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She was turning fifteen… she was born at midnight and she was getting ready. Her father had a kind of worry face. He ran to the study and took out a book. He searched and found Hotaru Hyuuga. It was 2015 (still the place looks like the anime). He went to the beginning of the book where there was a letter that said:

"Every thousand years there is a Heiress to be born.

She will be born with both a curse and a blessing, still

the curse and the blessing shall be the same. She is to

be timid… yet the blessing will make her outgoing…

the curse is that she will never be able to live as a

normal shinobi… she will have to accept herself and

accept her habits. They shall be the strongest members

yet the change will be intense. She will have to kill and

drink blood since she will be a vampire for eternity…

She will have five years to be able to change humanity

And if by the end of those five years she hasn't controlled

most of the world she will stand her curse… and become

chased by everyone. Good luck in your transformation…

Love, Hotaru"

"DAD!! I'm going out… I'll be back before one!" Hinata yelled rushing out the door. It was ten in the night. 'this is not good…' he thought. He ran towards the door and yelled "HINATA!! COME BACK HERE, I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!!" still she just answered "don't worry daddy!! I'll be back for my birthday!" then she just left.


Hinata kept walking and reached the club. Finally in Konoha there was something to do at night, now that Tsunade had joined forces with Jirayia and they built a dance club/casino. Hinata was going there because everyone came for her birthday. In the VIP room you would find: Lee, Neji, Tenten, Temari, Gaara, Kankuro, Naruto, Sakura, the recently new Sasuke, Sai, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Kurenai, Asuma, Anko, Hanabi, Konohamaru, Kakashi, Gai, Tsunade, Jirayia and Iruka, all stuffed in a red, flashy room.

Hinata entered the room and everyone came to hug her and tell her happy birthday, even Sasuke. "Hina-chan congrats!!" Naruto got closer and gave her a kiss on her cheek, Hinata blushed and stuttered "A-arigato...Na-Naruto-kun..." then everyone just started dancing to the pace of the music, first starting with techno. Neji was called a little while later by the thug from the entrance and left, then he came back with a concerned look in his face. It was kind of weird, ever since he came back, he didn't get too far away from Hinata as if something was to happen to her.

Neji danced with Hinata, Tenten also Temari also but that was after a few drinks… (xD). Hinata was gleaming with happiness, everyone brought her gifts, even though she said no gifts but… no one listened,but mainly everyone was there, everyone being there was what made her smile since she noticed people did care for her. She opened her first gift and found a beautiful silver and gold hairbrush, she kept opening her gifts and the surprise was always beautiful adding more and more joy to her heart since the gifts weren't too fancy but small things that showed their appreciation for her. Everyone was happy and drinking or dancing or eating.

Later on... it had been two hours and fifty-five minutes (11.55) and Hinata had been dancing with everyone except some people, she still would skip some people because of her stuttering and stuff. She stopped a minute and went to the bathroom…


"I'm so tired… uff she stood in front of the mirror drinking water until she closed her mouth but strangely she bit herself. "What the..?!" she touched her lip and tasted her own blood 'shoot. I'm bleeding' she touched her teeth and felt two fangs. She couldn't believe herself.

Hinata looked at the mirror and saw herself and her fangs then her watch announced twelve. "Damnit... what is this?!!" she cried, Neji entered the bathroom. "Hinata-sama... I'm afraid something bad is happening..." Neji looked down and his head hang low. Hinata started whimpering... she was being hurt... this curse was hurting her. Her head ached, her stomach felt uneasy, she was trembling and her eyes changed their color.

Neji went close to Hinata and held her. Hinata was feeling weak...weaker than she had felt, still Neji knew that feeling wouldn't last long. She would en up feeling powerful still the transformation would hurt. He held Hinata and she rose her head only to see if she looked too bad. She saw her own eyes insted of the sweet pale lavender she saw red, completely red iris eyes, like Kurenai's eyes just that at least Kurenai's had a black pupil...Hinata's had the iris and the pupil a crimson red colour and just then after the eyes the fangs and the pain, everything stopped. Hinata stood up and looked at the mirror...she couldn't see her own reflection. "N-nii-san...w-what is this... f-fangs, r-red eyes... what is it?!" Hinata fell on her knees her tears splashing on her own thighs.

