Title: Behind The Smile
Author: JenJen N' AbbyLee619
Series: who knows
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: Any of the WWE superstars
Summary: An introduction to the characters
Note: Both of us wrote our part in 1st POV. In mine (AbbyLe619) I started as third and went in 1st, kind of like in the mind of Ashley.

Behind The Smile chp1
Secrets, everybody has one, Jefferson had a mistress. The Kennedy men had Marilyn Monroe, and they thought she was their best-kept one. Now I promise my secret is nothing along those lines. Although, I once used that argument to tick off a teacher of mine. Why should I reveal my secrets? I do not think I could handle the looks of Pity if I did.

No one in this town really knows where I came from. They just know that one day the Hardy's left to go to a family reunion and came back with a small seven year old girl. Quiet, Shy, and a bookworm this small town had seen that little girl grow into what I am today, 5'6" brown hair with blue streaks, blue eyes and a penchant for the extreme. But, I guess I really should explain how I got here.

I was the mistake according to my "Dad," my brother was a football player and my sister a cheerleader and dancer. He felt he had the perfect little family unit and that any "addition" would be a mistake. He might have taken it better if I was even a little bit like my sister, however instead of cheerleading and ballet, I was into soccer, martial arts, and music.

Unlike my "Dad" Mom was supportive and took me to everything I wanted to do. We never told My "Dad" about anything other than the music though. However, after awhile, we even quit telling him about that, because no matter what I did, it always seemed to make him angry. I remember hiding under my bed and in my toy box on more than one occasion, I remember the time I stood up to him, otherwise known as the Family reunion. My new Dad and brothers were there and they heard him yelling at me, and saw him slap me.

Mom was the first thing I saw after he slapped me, she had her mouth set into one of those tight lines. She knew I needed to stand up to him, but that I would not do it without her permission, so she just nodded her head to show that it was all right.

I grabbed "Dad's" wrist as he attempted to slap me again, and flipped him over. That's when my siblings got involved and while my sister checked on "Dad", my brother tackled me to the ground.

I don't really remember what happened for awhile, the next thing I really remember was Matt and Jeff going after my brother while Dad picked me up and after pulling Matt and Jeff off and took us outside. I knew my face was red from the slap and I also knew he could feel the whelps on my back from the "spanking" I had gotten that I had gotten that morning since I was singing in the shower. I may have been seven, but I was not stupid. I always had my nose stuck in a book. That was yet another thing that ticked him off, I was the youngest, but I knew things from reading that both my brother and sister had no clue.

I don't really know what happened to Mom, she agreed to letting my new Dad adopt me, and actually called and sent letters for awhile, then they just stopped. I think "Dad" had something to do with that too.

Crap! What was that, I looked up and saw Matt standing next to his car. "Matthew Moore Hardy, lay off that horn!" Matt just walked up and laid his arm around me. "Come on little bit, you and Jeff have to be at the airport in an hour." I walked back to the car thinking about the changes I had gone through, from Jennifer Marie Charles, to Jen Hardy the Queen of Extreme.

You could watch people walk by you and never think that you might have a connection. The blonde passing you might have the same history as you but you wouldn't think that because the way she looks to the eye. The group outside the hangout spot with bloodshot eyes could be doing the same things you did, for the same reasons. But as you pass the people in the everyday life, you hardly notice because there's nothing there. Only time of notice, when you see something you like; but only a brief time of recognition. Life's has it twists and surprises; everybody has that to look forward too.

Standing there looking at the busy street, the young girl observed as she leaned against the window of a huge department store. She looked over to the entrance and saw a group of girls walk out with bags in hand. She shakes her head as they walk by. Typical rich girls. They probably think she doesn't belong in that area. Only because she doesn't dress the same as them. She doesn't like to dress the way they do. She chooses not to. She'd rather feel comfortable and free then limited and worry about ruining her outfit.

"Got a light?" a guy approached her dressed in a business suit.

"Sorry, don't smoke." She replied as she took a quick look at him.

"Looks like you do." He said as he walked away.

She smiled as he walked away with hands in the air complaining. She finally pushed herself away from the building and crossed the street. Today was going to be a whole new day. Possibly a new path in life. She's had a rocky one so far. But when it all came down to it, she had a few people to thank. More like a whole company, her family. If she had never met them, who knew where she would be right now. Could be on the streets hustling, selling, and dealing. Not where she is now, not where she is headed now. If it wasn't for them, she most likely would have not been interested in this profession. She watched it, but never did have the interest in pursuing the dream so many have. But unlike those who dream of the day, she is living it. She was able to make it in the company considering who she was. Surprisingly, keeping it from her best friend who is also in the company. It's been a few months since she has seen him, or talked to him. She was excited.

