Loliver First Kiss Oneshots

Just what it sounds like, this will be a series of oneshots about Lilly and Oliver's first kiss. All of my Hannah Montana story ideas are about their first kiss, so I figured I could put a lot of them together. I've thought of six plotlines so far, but ideas are welcome! The length of each story will probably vary, and each story may have a different rating; I'm going with T overall to be safe (none will go higher than T). I will also include a summary- and possibly an author's note- in each new story (none of them will be related). However, the first disclaimer (nothing from Hannah Montana belongs to me!) and the pairing (Loliver) will apply to all stories under this title.

Story #1: Kiss the Rain

Summary: Lilly and Oliver have always loved to splash in the rain together. But things are changing. Can a rainy day still work its wonders?

Rating: K

Pairing: Oliver and Lilly

Disclaimers: None of the Hannah Montana characters belong to me. I promise. I'm pretty sure that Disney (and possibly several other companies) own them. No one is giving me any money for writing this. I did give Lilly's brother the name Will, and I made him her little brother. Also, the song Kiss the Rain belongs, as far as I know, to Billie Myers.

Kiss the Rain

It rained on the last Wednesday in April, and Lilly Truscott walked home from school without an umbrella.

She could have taken the bus, but it was so much more fun to walk through all the mud puddles and feel the rain splashing down on her face; to catch the raindrops on her tongue the way she imagined she might do with snow, if she had ever seen any.

Lilly smiled to herself, remembering. Years ago, when she had been in elementary school, she and her best friend, Oliver Oken, had loved to run home in the rain.

Rainy days back then had been marvelous. If they had behaved themselves on the way there and it was only sprinkling by the time school got out, they would be permitted to run through the water when they went home together; their mothers walking behind them, laughing and holding their hands up to cover their faces as their children plastered each other with fallen rain.

Lilly knew that her mother wouldn't want her walking home in this weather by herself, and the high school was much further away than her elementary school had been, but the rain was so inviting that she couldn't help herself. She just wanted to stand in it. Besides, it wasn't really pouring yet.

She stuck her tongue out and caught a raindrop, spinning as she did so. She laughed softly and closed her eyes, pretending to be six years old again.

"You'd better hope that's not acid rain," someone called from behind her, his voice thick with amusement.

Lilly turned at the sound, more thrilled than she'd expected to be upon seeing the owner of the voice. Things had been changing between her and Oliver lately, and they didn't see each other as much. She didn't understand it.


He rolled his eyes good naturedly.

"We're back to that."

Oliver hated that nickname, but on occasion he let Lilly get away with using it, if he was in a particularly good mood. She looked so happy to see him that he couldn't be mad about it.

She grinned at him, and he grinned back. They looked at each other for a fraction of a second longer than necessary before Lilly looked away. That had been happening a lot lately.

Oliver always smiled when she looked away, as though he knew something she didn't. Lilly tried to ignore that. She wouldn't let it get to her; not today; not when the rain was so alluring and she was so caught up in her memories.

She rolled her eyes and looked back at him, and for an instant she could see Oliver as a little boy, stomping in mud puddles so high that his yellow rubber rain boots turned brown. She smiled again.

"What?" he asked.


"So what are you doing walking home all by yourself?" he asked her, casually throwing an arm around her shoulders. Years of familiarity put Lilly at ease, and she leaned into him.

"I'm not by myself anymore," she pointed out, poking him in the ribs.

"Hey! Don't do that!" Oliver jumped back, letting go of her.

"You've got to be the most ticklish person in the world," Lilly teased, laughing at him.

"I'm not as ticklish as you," threatened Oliver, walking closer and swishing his fingers around in the air near her belly.

"The most ticklish boy then," said Lilly, moving away from him.

Oliver laughed, and his fingers came closer.

"You don't have to walk home with me," said Lilly haughtily, sliding behind him as she tried to change the subject. Oliver could be merciless when he tickled her.

It worked.

"Yes, I do. Will was going to tell on you if I didn't. He saw you from the middle school bus."

"Ugh," said Lilly.

She should have known. Her little brother would definitely tell their parents if he knew she had walked home by herself.

