he once pushed away, he tried so hard to hold on to in the end.

He let out a small sigh, feeling himself come out of the trance he had been in. It was late. The sun would be rising in just a few hours. He could feel his body beginning to eat itself, having nothing else to resort to. He was starving, dying.

If he wanted to make it to where he slept away the day, he'd have to begin walking now. It was a good distance away.

A distance that would be quite easier for a healthy vampire. But for one in his state...


Hours had passed, and yet still, Ben sat on the ground, his hands clasped over his ears, chanting, and his eyes tightly shut. The vampire had long left, preferring to leave him in misery, rather than end it. It was all a game to them.

To his dismay, he felt a stinging sensation sweep over his entire body. As if being jolted out of insanity, his eyes shot open and his hands loosened up, slowly falling to his sides in defeat. Rain poured over him. Icy rain. The kind that would freeze over the roads and make traveling, and even surviving difficult. The kind that could make someone deathly ill.

Hoarse, with his hands, face, and most of his body a deep purple, Ben managed to pry himself off the ground.

The body of Mrs. Mills lay not too far..but he could not bare himself to look. He could feel the life leave her when it did.. and it killed him. He could feel his options get torn away from him. His family..his friends. It was all such a heavy burden.

Emotionless, he drove himself to walk in the direction of his home, his house-key in hand.


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