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Stephanie looked at me with concern. "What about Chris sweetie." She said as she pulled me into her and hugged me.

"Dad wants everybody to gather in the ring." I managed to say between sobs as I buried my face into Stephanie's shoulders.

"Okay." She said as she started to rub my back. "Just calm down." She looks at Jen. "How about you head to the ring and let everybody know we will be right there.

"Okay." Jen said as she was concerned as well. She made her way out the door and down the hall. As she made her way down the ramp the eyes shifted. "Where are Abigail and Steph?" Asked Vince.

"They are on their way." She informed them. Vince nodded his head as she made her way to her brothers. All superstars and staff were in attendance. Some were in tears like me. She looks at her brothers with question and they shrugged with no idea.

Not too long after, I and Stephanie came walking down. Stephanie was now had tears running down as you can see she was trying to hold herself. We got in the ring and stood by our father and brother. My dad and Shane comforted us. I still had tears streaming. Got worst every time I thought about it. Both Stephanie and Shane held me as my father started. "Ladies and gentlemen. You are all probably wondering why I have gathered you all here today." He paused as a lump built. "We have been informed that Chris Benoit and his family, Nancy and Daniel, have been found dead." He stopped. You can hear the shock in the arena. You can hear it hit hard. "And as a result, tonight's episode of Raw will be cancelled and dedicated to Chris Benoit. All of you will be given the night off." He said as his words trailed. "You are all dismissed."
Vince attended me, Shane and Stephanie. I guess it was quite obvious it is hitting me hard. "C'mon, let's get her out of here." Said my father as he directed us out of the ring. Everybody sat in their sits soaking in the news of what Vince just said. Some were sobbing hard. Us McMahons were the first to leave.

We go to the back in my dad's office. The focus was on me, I was taking it hard. Shane was holding me as my dad and sister talked. I heard Shane agree and I pulled from Shane and looked at them. "Shane is going to take you to the hotel. We have set up the orientation room so everybody can mourn with each others. Me and Steph are going to be staying her as we do the tribute show." Vince pulled me in for a hug.
As we pulled up to the hotel I was dazed. I had stopped crying for the time being. I didn't even notice we had stopped. I looked over slowly at my brother as he had the door opened and gently grabbed hold of my arm. I got out and he wrapped his arm around my neck as we walked towards the orientation room. Everybody was in there. I guess it is a time we need each others.

"Hey A.M" My uncle Shawn came up to me as he hugged me. I took a deep sigh as he held me tight.

"Abby" I heard Chavo's crying voice. I looked at him and I felt the tears again. I swung my arms around him as I cried once again. We both held each others as we let it out.

I was close to Chris. Took a long time. He was to himself kind of guy and never let that much people in. After I threw a huge ass party when I was sixteen, my mom and dad sent me to stay with Chris. It was pointless for them to force discipline because they were never home. Chris had the weekend off and offered to take me. It was a hard ass week. No phone unless it was to my parents, no TV, only if it was wrestling, curfew was ten if I ever did go out. But we bonded. I helped Nancy out with the house, hung out with Daniel, and I and Chris got close. My uncle Chris. Since then we became close. But just like Eddie, once I got really close, they left me. Maybe I am cursed.

After being with my uncle Chavo he had to go and do a video tribute. I stood there holding the dog tag Chris had made just for me. It was suppose to be for my birthday in September. It came with diamond ring. He, Nancy and Daniel had picked it out. Gave it to me just two weekends ago when I stayed at their place. The last thing he said to me was that he was proud of me on how far I have come and that he loved me. Decided to give me the present early. "Hey, are you okay?" I heard a soft southern accent. I didn't realize that I had dazed out again was standing by myself with my arms crossed. I chewed my lower lip as I tried to hold the tears again. I can see he had been crying as well. I saw my brother with Jen and Matt. I looked back at Jeff and flung myself at him. He quickly wrapped his arms around me as he comforted me as I let it all out. All I needed was somebody to just hold me. Times like these I wish my brother-in-law was here. He always knows how to calm me down and well, how to piss me off too. I guess you got to know how to calm the fire if you start it. Another person, Kurt Angle. But having Jeff hold me was actually soothing, he has that calming vibe. Like everything is going to be alright. To my surprise he lifted me up and carried me towards a wall. He slid down with me still in his arms. I just closed my eyes as he held me and ran his hands through my hair. Just when I felt like I could sleep I heard John Cena. "What are you guys doing here?"

"This room is off limits to you guys." I heard my brother Shane.

I turned my head towards the door and saw Kurt Angle and Jason Reso. I shot up and went running towards them. "We are only here to see Abby." Kurt said as he spotted me running towards them.

I jumped on to him as my arms flung around his neck and my legs around his waist. "Uncle, what are you doing here?" I asked as I started to cry again.

"We heard about Chris as we were here doing an autograph session. We wanted to check in on you. I know how close you were to Chris." He said as he stroked my hair. I let my legs down and looked at Jason. I was close to him as well. Closer then Adam. I and Adam never did get along.

"How you holding?" He asked as he now held me. I just sniffled as I felt happy to see them.

"I've had better days." I said as pulled away. "You know, just two weeks ago I was at his place with all of them. Laughing, joking, all that stuff. He gave me my birthday present early and now I am here all cried out because my uncle Chris is gone." I said as Kurt hugged me again. "I am glad to see you guys."

"We wanted to check in on you before we go catch out flight." Jason said as he hugged me good bye. I gave Kurt one last hug before they left out the door.

I walked up to my brother, Jeff, Matt, Jen, Shawn, Ric Flair, Cena, and Melina. "Hey." I said as I looked at my brother for attention. "I am gunna go up to the hotel." By now everybody had seem to calm now. Eyes were drying. But it is only the beginning.