"Hinata-sama... you were born 1000 years after Hotaru-baa-chan... you are the next one..." Neji lowered his head once again, still holding Hinata. "N-Neji-nii-san...but w-why didn't the curse a-activate before? w-why t-today?" she sobbed. "It activates on your fifteenth birthday... I'm sorry... your dad tried to warn you... at least you won't be a normal vampire you can go out in the morning and stand the sun, after all you are the queen of vampires now..." Hinata looked at Neji and the pain started again, she sobbed and her tears started drying faster. "Hinata-sama...the transformation is nearly complete... your attitude will change a little bit and also will your confidence, don't worry you'll like it." neji placed his chin ontop of Hinata's head. She just said "Nii-san...get off of me...I'm ready." Neji let go of Hinata and stood up, offering Hinata his help she took his hand and stood up.

For some reason even Neji felt attracted towards her, he just looked at her and she sent a different kind of 'vibe' (xD). Hinata jut untied her now long her from her pony tail and let it loose. She then walked out of the bathroom and went towards everyone. Hinata just got near them and said "Gomen...I need to get going, see you toorrow, thanks for everything guys!" she just did a puff of smoke and she dissapeared. Everyone was shocked. Hinata didn't only not stutter talking to everyone, she gave a sense of confidence and did a jutsu she didn't even know... everyone was in awe... who would believe shy little Hinata would do that.

At home

"Hinata, your back, I'm glad, Neji told you didn't he?" Hinashi spoke in a warm tone to his daughter. She looked up at him and just stared then she said "Otoo-san, this 'blessing' will last for ever??" she stayed with an emotionless expression waiting. Her father answered back and said "Yes sweetie, its forever..." he looked down and a single tear ran his cheek splashing on the wooden floor. The silence was utter and the only noise heard was the one of the bamboo cane that rose and fell, and rose and fell when it was overflowing with water just like a clock... like the clock marking its flow with its ticking sound... it was peaceful, not that uncomfortable silence but it was quite confortable for Hinata. For the first time in her life she saw her father worried about her well being. not as the 'heiress' or as 'the weakling' but as 'Hinata', his daughter. She got close to her father and held him sweetly. She then rose his chin so that red would pierce white or the other way round. She muttered a few words that said ' It's alright...' she then spoke a phrase that shocked him, "I'm the same me I was before" she pulled away gently and from the door she said "Oiyasumi otoo-san, I love you" with that she closed the door gently barely making a sound so her little sister would still sleep peacefuly.

Hinata walked over to her room silently until she walked past the small fountain, her mother had picked it when Hinata had turned six and she had entered the academy, it was an angel playing its flute. When Hinata was little she would always imagine the little angel dancing gracefully just like a ballet dancer, playing it's flute harmoniously to cheer people up. Her mother, an angel that fell from the sky and with one smile would cheer people up... yes, the fountain reminded Hinata of her passed away mother, Mizuki, she, just like the meaning of her name, was beautiful. SHe opened the sliding door of her room to enter a pale lavender painted room. The sweet smell of lavender was still there.

There you would find some lavender flower twigs, some still kept the flower still some of the flowers had fallen. You would see an old oak armoire with fine details carved, forming delicate flowers and a small piano in spanish chestnut, with the same gentle detail carved. To the left there was her desk, a black walnut desk, full of various kinds of papres, mostly play scripts. Romantic stories wrote for the pleasure of human beings, silly happy-ending myths, passed from generation to generation. She looked at the full length mirror in front of her. 'I can't see myself... but still I know I'm here.' she gently closed her door behind her and entered her room. She took off her clothes and changed to a light magenta sleeveless robe and went to sleep. Tomorrow would be a good day, very, good day.

The day after

The sweet robins stood on the willow tree in front of Hinata's bedroom whistling happily a never-ending song. She woke up placing her blankets off of her body, moving them so she could move herself once more. She opened the curtains that blocked the sun and saw a beautiful morning. The sun-rays entered the room and illuminated all the room. Hinata looked at the mirror and saw herself, still some aspects of her didn't change much, mainly the confidence radiated by her own eyes. She made her bed and opened the window, today would be a good day she could feel it.

Hinata went down the hall and saw her father with her little sister, she turned to him and smiled, he saw her and smiled back, she turned to her little sister and gently said "Ohaiyo, Hanabi-chan" she smiled and saw her sister leave. "Otoo-san... what's wrong with nee-chan? she seems... different..." her father nodded and crouched next to his younger daughter saying "She has changed a curse to a blessing and she will use the powers well." he smiled again and kept walking.