She and Will had been riding the bus off and on for the last year, ever since their mother had decided to go back to work. Sometimes Oliver's mother would pick them up, but Lilly knew that Mrs. Oken had to take Oliver's sister to the dentist that day and wouldn't be back in time to get them.

She'd thought of trying to catch a ride with her other best friend, Miley Stewart, but Miley was out with her boyfriend, the famous Jake Ryan, and Lilly didn't want to bother her.

Her own mother and father were always reminding Lilly and Will that the streets of Malibu weren't safe for kids to be walking around in, even in the middle of the day.

"People do it all the time, Dad," Lilly had said over breakfast one morning.

Her mother had walked into the room then, kissing Lilly's and Will's cheeks before kissing their father on the lips.

"People disappear all the time," she had countered.

Lilly doubted it, but that had been the end of it. If she wanted to walk around in the city, she couldn't walk alone.

"I don't mind," said Oliver, bringing her back to the present. "I miss walking home in the rain."

He wanted to add, "with you," but he didn't know how Lilly would interpret that. Oliver liked her, but he wasn't ready to tell her yet.

Lilly smiled.

"Me, too."

She wanted to reach out and take his hand, as she had when they were younger, but something held her back.

The rain started coming down harder, stinging their faces.

"You know we're probably going to catch pneumonia or something," said Oliver thoughtfully.

"It's not exactly pouring," said Lilly, but water was drenching her skin now, and she moved closer to Oliver.

He smirked.

"You know, we could be on a nice safe school bus where we wouldn't be getting wet, if someone hadn't decided to go all nostalgic and play in the rain."

Now Lilly smirked.

"You know you wouldn't want to be on the bus, Oliver."

Oliver hated the school bus. Lilly didn't like it either, but the way Oliver went on about it cracked her up.

He turned serious.

"You were just going to let me ride that ugly yellow bucket of junk all by myself," Oliver accused, putting a hand over his heart as though he were appalled. "With all those crazy kids…"

Lilly snorted.

"It's not that bad."

"It is."

"You used to love yellow."

He made a face.

"Yellow raincoats. Not yellow school buses."

She looked blankly at him.

"Lilly! They take you to school."

He looked truly disgusted. Lilly laughed, and this time she did grab his hand.

"Come on, you donut."

She pulled him into a large mud puddle, and they both fell down laughing.


Lilly had just changed out of her mud-soaked clothes and had almost resigned herself to doing her homework when she heard the front door open.

"Lilly? Will? Is anybody here?" she heard her mother call from downstairs.

"Up here, Mom!"

"Oh hi honey." Her mom dropped her groceries and umbrella at the bottom of the stairs and came up to talk to her.

"Where's your brother?"

Lilly grinned.


Will was always telling the family that no one needed to take naps after they finished kindergarten, but he always took one when it rained.

Her mother smiled back at her.

"Poor baby. He must be exhausted."

Lilly rolled her eyes.

Her mother fished around in the plastic bag she had brought up with her and pulled out a blue sweatshirt.

"I found this in the car. It's too big to be Will's and too small to be your father's. I think Oliver left it the last time I drove you guys to the movies."

"Thanks, Mom." She took the sweatshirt and put it back in the bag. "I'll go bring it over to him."

"Not so fast."

Lilly turned back and found that her mother was studying her carefully. Lilly knew she was thinking that her daughter would take any excuse to go see Oliver.

As much as Lilly shied away from the subject, she could tell that her mother thought she had a crush on Oliver. She hadn't said so outright because she knew that Lilly was unlikely to take it well, but it wouldn't do to let her know that she was right.

"Any excuse to avoid my homework!" said Lilly quickly.

Her mother smiled again and brushed at a lock of Lilly's hair.

"I was only going to ask how you got so wet, honey. Didn't you take the bus home?"

Lilly sighed.

"I didn't walk home alone, Mom."

Her mother didn't say anything.

"It wasn't raining that hard."

"Who did you walk home with?" asked Mrs. Truscott, too casually.

Lilly turned away.

"Just Oliver," she said, just as casually, to the banister.

Her mother opened her mouth, but Lilly turned back and looked pleadingly at her; she only shook her head, smiling softly to herself. One day Lilly would figure this out.

