Setup: Spike only has a chip so he's kinda good and can't hurt people. Buffy's the Slayer, obviously, and no one is paired with anyone else.

Chapter One

The last bell of the day rang, releasing the students from the confines of the school for the next week. Buffy scooted into the doors of the library and looked out into the havoc that was consuming the halls. "Buffy," Giles said from behind the desk.

"Have you seen it out there? It's like a stampede is chasing everyone out of here. I'm surprised I wasn't trampled."

"Are you ready to train?"

"Hello, did you not hear me? I was almost mauled by my peers and all you say is 'are you ready to train?' Did you miss the sensitivity class in Watcher school?"

"I'm sorry. Are you all right?"


"Good. Then you can train."

"Yeah yeah. Just let me go change." Buffy took a breath, as if she were about to deep-sea dive, and pushed through the doors. Giles went back into his office.

The doors opened again revealing a red head and… "Where's-" Giles started but then Xander revealed himself as he ascended from the floor. "Ah."

"They're very excited about Easter vacation," Xander said.

"Or just the being out of school," Willow offered.

After a few minutes the halls were silent and Willow had already pulled out her books to do her homework as Giles started pulling out things for the Slayer to train with. Xander sat back and ate an apple as he watched. Willow looked up and said, "Ya know Xander you too could do your homework."

"No thanks Will. I'm more a wait until the last minute guy. Which one ya doin' anyway? My guess is Math."


"I was close."

"How is that close?"

"I almost got an A in both," Xander said matter-of-factly.


"I got C minuses."

Willow nodded. "Well you can help Giles."

"No he can't," Giles intervened. "I don't need blood on any of my weapons."

"Fine with me. I got a tetanus shot already but I don't feel like putting it to the test deliberately."

"All right. I'm all kinds of ready for boot camp," Buffy said as she walked in. She was now wearing black spandex shorts as opposed to her jeans from earlier, her white sweater was now a dark purple sports bra and her hair was in a messy ponytail instead of resting on her shoulders. "Be prepared to face the wrath of my mighty… mightiness."

"Ouch Buff. You got Leno's people writing your material?"

"Which one of us can kick the other's ass?"

"Previous statement retracted."

"Can you wrap this repartee up some time soon so we can get to the issue of training?" Giles interrupted.

"There's no issue. I'm ready."

"Really?" Giles grabbed a dagger form the table and tossed it at her without warning. Buffy deflected it with her palm. "Good."

"How bad would you have felt if that actually hit me?"

"It didn't."

"But what if it did?"

"Moving on."

"See this is why people aren't huge fans of the British."

Panacea walked down the newly darkened streets of Sunnydale, observing her surroundings. Her dark brown, leather pants and maroon top were helping her blend in to the human infested area. She was on a mission: to find the Slayer. She had heard stories of the superhuman and thought that she would be able to bring about human destruction using her body as a vessel. This body she was using now was less than helpful.

She had created the shell back home so she could walk on earth but even though she made it, it still had limits. If she could just snap her fingers and destroy the world then that would be helpful but thanks to the God Atlas that isn't exactly possible.

"Bye mom, I'll be home later," someone called. Panacea halted her step. She had blindly wandered down a block filled with houses.

"Be careful."

"Always." The blonde shut the door and proceeded down the steps.

"Hello," the sorceress said with a smile.


Buffy walked through the graveyard carefully. She was twirling her stale in her hand to occupy her time until a vampire actually showed up. They usually jumped out when you seemed to be paying no attention. It was like Vampire 101.

She slowed her step when footsteps were heard. She carefully walked one foot over the other as she kept her back to a tomb. She held her stake at the ready as she jumped around the corner however as she jumped so did the other person and they slammed their faces together. "Ow!" they both screamed and fell to the ground.

"Bloody hell."

Buffy knew that voice without sitting up. "Spike," she said as she rose. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Walking." He was already brushing himself off. "As opposed to your random head butting. Saving the world one headache at a time, Slayer?"

"I wasn't expecting you to be jumping in my way."

"I heard someone creeping around so of course I'm gonna investigate."

"Well good job Sherlock Holmes but you can just go home now. I got it."

"You just rammed your skull into my nose forgive me if I take a minute to compose myself." Buffy rolled her eyes and walked past him. "Yeah just leave a person behind when they're in pain."

She turned. "What person? I don't see any people here?"

"Haha. Crafty one Summers. What's next, a comment on my hair?"

"It is looking especially slick today. Did you use the whole bottle of hair gel or just the half?"

"How 'bout we play a little game called 'bugger off'? The way it works is, you go away and I win."

"Best idea you've ever had." Buffy turned and walked off. Her walk quickly turned into a run when there was a scream from in the graveyard. She ran ahead and saw a girl in a black skirt and white tank top screaming as she was pinned against the wall. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The vamp paused and looked at her.

"See, if you bite her then I'll have to kill you." She walked towards him and he kept his eyes on her, slowly loosening his grip. "Who am I kidding, I'm gonna kill you anyway."

"You think so?" the biker vamp asked.

"I have pretty good track record so far."

The vamp whipped his head around to bite the girl and landed his teeth in her neck. Buffy ripped him off by his leather jacket. The girl slid to the ground. "That's gonna cost extra." The vamp was knocked out if the way. "Spike?"

He punched him in the face and then flipped him to the ground. With one quick motion the biker was dust. "Dust to dust."

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Your job. How 'bout you spend less time talking and more time fighting?" He walked over to the girl and gave her a hand up. "Go home. Now." She ran off and stumbled out of the graveyard. "Might have had to stake two vamps instead of one."

"One, they don't turn into vampires right away. Two, I was doing fine."

"'Course you were. You weren't the one being bitten."

"Could you just crawl into a hole somewhere and stay there?"

"Slayer?" someone said.

Buffy turned and faced them. It was a woman. A supposedly normal looking woman. Not that that meant anything. "You are?"

"Finally. I was following this trashy teen for a few blocks but when I attacked her she didn't do anything. I could only assume my presumption was wrong."

"Friend of yours?" Spike asked.

"No idea who she is."

"Well she seems to be your #1 fan."

"Not a good thing." Buffy returned her conversation to the strange woman. "Who are you?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Panacea." She walked towards her and held out her hand as if to shake, which Buffy was not going to participate in. Panacea quickly grabbed Buffy, twisted her arm behind her back and pulled her in for an embrace. "And I'm your new nemesis."

Spike reached for Buffy and then was a flash of light. They all fell to the ground, unconscious.


Buffy's eyes slowly opened and she was slightly discombobulated. She was in a place that was very much not her room or the graveyard she remembered passing out in. She sat up and put her hand to her head. Her eyes widened and her other hand reached up to feel her hair.

"What? What the- What's wrong with my voice?" She held her hands out in front of her and her mouth dropped. She looked down at the body to confirm it. Buffy screamed, but in the voice of Spike, her newly acquired body.