Summary: "I am an American Soldier," Sora repeated with the rest of his platoon. And to himself, he continued, and I just so happen to be gay.

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WARNING: Chapter contains fellatio. If you don't know what fellatio is, or are not of legal age to read adult fiction, please exit now.

Riku was kneeling. In front of him. Oh God. Oh dear sweet Jesus in heaven. Oh please.

No, Sora definitely wasn't the most coherent at this point in time. Ah well, he dismissed it muzzily, isn't like I'm taking an IQ test anytime soon. Riku touched his tongue gently to Sora's cock and Sora jumped out of his reverie with the shock of it.

Riku kept a wary eye on Sora. This wasn't something that anyone could accuse him of forcing on someone, yeah? Not like a guy in the world would refuse it. But seriously. He took the tip into his mouth thoughtfully and gave a 'hm'.

Sora collapsed back onto the bed, popping himself out of Riku's mouth audibly. Riku blinked, nonplussed, and peered up over the man's chest to see if he was alright.

"Legs," Sora said breathlessly. "Weren't working anymore." Riku grinned, the first one Sora'd seen out of him, and prowled up to over him with something akin to a purr.

"Too much?" he asked. Sora shook his head in adamant denial, paused, and then shook it harder,
just to make sure he got the point. Riku laughed then, and Sora saw something in him relax. Sora could see that Riku was wearing a genuine smile now, not the smirk he usually did, and it made something in his chest very warm.

Then Riku lowered his body down to dick-level and the warm and fluffy was suffocated, as Sora suddenly had trouble breathing.

Roxas prowled up and down the PX, searching for something. What, he wasn't quite sure...he had his Bible already, had visited the chaplain, had done everything religious he could think of. And still he had no answer to his life-long problem.

So now he figured he'd get some lube, 'cause his ass still hurt like fuck. And a condom. Because he knew one thing for sure: he might not be right, but he hadn't had sex like that in years, and if the sergeant (Axel, he reminded himself absently) was already open to the idea, he might as well get some more while he had a chance.

Besides...the man hadn't been that terrible beforehand. Roxas had enjoyed himself during the evening, laughing riotously with the red-haired German and putting back pints. Maybe, he thought quietly, just maybe God would forgive him a little if he could have a proper relationship, instead of both being gay AND having one-night stands.

Maybe. Roxas knew it was a slim chance, and probably wishful thinking, but oh...he wanted. He wanted so much.

And so he bought his lube, and condoms, wishing briefly he'd been sober enough to be able to guess what size Axel might wear and grabbing some for himself. At least there was that, he consoled himself: he hadn't just bottomed. He'd topped too. That's not so bad. At least they could share.

Roxas suddenly snorted, secreting the items away into his backpack and checking around him to make sure no one he knew was about. As if that made God any more kind about the whole thing.


Flipping open his phone, Roxas made a quick call to Sora to tell him he'd be staying onpost. He wouldn't, of course, but he didn't want his friend to know he was breaking all sorts of rules. A junior enlisted soldier did NOT get it on with sergeants, on or off post. And after all his stubborness on the subject he didn't feel like hearing Sora gloat.

The phone rang.

Sora panted, absolutely entranced by the sight of Riku's mouth on him. It was gorgeous. It felt gorgeous. It looked gorgeous. Well, it looked hot as fuck is what it looked, and it felt hot too-hot and warm and oh God that's good just there! He grabbed the covers with one hand and touched Riku's head tentatively with the other, not wanting the man to think he was going to push his head down. He himself hated that, and wouldn't do it to him.

Riku moaned when Sora gave his scalp a slight touch, and then a gentle scratch. That was nice. He was being a real gentleman about this, doing his best not to thrust up and gag him and not being pushy. This could work out, Riku realized, startled. He isn't really going to turn me in. He's ok.

