Loliver First Kiss Oneshots

Summary: Miley accidentally announces that Lilly likes Oliver… in front of Oliver.

Rating: K

Dedication: This was written for iScream4iceCream, who requested a short Loliver oneshot. I hope you like it!

Story #3: You Can't Say That!

Lilly Truscott liked to dance.

Her two best friends, Miley Stewart and Oliver Oken, liked to dance too, and one particular Monday afternoon found them bopping around in Miley's living room to the tune of one of the many Hannah Hits.

Hannah Hits were what Miley's boyfriend, Jake Ryan, called the many successful songs her alter ego had performed.

And Jake, thought Lilly with distaste, was the reason they were all gathered here. They were waiting for him to show up, so Miley could hang out with her famous boyfriend. She shared a commiserating look with Oliver and sat down on the piano stool as Jake came in, "disguised" in a hat and sunglasses.

"So what do you think of my disguise?" he asked them, spinning around on the floor.

"I think we could hear your fans screaming from a mile away, Zombie Slayer," said Lilly, grinning as she pulled Oliver up to dance again.

Jake tossed his hat at her. It landed on the couch. Miley laughed.

"What's with the dancing queen?" asked Jake after about five minutes.

Oliver had stopped to rest twice, but Lilly was still dancing.

Miley shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess she really likes the song."

Jake regarded Lilly and gave Miley a knowing smile.

"Or she really likes the guy she's dancing with."

Miley grinned back.

Oliver and Lilly were dancing awfully close…

Lilly chose that moment to flop down on the floor, apparently exhausted.

Oliver smiled at her and started jumping around in what was obviously supposed to be a very impressive rendition of some very complicated dance moves, but it looked to everyone else as though he were just trying not to fall down.

"Oliver," laughed Lilly, "You cannot dance."

Lilly hadn't thought he would listen to her. (After all, when did he?) So it was much to her amazement that he stopped.

"He's just trying to show off for you, Lilly!" whispered Miley indignantly as Oliver glared at them. "Why do you have to be so mean?"

"Sorry," Lilly muttered in Oliver's general direction.

Oliver's face did look a little red. She felt kind of bad. But it was nothing he couldn't handle. And it wasn't like he didn't say worse to her every day.

Still… if he wanted to show off for her, maybe she could be a little nicer… Lilly smiled to herself.

Jake and Miley caught her smiling, and her cheeks turned red.

Oliver turned off the radio just as Miley burst out laughing.

"Oh come on Lilly, you know you like him! Stop trying to hide it!"

Suddenly the room was silent. Lilly stared at her friend, trying to process what Miley had just said. She couldn't possibly have said what Lilly thought she had. She wouldn't have.

But the look on Oliver's face told Lilly that she had indeed.

Miley realized that the music had stopped and had the grace to look somewhat guilty. But Lilly and Oliver had been playing games long enough. She looked at Jake, who was trying very hard not to smile. Maybe it was time to do something about it…

Miley turned to Oliver and grabbed his arms.

"And Oliver!" she cried, as though there hadn't been any awkward pause, "You know you like Lilly! Stop making her miserable and just tell her already!"

Oliver was suddenly as red as Lilly. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He only turned redder. His and Lilly's faces were starting to resemble tomatoes, and Jake, glancing from one to the other, was starting to look alarmed.

"Miley," he began.

"They're just embarrassed," said Miley, deciding, since she couldn't take her words back, that she might as well go down swinging.

Lilly, Jake, and Oliver stared at Miley, their mouths hanging open.

Miley wasn't sure how to save the situation, so she grabbed Lilly by the shoulders and swung her around to face Oliver.

"Tell him you don't want him to kiss you," demanded Miley.

"Miley!" yelled Jake.

Lilly looked like she might keel over. And she was shaking. Oliver didn't look like he felt much better.

Jake glared at Miley, who suddenly realized that maybe she'd gone too far. She looked a little nervous. She opened her mouth to try to fix things, but Jake walked up behind her and put his hand over her mouth.

"Miley," he said, laughing as she tried to bite him, "you're not helping."

He held her hands behind her back with his free arm as he dragged her out of the living room.

"Sorry," he mumbled to Oliver and Lilly, but they were looking at the floor.

He dragged a very annoyed Miley up the stairs. He stopped halfway up.

"Geez, Miley!"

She glared at him.

But he was smiling.

"You just saved me a whole lot of trouble," he continued. "They were driving me crazy!"

And he kissed her.

And Miley forgot all about being angry.


Downstairs, her best friends were feeling rather ill.

Neither Oliver nor Lilly moved a muscle. They were both too stricken to speak. When Miley had suggested that Lilly wanted Oliver to kiss her, Oliver had expected Lilly to deny it with everything she had. But she hadn't. Instead, Lilly had turned white. Oliver knew he shouldn't smile, but he almost couldn't help it.


He wondered if there was any way that she felt for him what he felt for her.

He gathered his courage and took a deep breath.

"Um, Lilly?"

She bit her lip. She looked mortified. Apparently she'd missed the part where Miley had said he liked her, too.

Finally, Oliver could take her silence no longer, and he moved closer.

Lilly yelped and backed into the wall.

"I, uh," began Oliver, rocking on his heels. "I like dancing with you," he whispered.

Lilly looked up at him, startled. Oliver reached out and touched her arm, and she began to blush. But Oliver thought she was sort of smiling, too.


She couldn't seem to get further than that. She looked at her sandals.

Oliver scratched his head.

He couldn't get them out of this with words.

But there was something else that might help; something he'd wanted to do for a while…

He took another step, and he was right in front of her.

"Lilly," he whispered.

She whimpered.

"Look at me."

She shook her head. Didn't he know that she couldn't?

Oliver took her hand. She was trembling.

He tilted her chin up so that she had to look at him.


Why does she look so ashamed? he wondered.

But he knew. He swallowed, stumbling over his words.

"I want to… do what Miley said," he stuttered.

Lilly shook.

He squeezed her fingers.

Lilly squeezed back.

And then he kissed her.

Lilly melted.