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The wind is the most unique element; the only part of nature that can withstand and blow through both freedom and pain; the most liberating serenity and utmost sorrow. But the wind can also be neutral; blowing when there is nothing to be said and perfectly filling the empty space.

But this time the space wasn't empty; it was filled with the life, dreams, hopes, and aspirations of not only one girl, but of everybody that girl ever came into contact with. The wind entangled itself in her long hair, gently pushing the onyx strands out of there place before releasing them from its gentle grasp. But the girl was not the only one receiving the affection of the wind; the blank space was occupied by only one other thing; flowers. Roses, to be more specific, in every shade and hue possible, from the common, expressive red to the scientist engineered blue. The wind, gentle as it may have been, plucked the petals off of there stems and sent them flying into the space, filling the once plain world with the most sensational aroma and vivid color. And each one of those petals held something precious; someone's first hug, the warmth of a smile, the gentleness of love, or pain, tears, and suffering. To put it simply, those drifting petals held life… and death. The young girl stood straight up, head held high, eyes focused upon one specific petal. It was an azure petal, the deep blue color reminding her of her of deep oceans and twilight skies. But more than that, it reminded her of a hero.

But the blue petal drifted away, and soon a new petal grabbed her attention. This petal was crimson, the bloody color starting from the invisible edge of the petal and staying consistent as it rose. But when her eyes reached the top of the petal, the color had suddenly changed to ebony, the color of a dark night's sky… the color of death. Once the image of the petal as a whole reached her mind, her thin, small smile faded for an instant, before returning again, this time, a little bit larger.

But this petal also vanished with the wind, and when the girl's crystal colored orbs could no longer see it she turned again, only to have her attention caught by the last remaining petal; and the one closest to her.

It was the most beautiful pink she'd ever seen, so calm at the bottom that it could pass for white, yet as she followed the petal to it's tip, the color became stronger, more powerful, and at the top an intensely vivid shade that under normal circumstances would cause one to blink. But the whole petal together, calm on the bottom and excited at the top, caused the ocean colored eyes to twinkle with joy and weightlessness. She was free…

Deep within the forest in the Mystic Ruins there lies a secret, one that only a handful of people in the world know about; and it is the Lake of Tattered Souls. If you were to visit that lake today, the first thing that would catch your eye upon your entrance would be a small gravestone, with flowers buried into the ground beneath it. If you were too read the tombstone, you would notice that an original message was crossed out, and you would just barely be able to make out the letters


And around the old letters, you'd see a new message, neatly written in a small font.

"A soul is the source of life

Happiness, Sorrow, Joy, Pain,

And death

May all the souls forever trapped in the lake

Rest in Peace…"

And in front of this tombstone you'd find three separate flower groups planted; yellow roses, white roses, and in the center, red roses.

And if you were to turn your head to the left, you'd find a magnificent, sparkling lake in front of you. And you would also see the back of someone sitting at the edge of the lake; long, straight, onyx colored hair, large white and black pointed ears, and large curved bat wings. And if you listened closely, you might hear a whisper in the wind…

'thank you…'


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So now I'm adding a special feature to the chapter …

"Stuff that was originally going to be in the fic but ended up being changed and/or removed!!" (Wow, long title!)

Wow, everything about Becca's past changed. I had a hard time coming up with it, and in the very, very early stages of writing her dad killed her mom and was placed in prison for it… weird how things turn out, huh?

This one wasn't removed, it was just never stated. Narcissa is not only named after the mythological figure, she is related to him too. Narcissus is her brother, he was turned into the flower after he fell into the water and drowned, and she was given the ability to take the powers away from others. This ability made her ageless and immortal, but she first used it as an old woman, so she remained that way. So that's a pretty rough estimate of her true age.

There was no Lake of Tattered Souls until the when I was writing the chapter when it first appeared. No, not when Becca took Amy there, even then it was just a regular lake. I only created it then because I wanted a hidden, but scenic location. Figures that it would end up pivotal to the plot.

Shadow was never going to be an important character; he was only going to make an appearance to show Becca's powers at their worst. And, oddly enough, that brief appearance of Tails and Knuckles in the beginning? They were supposed to be the important characters… I guess they swapped roles with Shadow…

Becca wasn't going to die. I don't exactly how it was going to end, but she was never going to die. The idea came to me one day and I couldn't find a better way around it, so I had to use it. So the question is now… is she really back, or was that her spirit? I guess that's up to you to decide, but to me she's back. I'm not sure that she'll make another appearance in one of my fics, she might, but it won't be as big as it was here. Speaking of which, her full bio is now posted in my profile, and she is now a lendable OC to anyone who wishes to borrow her (with permission!)

And because Shadow was never important and she was never dead, while I was developing her character Becca had a crush on a different Sonic character, Silver the Hedgehog. I was actually going to write another thing that takes place after this where a Chaos Emerald transported her into his world on its own accord and… no, the idea doesn't sound too good now.

This was never removed either, it was only implied though, so it needs some explaining. Obviously Amy, Sonic, and a very reluctant Shadow left the roses there (Amy convinced him there with the power of her tears and his guilt… sort of). But who left which group? Think about it, yellow roses mean friendship, red: love, and white mean simplicity. So who left which bouquet? That's up to you; tell me what you think in your review!

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