"Shit!" She looked at her cell. She started to walk fast but then started to run down the street. Her days walk went longer then expected. She got to the hotel and ran to the elevator. She waited for the doors to open, got in, pushed eight and waited. She was breathing fast from her run but was clam. She watched the the numbers change from five, six, seven, eight and she ran out the door after it hit eight. As she got to her hotel door, she opened the door and walked in and grabbed her duffle bag.

I would be the one they called "rebel". I have an older brother and I would say he was the only one there for me. Actually, that would be saying it nicely. Only when he wanted to get his frustration out he would stick up for me against anybody. If anything, I fought with him just as much as the next person. Teachers actually thought I would be a killer or something. I didn't get much support from them either. All I had were the druggies and alcoholics. Naturally, drugs and alcohol became my friend too. I never had much ambition or goals, unless it was to knock somebody out. Age thirteen I was kicked out of my home and moved in with Jack Donovan, party house all day, all week. I dropped out of high school before I could even start. Your typical bad ass. I hated everybody and could careless. I was abused as a child until I was kicked out. Why? I started to stick up to my parents. For the longest time I took the beatings. I got sick of it and started to fight back. My brother was with them too. Out of us two, he was the good child. He liked working on things so he was the handy man. But, he was a high school drop out. My father got him the mechanic job without the diploma. In school that's all he did. Anything to do with the hands, metalwork, woodworks, art. Both of us were the creative ones. He was lucky to land the job. That Billy Bob's Gas was in desperate need of a skilled person like my brother. Me? "Sir, is this your daughter?" is what you would hear on a daily bases from the authorities. I would say either the police station or court was my second home. More like my home. It felt more home then my own.

I was natural at seeing the martial arts and what not on TV. You can say I'm self-taught. For some reason I would always fix it and maybe sometimes look at the instructions after. I've only completed maybe a whole two books in my lifetime. I guess you can say I am a visual learning with the capability of working with my surroundings. An adaptable personality. Only, my appearance makes me stand out. A rock-punk cross thug. Nose pierced, tongue pierced, multiple piercings on the ears, natural black hair but with red and pink streaks, dark eyes. But lets leave some explaining for later.

Teachers would ask were the bruises came from. When I got to elementary I would literally tell them to fuck off and that it was my problem to deal with. I started smoking when I was ten, marijuana at the age of twelve. When I did start to go to school regularly after I dropped out I was actually advanced. Surprising isn't it. I did read a lot but only when it was required. Like I said, only two books I have completed for my own reading pleasures. Trust me; I did get bored of the everyday party life. Doesn't mean I stopped. Until I met the McMahons. I admit, at first I was hesitate about them caring. I was so used to people acting like they do and just turn their backs on me. I kind of pushed them away. We were at an event held in Edmonton. My uncle Adam brought my parents and my brother and I, my uncle Adam always did spoil us. We were walking the backstage before the show since my uncle does have connections when it started. Keep in mind, my uncle loves his sister [my mother and just like them, I was just an extra to him. Well, while walking around and meeting with the superstars, I wondered off as usual. I was just around the corner from the meet and greet that was happening, when they sent my brother to find me. He walked back down the hall from where we just finished walking to find me around the corner looking at the paintings on the wall. He stood by me and told me to get a move on. I glared at him and told him I will only be a second. Well, a second wasn't good enough. He yanked my arm with a harsh force as he gripped real hard. I could feel his nails dig in my skin. I yanked away and looked at him with narrow eyes. "What the fuck! There is not need to dig your women nails in to me." And I started to walk towards the meet and greet. A few steps later I was greeted myself with a blow to the back of the head. I was knocked to the ground and I was kicked in the stomach by his steeled toe shoes. I managed to grab his ankle and I rolled away from him where he came down to the floor. He was on the other side of me now and I let go of his ankle and quickly crawled on top of him. I had one knee on the ground and one foot to the ground as I started to throw punches at him. I soon felt somebody pull me off after I punched him a few times. I was thrown to the wall and was punched in the ribs by my father. I hovered over and held my stomach area that was previously kicked by my brother. He then pushed me against the wall once more and placed his arm against my throat area. He looked at me with his angry eyes. "What did I say about hitting your brother?" He said with his teeth grinding. I looked at him and spit some blood at him. Little did I know, I had internal bleeding. Well, lets keep it short, I didn't leave Edmonton with my family.

They were kicked out and Vince had the medical team take a look at me. Questions were asked. After it all I told them "I will live." And I was on my way out the arena when I was stopped by Shane who asked where I was going. I told him I was going back to the hotel. Well, I'll just say I didn't make it. Well, I was fourteen at the time. A new start in life. I just turned fifteen when I was "reborn" as they would say. From Abigail Brown to Abigail McMahon. I felt like a new person. Keep in mind though, sealed wounds can be re-opened. I still have the horrible memories of my past. I still have that inside of me. And there are pieces I have not yet told.