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Epilogue: Coda

"You may now kiss, Link and Zelda, to seal this union before Time and the gods," Lenzo said, smiling broadly.

You don't need to tell us twice, Zelda thought blissfully. She threw her arms around her Hero - her husband - and 'sealed their union' most emphatically. Even without its roof, the Temple of Time rocked with the roar of joy and relief, guests both inside and out cheering wildly. The rubble had been cleared and the walls reinforced with magic, the damaged building still coursing with mana and wonder. Though another temple would be built in the new Castle Town, the bride couldn't imagine having done this anywhere else.

Even as completely as Link owned the heart of her world, the princess still saw Impa's eyes well up with tears. The mighty High Sheikah threw her arms around Nabooru, bawling like a child. For a moment, Zelda felt as stunned as Nabooru looked, but watching the Spirit Sage pat her counterpart on the back with an uncomfortable air almost made her laugh. Then, though, her Hero drew her back into his eyes and soul with a gaze that went on forever.

Their guests were from every corner of the land and beyond. Queen Ambi and her odd husband, Mayor and Mrs. Ruul, and King Marth and his fiancé, Nina il'Akaneia, represented Hyrule's neighbors. Even the parallel world of Termina was represented by two more of Link's friends, Anju and Kafei. They're a really cute couple, Zelda thought happily.

The Sages were there in force as well, of course. Saria and Mido watched happily, the Queen moreso than her Lord Champion, but Mido sniffled proudly when he thought no one was looking. Impa, after mostly composing herself, watched with quiet, tearful joy. Nabooru, free from Impa's grip, was now watching Link's best man Renato with a distinctly predatory air. Renato shuffled in place, clearly happy for Link and Zelda but appearing unsure whether or not he should be trying to escape. Darunia was his usual boisterous self, waving and propping his beloved child over the crowd so the lad could see the happy occasion. Ruto leaned a bit on Mikali's arm, the Zora princess' husband not seeming the least bit put out by this state of affairs, but was otherwise looking like her old, outgoing self again.

Navi swirled excitedly above the Hero, not speaking but still unable to contain her movement. They both felt the happiness she felt for them flowing from her in waves.

Link himself, Zelda decided for the hundredth time that day, looked absolutely amazing. The Gerudo had insisted on creating appropriate garb for their king's wedding day, and while Link had been a little nervous - I believe the term 'boy toy' had come up, Zelda thought, not quite giggling - Nabooru and her people had outdone themselves. Golden plate over forest green mail, with an emerald strip of cloth adorned much like Zelda's, it was both light and nearly invulnerable. His cap had been remade, the Gerudo symbol worked in on either side and his gold crown attached to the rim. He wore a sash across his chest, the symbols of the other nations he bore titles from worked skillfully onto it. You look delicious, the princess thought, amazed at her own audacity as she pressed her hand to his rock-solid abdomen.

Her Hero swallowed, but let his eyes play up and down over her. She, too, was dressed for the occasion, a swirling dress of cunningly arranged white, blue and pink clinging to her from the waist up and flaring out almost bell-like below.

Malon, her Maid of Honor, looked on adoringly, the lithe Sir Colin watching from one side. Zelda leaned over just before Link led her from the dais and whispered to Malon, "'Manly'?"

The ranch woman blushed. "Shut uuup," she replied quietly, glancing at Colin shyly.

Zelda grinned triumphantly and allowed her new husband to lead her out into the exultant crowd in the market square. The entire city cheered.

There was a blur of congratulations, then a carriage ride to the castle, and a reception right out of song and story. The great field where she and Link had once watched a butterfly turn into a fairy was bedecked with streamers, tables and refreshments. A Zora band with a lead singer who looked like an older Ruto warmed up enthusiastically.

The party sprawled from the field into the castle's main hall, unofficially extending throughout the entire city. With so many living in the castle, the sprawling nature of the festivities was almost redundant, but the populace was celebrating more enthusiastically than anyone save perhaps Link and Zelda themselves. It was a beautiful haze of toasts, dancing, kisses both stolen and pointedly open, and gifts great and small. Link was particularly touched by, of all things, a bottle from the Lon Lons, while even Zelda couldn't help but be amazed by the flawless crystal wand Biggoron had 'grown' for them. The titanic Goron had apologized for its small size, which Zelda found amusing in spite of the apology's obvious source - the wand was five feet long and almost as thick as her arm.

After what felt like far too short a day, they 'escaped' to their carriage. Navi snored delicately in Link's crown as they retreated. The happy couple waved to everyone while they rode off. After a pleasant time spent just holding each other, cuddling, Link finally looked over at her. "Are you sure about this, Zel?" Link asked. He was trying to be careful and reassuring, but she could tell how excited he was. "I mean, neither of us has much experience with sailing." He chuckled. "Most of my time at sea was sneaking around pirate ships in Termina."

"Link, my love," she said, caressing his cheek, "I know you hate fighting, but I've seen the gleam in your eyes every time you return from a new land. You were meant to see new things, find new places, discover new worlds."

Link cupped her chin in his hand. "As long as I always find my way home."

Zelda dimpled at that. "Hyrule will always call us back."

"I didn't just mean Hyrule, you know," Link said quietly.

She punched his shoulder lightly. "Hey, from now on you're taking me with you most of the time, I'll have you know. I'm through getting left at the castle while you run off to these amazing new lands - and don't even try to bring up the Temples, they don't count." Link's jaw clicked shut.

"So." Link wrapped his arm around Zelda's shoulders and held her close. The wide road to Holodrum spread before them. "Where are we going first?"

Zelda giggled. "It's a secret to everyone."

"Very funny." Link glanced at her wryly. "I'm actually mostly serious, here."

"Well, how can it be exploring if we know where we're going?" she laughed. "That way, we have plenty of time to ourselves." She nudged him with her elbow. "Get it?"

Link pulled her closer and nodded happily. "As for our destination..." Zelda smiled and looked to the horizon. "The wind will guide us!"


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