"Promise me you won't stay all night, Lilly. You and Oliver are getting a little old to have sleepovers."

"Mom!" She didn't have to say it like that. "I won't."

Her mother was still smiling.

"And you'll do your homework as soon as you come back?"

Lilly nodded, smiling in relief, and then she dashed down the stairs and outside, grabbing her raincoat off one of the hooks by the door on the way.

"Take my umbrella!" called her mother, laughing. But Lilly had already closed the door.


Lilly never quite made it to Oliver's.

The rain was pouring now, hammering down on the pavement in heavy torrents. Lilly pulled her raincoat tighter around herself and ran out into the shower, clutching the bag with Oliver's sweatshirt in it.

She pulled her hood down and put her hand over her eyes, looking up as far as she could see. That wasn't very far. She was amazed at how blue the sky still was, and she didn't see any lightning.

Oliver's house was across the street. He could wait a few more minutes for a sweatshirt he didn't even know he had lost. She looped the bag around her arm and began to spin. Rain, she thought, was for dancing as much as it was for splashing.

More and more water slid down her fingers and fell over her raincoat onto the sidewalk. She dropped the bag down beside her and began to dance, pretending that Oliver was dancing with her.

She closed her eyes and spun as fast as she could. She smiled as she felt the water pour over her eyes and nose and mouth; as it fell in slick lines over her yellow raincoat and drenched her pants and socks and shoes, sloshing into an ever-growing puddle at her feet.

She was lost in thought, lost in sensation, lost in the rain. She wasn't sure how long she remained in her spot on the sidewalk, spinning and dreaming and thinking of Oliver.

Eventually she thought she heard someone calling her from very far away. She opened her eyes and slowed down, but she didn't see anyone, and she started to twirl more quickly.


It was barely a whisper above the rain, but this time she was sure she'd heard it.

She did one last pirouette and slowly came to a stop. When she had her bearings back, she looked around to see who was calling her.

After a moment she saw a head sticking out of an upstairs window in the Oken's house. If she concentrated hard enough, she could tell that it was Oliver's.

She waved at him.


Now he was yelling.

"What are you doing?"

She grinned.

"Well I was dancing. Now I'm just standing here yelling at you!"

He said something, but she couldn't make out what it was. Then he shut his window.

She continued to watch his house, and after a minute or so his front door opened and she saw him standing on the porch.

"Lilly!" He yelled.

"Oliver!" She yelled back. "Come dance with me!"

"You're crazy!" he called to her.

But he was wearing a raincoat now, too. He zipped it up; then a flash of yellow came barreling toward her, and Oliver was beside her.

He looked at her, but she didn't say anything. Then he looked up at the sky. He looked back to Lilly, but she'd closed her eyes and had started spinning again.

"What are you doing?" He asked again.

"Kissing the rain!" She laughed, twirling as fast as she could go.

He put his hand on her arm.

She slowed down again and opened her eyes, coming to a stop a few feet in front of him.

"You're kissing the rain?"

It sounded funny when Oliver said it. Lilly blushed, but it was hard for Oliver to tell in the rain.

"Uh huh. It's the best feeling in the world. You should try it."

She expected him to tell her it was the sort of feeling that was going to give her pneumonia, but to her surprise, Oliver shrugged and he came to stand beside her.

"If you say so."

For a moment he just stood there. Lilly laughed. She took his hand and squeezed it.

"Feel it," she said. "Feel it on your lips. You have to concentrate."

Lilly closed her eyes again and focused on the fact that Oliver was beside her, holding her hand; if she tried hard enough, she could almost feel his lips on her own instead of the rain.

Oliver tried to concentrate, but the only thing he could feel was Lilly's hand in his, and he was pretty focused on that.

The rain fell harder, and Lilly concentrated on the feel of it on her face; the tiny droplets caressing her cheeks. She wondered if it would feel this way if Oliver kissed her. She closed her eyes and imagined him doing so.

A few minutes went by and Lilly opened her eyes to find Oliver staring at her.

"What?" she asked, self-conscious. Oliver didn't usually look at her this way.

He just shook his head, but there was something in his eyes that she couldn't define.

"Can you taste it?" He asked her finally.