Outside of the Hyuuga compound

Hinata walked down the street and walked by a beauty salon she looked at the people and saw some pictures. 'Red highlights' she thought, she remembered her crimson colored eyes the night before and she looked at the coulour the model was wearing in the photograph. She entered the parlor and saw the secretary, she walked towards her "I wish to do an appointment" she smiled at the woman who seemed intrigued by the mysterious aura the Hyuuga gave away. "Sure, for what time?" the woman kept trying to decipher our cute Hina-chan hinata smiled she barely said a phrase and left. "In two hours...". Hinata kept walking and entered a shop that looked pretty good. The clothing shop seemed nice and had just the sexy, kinky style Hinata was looking for. Of course she had changed at the fact that she was a vampire, who wouldn't?, but Hinata changed for good, into an outgoing, sexy girl. She still was cute and sweet but maybe the fact of being a queen of an entire raze made her feel important, needed but mostly powerful.

She chose beautiful clothes that matched perfectly her new personality and courage, but there was one outfit that was more flashy than the others. Even though it was all black it still gave some kind of mystery to the heiress' look. It was a black top, that reached her bellybotton, completely tight to her body and figurestill very showing in the area of the cleavege, that covered in a type of fishnet the rest of her stomach, an all-black, loose skirt, kind of tutu-ish and a black leather jacket that covered only down to her breasts. Joined by black fishnet stockings that actually contrasted Hinata's legs ver much and very tight to her legs, black boots, that also looked amazingly good considering that Hinata had a really good figure in every part even her legs. She just added a pair of silver earings and a silver necklace that had a beautiful ruby for a pendant.

Ohhh yeah, Hinata Hyuuga became a woman in tastes, and boy, did she look like a woman too, in the good sense. Every single man in Konoha stared at Hinata, even some women stared at Hinata, amazed by the beautiful girl in front of them. Hinata kept walking finally reaching her destination: the beauty salon. She entered and the same lady from before told her to enter. Hinata walked down a long hallway, she saw various rooms, all beautifuly decorated. There were massage rooms, saunas and stuff like that... she entered a very illuminated room that had various chairs, mirrors, hair dryers, scissors, hair brushes and things of that kind.

Hinata was lead to the second chair where she sat and spoke to a beautiful red headed girl. "So miss, what do you wish?" the read-headed spoke kindly, Hinata just smiled and said " I wanted to have some red highlights done, in various tones, all rounding crimson red, I want my hair to be cut in a more sexy fashion, what else, a massage and half an hour inside the sauna" Hinata finished speaking confidently and smiled, the other girl ruturned the smile. "Sure then first go to the sauna, you know were it is don't you?" Hinata nodded "Okay then I will call you in half and hour, go to the sauna room, first there will be some dressing rooms, there is the cold water machine, just press the botton and it will give you a bottle of water. When we call you, come and we shall continue your treatment" the red headed walked over to the other room and hinata stood up and walked over to the sauna.

30 minutes later Hinata came calmly from the other room and entered the first room she was taken to. She sat down and there came the red-headed "enjoyed the sauna?" Hinata nodded, fanning herself. "Now we will procede with the massage" the red-headed opened a door in the room that seemed a closet. She pulled out a massage table and turned on the light of the shelves to see various lotions, oils and different types of flowers. Hinata stood up and laid down on the massage table. For another half an hour she was laid down, enjoying a delicious massage. Finally Hinata stood up and the lady put away the massage table. Hinata sat down and finally they started her highlights and cutting.

Hours later Hinata came from the beauty salon, new attitude, new clothes, new look. She walked to the Hyuuga compound and walked to her room. She placed her bags full of clothes down and looked at the clock. 7.30 pm. 'Night, finally some fun' she took out her black outfit and tried it on. 'Perfect' she walked to the bathroom and gently pulled out a kunai from her bathroom cabinet. 'Finally a use for always being depressed and cautious by having weapons everywhere' she drawed the kunai and made a slight incision in her right wrist. she saw the blood and gently sucked the ruby red liquid. The incision healed promptly and she changed appearance. Red eyes and fangs once again. She looked pretty damned good in the outfit plus it didn't give away much about her being a vampire.