With that wonderful-amazing-oh so lovely thought to spur him on, Riku regrouped, then attacked again, wishing to God that his bits and pieces weren't so...sore. Damn, that was not helping. Woof. The more excited Sora got, the more turned on Riku got, and the harder Riku got, the more Riku hurt.

"Ok," Riku mumbled, "maybe the ice was a good idea." Sora stared at him, brows furrowed, and tried to make sense of the phrase. Except he was feeling exceptional at the moment, and blood was being diverted to a different area than thinking required. It took a minute more than he'd have liked, all things considered, and then he gasped.

"Are you ok? Wait, hey-" Riku had swirled his tongue to distract him-"Riku, no, seriously, wait a second." Riku reluctantly stopped, pulled Sora's cock out of his mouth. Then pouted.

Sora stared. " want...uh...some tylenol? Or something?" he offered, stammering, wondering why Riku was glaring at him when he was just trying to help.

"No," Riku said, grinding his teeth, "I want you, dammit. But my parts aren't exactly working with me at the moment." Sora looked stunned.

"Wait, not working? Like, at all?" Riku rolled his eyes.

"Of COURSE it's working," he said, crawling back up to eye level and grinding into Sora's hips just enough to prove his point, then winced. "It just isn't very pleasant."

Sora shot up, rolling Riku to his side, and then pulling his pants up. "Well then we'll stop," he said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "And drink. That'll help." Riku groaned.

It was at the precise moment Sora's phone rang, and Riku shot out to grab it before Sora could. "Hello?" he snarled, not in the mood for interruptions.

"...Aritake?"came Roxas' voice, tentative.

"What?" Riku snapped.

"Just, ah...I'm still stuck on-post. Y'all don't worry about waiting for me," Roxas offered quickly.

"Fine, bye," Riku bit out, and then snapped the phone shut forcefully. The door clicked as Sora, fully dressed-and stealthy as fuck, how'd he get that quiet?-shut the door behind him on his way out to find pain-dulling liquid sustenance.

Riku gave out a holler that sounded more like a shriek, moaned, and fell back onto the bed, where his imagination decided to torment him with the fantasy of the exact opposite of what'd just been happening.

This was Not. Funny. At. All.

Sora tried adjusting himself carefully as he went down the hall. It wasn't that he hadn't been MASSIVELY ENJOYING Riku's physical attention, but he was pretty sure the poor guy was hurting like hell about now. And that would just not do. Anyone of his was going to be taken care of.

His, he pondered. Well, sort of. Not quite yet. Getting there? Sora frowned, suddenly wondering if Riku liked topping or bottoming more. Hmmm. He hoped bottoming. He really did. He could enjoy it too, but he liked the way the extra work of topping made his muscles burn.

Ok, that wasn't helping calm him down any. Ok. Think. IED hits the convoy truck in front of you,
what do you do...

Roxas was sitting in the same bar he'd been sitting in last week. In the exact same seat, even.
He'd hoped that maybe Feuerrot would show up at the same place as last week; maybe it was his place to chill, y'know? But no. He hadn't seen hide nor hair of the sergeant. Roxas grumbled into his drink, SoCo and coke. Hey, it was called Southern Comfort for a reason.

A hand landed on his shoulder and a leering face appeared next to his, all red hair and green eyes and teeth.

"Hey there private!" the sergeant crowed. "What's up?" Roxas stared a moment, then looked down,
feeling ashamed all of a sudden. All that reasoning was just so much hot air-this was still wrong. The sergeant eyed him, and then sympathy filtered into his vision.

"C'mon, Roxas," he said gently. "Let's get out of here. We'll, or eat, or something"
Roxas looked up at him with an almost wild look in his eyes. What? "You look like you could use a good meal, anyway. C'mon, let's go."

Roxas got up slowly, carefully, and stood there a moment, looking at the taller man. Then he simply nodded and followed him out. It was too late for forgiveness, he thought sadly. The sin was already committed. Might as well roll around in it a while.

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