Lilly was confused.

"Taste what?"

He grinned.

"The rain, silly. You look like you can really taste it."

Lilly laughed.

"No. I told you, you have to feel it. Maybe you have to open your mouth."

She tilted her head back, and Oliver mimicked her.

They opened their mouths and caught the rain on their tongues.

When they stopped, Oliver told her he thought it just tasted like water, the way it always had, but Lilly told him there was something special about rainwater.

"What?" He asked.

Lilly shrugged. She didn't have an answer. She didn't know why rain held such magic for her; it just did. She'd thought it was because of all the fun she and Oliver had had together in the rain, but if he didn't feel it, maybe it was silly of her to. Maybe he thought she was silly. Too silly. She wished over and over that she was six years old again; that things were as simple as they had always been.

"It's just special."

She began to feel nervous, and she considered moving away from him, though she wasn't sure why. But he was still holding her hand, and she didn't really want to let go.

Oliver's voice cut into her thoughts.

"Yeah, I guess it is."

He was looking right at her.

She smiled. Maybe the rain was as special to him as it was to her. Maybe things hadn't become as different as she'd thought. Maybe the distance she felt from Oliver was all in her head.

Not entirely sure what she was doing, just wanting to show him that she cared about him, she took his other hand and laced their fingers together. She pushed up against his shoulders and kissed his cheek.

"It is," she agreed.


She was looking at him, but Oliver couldn't think of a single thing to say.

She had kissed him. He held his hand against his cheek and stared at her. The rain continued to pour around them, drowning out the rest of the world. Lilly bit her lip. Perhaps she shouldn't have done that.

When he still didn't move or say anything, she let go of his hands and began to spin again, trying not to think and trying not to cry. She'd been wrong. Apparently, she'd been wrong about a lot of things.

The rain ran down her throat and she spun faster, swallowing it. She closed her mouth so she wouldn't choke.

Oliver watched her do it, and he swallowed for another reason. He thought she was beautiful, and for a moment he couldn't breathe. Lilly heard his breath hitch and she stopped spinning in order to look at him.

He seemed to have regained his voice.

"You wanted to dance in the rain with me, huh?"

His voice was a little shaky, but Lilly took the olive branch without teasing him. She'd been afraid he might never talk to her again, and instead he was practically asking her to dance.

She nodded. Oliver gave her a smile- a much different smile, she thought, than he had ever given her before- and took her hands again.

They were both wet and cold, but somehow Lilly felt warmth spread through her as Oliver pulled her close to him. It felt amazing, but then she looked up at him and suddenly grew nervous. She didn't know what to do.

She shivered as the rain washed over them, and the feeling disappeared as quickly as it had come. She laughed. That made Oliver laugh, and he too seemed less anxious; they both relaxed, and for a while time stood still.

They danced and spun and laughed until they had both lost track of time; until they were giddy with the joy of dancing in the rain and being with each other; until they had spun so fast and for so long that were dizzy with it and fell down in the water.

Hand in hand they lay down on the sidewalk, exhausted, to catch their breath.

Lilly had been outside much longer than Oliver had, and after a while she began to shake. Her hand felt cold in his, and Oliver turned to look at her.


"Let's not go inside," she whispered. "Please, not yet."

He squeezed her hand.

"Okay," he agreed, while his mind screamed at him to get her inside where it was warm. But somehow right now, in this moment, he couldn't argue with her.

She got up and pulled him with her, laughing when he didn't get up at first, and she fell back in the water and landed in his lap.

He helped her up and she pushed the hair out of her eyes, grinning at him as she took his other hand.

He grinned back at her, and for a moment they only stared at one another.

"It's raining, Ollie," Lilly finally whispered. She breathed in deeply. "It's just perfect. Anything can happen when it's raining."

Now the warm feeling stole over Oliver, and he thought of what he wanted to happen. You're so pretty, Lilly, he thought. Why couldn't he tell her that?

All he found himself saying was,

"I guess it can, Lil."

Oliver prayed for courage.

She smiled up at him.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked.

"Anything," he said, and meant it. But he wanted so badly to say something first.

She took a deep breath.

"Remember how we used to say we'd be friends forever?"

