Hey guys, guess what? crimson-obsidian-rose is back with another new story, and this time it's multi-chaptered. This story takes place sort of AU, post Sonic Next-Gen where the events of the game still apply. This story is written in first person, alternating Amy's POV and that of my fan character. You can tell whose POV it is from the chapter name.

Warning: This story stars a fan character that has abnormal abilities. If you absolutely detest OC's, or if you don't like it when they star/have powers, then this is not the story for you. I'm sorry.

Disclaimer: I don't own Amy, Sonic, Soleanna, or any other names you have seen in the series.

Claimer: I do own Becca, my fan character.

Now, without futher ado, my new fic…. (Edited chapter 1)

Soul Curse

Chapter 1- Amy

'Wow, it's so calm here, the sun is setting and the breeze is so refreshing.' I am on the beach, trying to forget what had happened to me in the past few days. I just got back from Soleanna, from my vacation, a few days before I expected too. "Why did I leave early?' you ask. I left because, well, I didn't feel like I belonged anymore. Last week Sonic had saved the world, last week Sonic died, and last week Elise had given him the kiss of life, literally. After that, I couldn't enjoy myself too much, so I left 3 days ago. But things weren't that much better here either. Once I got home, Cream told me that she was moving away. Actually, she moved yesterday. I was the only one there to see her, Vanilla, and Cheese off; Vanilla had to leave urgently and she couldn't wait for the others to return. Both of these memories are still fresh in my mind, and I was hoping that a walk on the beach would clear my mind.

So far, it isn't working. I lift my head and decide to look around the beach; most of the people had already left, only one couple and a girl were left. I turn away from the couple, they were too happy and it hurt to watch them, and focus my attention on the girl. She has huge wings sprouting from her back and large ears stick up in the air, I think she's a bat. She also has human hair, very long, dark black hair that reaches her knees as she's sitting. She is wearing very long blue jeans, a white shirt, and a cerulean sweater-shrug, and I can't help but wonder how she can stand the heat in those clothes, after all, it's practically summer. I look up at her face, which is mostly covered by her long bangs (which reach down to her chin, cover both of her cheeks and part of her eyes, and perfectly frame her face). I look for her eyes and find that they are an icy/crystal blue. Their color is extremely intense, it reminds me of the shining oceans that you always see in those vacation brochures. Wait, is she crying? Tears are sliding down her cheeks, but her lips are turned into a small smile. She is crying though, so I decide to go over and see what's wrong. I walk up to her, but before I can sit down a cloud of sand rises from beneath me. I didn't notice before, but she has a very long fox's tail, and I almost sat on it. I look down again, discover the ground is safe and sit down, but before I can open my mouth, she does.

"When you love someone

And they break your heart

Don't give up on love

Have faith, restart

Just hold on

Hold on." She sang without even looking up from a drawing she's making in the sand, which is actually just a bunch of lines. But I am completely shocked and totally in disbelief, how did she know what was wrong? I hadn't said anything yet.

"How did you know?" I ask her, curious for an answer.

She looks up and shrugs "It seemed appropriate."

I don't know what to say to that. It is appropriate, and it makes me feel a whole lot better, so I decide to introduce myself.

"My name is Amy, what's yours?"

"My name is… Becca." She answers, but she hesitates before actually saying her name. I find that slightly odd; it feels like she's hiding something.

"Becca, I love that name, it sounds so pretty!" I tell her. I really do love her name, and I want her to feel more comfortable around me. Mostly the first one.

She smiles at my compliment, and I remember why I'd gone there in the first place.

"Were you crying earlier?"

"What… oh yeah, I was." Her voice was calm, she sounds as though she'd truly forgotten.

"Why? Are you okay?" I ask, but I'm more confused than alarmed.

"Yeah, it was just one of those times when, you know, you get so lost in your thoughts that the tears can't help but fall. Please don't worry!" She says. It's the strangest reason I'd ever heard, but it also makes a lot of sense. And the way she asks me not to worry reminds me of Cream. God, I miss her. I must have gotten a sad look on my face because when I turn to Becca she is frowning. Then she looks up at the sky and stands up.

"Whoa, the sun's gone. Sorry Amy, I have to go now, but I'll see you again, right?" Her voice sounds naive and slightly child-like. She is looking at me innocently too, waiting for my answer.

"Definitely." I answer, and she smiles, relieved. She is very strange; she went from sounding philosophical to being a little kid again. She nods her agreement and begins to walk away, her wings slightly curved at the ends as though they were about to wrap themselves around her arms.

'It feels like she's hiding something… something important… and I want to know what it is.' I think as I watch her leave, and then I get up to return to my apartment.

So, what'd you think? I really want to thank azngirlchibi and Mentor Donatello for pointing out the error in the tenses.

The next chapter will be the same as this one (aw) but from the POV of the mysterious Becca. Tune in!!!