She roamed the streets until she bumped into a very familiar group of people. "Hinata-chan!!" Hinata turned around and saw the love of her life, Uzumaki Naruto, and a bunch of people, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Gaara, Neji and Kiba. She looked at them and then smirked 'who will be my first victim, huh?' she walked up to them "Hi guys, whats up?" she cooly said, not stuttering even once. Everyone was shocked. Hyuuga Hinata, the shy Hyuuga, the heiress, was talking without stuttering, she even spoke to her own father, to Kiba, Shino and Kurenai like that, even Akamaru; and out of the blue her lavender eyes changed to complete red? Her look, everything changed about her... what was this?! "Hinata... your eyes...they are" Kiba broke the silence, "I know, they look good don't they? I personally love my new look, what do you think?" she spoke huskily to the people around her. Naruto was dazzled he did see Hinata different but she looked outstanding, all the other guys in the crowd were also hypnotized 'huh, this will be easier than I thought, though Sakura isn't falling yet...I will have more fun with her later on' Hinata aproached naruto and sexily spoke to Naruto beside his ear "What do YOU think Naru-kun" she caressed his cheek and pulled away.

"You look beautiful Hina-chan" he was hypnotized, Hinata turned around and spoke childishly to the others "And you guys??" the others said the same thing. Hinata laughed in her insides. 'God they wouldn't recognize a werewolf even if he was in front of them... God they are so useless... well still I need to turn all Konoha in five years...that will be a piece of cake...maybe I should start with other people and not my friends...' Hinata stopped thinking and looked at them... 'Nope.. I should turn them first then the people I don't know...' she looked at Naruto and then at the other guys and looked at Sasuke. 'BINGO' she yelled in her insides. She approached Sasuke slowly and placed her hand on his cheek he melted at her touch. No one knew it but since he came back from Orochimaru he had fallen for her, he loved her and now she was caressing him. Hinata lowered her hand and grabbed Sasuke's. "Sasuke-kun, can you walk me home?" she spoke sweetly, Sasuke just nodded, shocked that she asked that. "Well then guys, see you tomorrow" Hinata turned around still holding Sasuke's hand and she walked away, Sasuke just said a quick 'Bye' and turned around quickly to catch up to her. "Guys didn't you find that weird..." Sakura looked shocked. "Yeah...I wanted to take her home" Naruto answered looking at the retreating godess, at the silhouette of a beauty. All the guys agreed and changed the subject. Sakura still looked intrigued.

Hinata was walking with Sasuke, hand on hand, he was blushing and she turned to him. "Sasu-kun?" he came out of his thoughts and looked at Hinata. "Huh?" she giggled, he did look cute but she couldn't think about a boyfriend now...this is about her mission. She changed direction and began running towards the forest, Sasuke just followed. After a while running they reached the forest and Hinata leaned on a tree, Sasuke just got closer and closer. Hinata smiled, she pulled him to her and she placed him against the same tree. She lightly kissed him and he kissed back but with more pressure. When she knew he was ready she lowered her target towards his neckline, nibbling sweetly until she reached the side of his neck there she just heard a muffled scream and she felt him weaken. She pulled away and saw him uncouncious she just took out her famous ointment, the same one she gave to both Kiba and Naruto in the chunnin exams. She placed a little bit on Sasuke's injury, the two small holes, and his injury cured pretty fast, after all he was a vampire now, she giggled and she placed his arm on her shoulder and she carried him towards his apartment.

In front of his apartment she searched in his pocket and found the key 'Bingo!' and she unlocked the house. She entered and found the couch, she kept walking and finally found his room, she entered and laid him on the bed. She covered him with a blanket and left. When she was heading home she found Kiba. 'two on one day' she thought. "Hi Kiba-kun!" she happily said. "Hina-chan...what were you doing in Sasuke's house?" Kiba said kind of angry thinking that sasuke had been doing stuff with her, he fumed at the idea. "Me? well he kind of passed out on me so I went to lay him down and now I'm here, why?" Kiba smiled relieved and said "Well if you want I can walk you home" he chuckled at his brilliant idea, Hinata smiled "sure, lets go" she walked beside Kiba until they reached a dark alley and he pushed her towards a wall, catching her lips with his in a lock, he suddenly let go of her lips and took air, she dived to his neck and bit him, he went limb still he was concious. "Hina-chan...what the...?" he faintly whispered, "Don't worry, nothing is wrong" she took out her ointment and placed a little bit in his new injury, it cured pretty fast and she stood up. 'Damnit...I'll have to erase his memory..' she walked over to him and close his eyes. She removed her hand and he stood up "Hina-chan, let's go home" she giggled and they reached her house. What they didn't know is that someone was watching all...

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