That was the push Oliver needed. He wanted to be so much more than friends. He looked down at her. She was shivering from the cold, the rain dancing across her face, her eyes so clear and full of hope that he was sure he could drown in them.

"Oliver?" she was confused. He hadn't nodded. He hadn't even blinked.

He tried to focus.

"Close your eyes, Lil."

"Oliver! I was talking. I was about to ask you something really impor-"

"I know you were," Oliver interrupted.

"And I do remember. I never forgot. And I will be. I'll be your best friend forever. Until the end of time, Lil, I swear."

He ran his fingers through her rain-soaked hair and smiled. She shivered, and he pulled her closer.

"No matter what happens... And I hope you'll be mine. I'm sorry I haven't been much of a friend lately. I've kind of been trying to figure out how to do something. But I've got it now. I just really need to tell you this, or I might never be able to do it, okay?"

Lilly gulped. She looked like she was going to cry. Oliver couldn't tell whether she was already doing so or not, since it was raining so much.

Her apple cheeks were bathed in water, and he hoped he hadn't made her cry.

But she was squeezing his fingers so hard that he thought she must have cut off his circulation. His words had certainly affected her somehow.

He knew she was nervous and confused, and that she'd been trying as hard as he had to figure out what had been going on.

He hoped she'd been distant because she was trying to deny her feelings; because she didn't want things to change between them. He hoped that when she'd kissed him earlier, she'd felt what he had.

He had to fix this.

"Just close your eyes, Lil. Please."

Trembling, Lilly closed them.

She was so happy and so sad all at once that she couldn't do anything else. He'd known what she wanted to ask him, and he had told her what she so desperately needed to hear. Hadn't he?

What is he doing? she wondered.

She opened her mouth to try to ask him, but Oliver spoke first.

"No, don't say anything. Actually, keep your eyes open. I want you to look at me. I want you to know… I want you to understand what I feel when I do this."

Puzzled, she opened her eyes.

She looked at him; the determination she saw in his eyes drew her in, and she couldn't look away. What was it he wanted her to understand?

"What you feel about the rain?" she asked quietly, suddenly very unsure.

Oliver shook his head.


"About what then?"

"Do you trust me, Lil?"

She nodded. She did.

He smiled shakily.

"Then don't think so much about it. Just keep your eyes open."


"And Lil?"

"Um, yes?"

Oliver pulled her closer.

"Don't freak out, okay?"

He didn't wait for her to answer. Oliver tugged on her hands and pulled her body close to his. Lilly looked up into his eyes and gasped as she realized what he was about to do. She shook, but this time it wasn't from the cold. She didn't close her eyes.

She panicked at first, but Oliver held her steady. He wanted her to see everything he felt for her in his eyes.

And she did.

When she felt Oliver's lips come down on her own, Lilly knew everything was going to be okay.

Now that she knew he thought it was okay for her to want him to love her this way, in addition to the way he always had, she felt a huge weight lift off of her shoulders.

And she also felt very good. There was a pleasant tingling in her stomach, and she had the urge to giggle.

When she'd recovered from the shock of it, Lilly tentatively began to kiss Oliver back. He kissed her particularly hard in encouragement, and she melted into his arms.

She felt him smile against her mouth, and she smiled back.

"This is what I wanted you to feel," he whispered. "I want you to know that I love you."

Lilly brushed the rain out of her eyes and stood on her tiptoes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "I love you, too."

She felt Oliver's hands press against her back, and they just held onto each other, lost in the rain, for what felt like hours.

When they pulled back to look into each other's eyes, they were both blushing.

But now Lilly knew that she didn't have to hide her feelings, because Oliver loved her the same way that she loved him. It was okay to be embarrassed, because Oliver was too. Best of all, they didn't have to stop being friends. Lilly was happier than she'd ever been in her life.

She thanked God for Oliver, and for the rain.

And then she felt Oliver's mouth on her own again. This time, she closed her eyes.

The End
Author's Notes: In case anyone was wondering, Oliver's sweatshirt fell out of the plastic bag and got soaked.

He got over it.

Also, Oliver and Lilly both got horrible colds, but thankfully neither of them got pneumonia :-)