Title: I've heard the breathless beat of angels' wings when the bullets fly and the sabers swing

Fandom: Supernatural/Highlander/mythology

Disclaimer: not my characters; title from John Popper

Warnings: spoilers for SN season 5

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 305

Point of view: third

Prompt: any, any/any,

So many things that I wanted to say
Forever left untold
I still remember the tears that you shed
Over someone else

(HAMMERFALL, "The Fallen One")

They meet up every few hundred years, beside a stream or in a tavern or walking down a road that doesn't exist. They chat, catching up and sharing jokes and arguing for the sake of it. A few hours every few hundred years, and it's enough.

For a very long time, it's enough.


They've told each other a thousand names, none of them truer than the rest. Every name is who they are, who they've been, who they'll one day be.

This day, his name is Eshu and his companion is Adao; it's storming and they're standing on a beach.

This day, Adao is furious and spends the first hour of their meeting shouting into the wind, cursing and screaming, and Eshu waits.

"My brothers are dead," Adao finally says, voice hoarse and fists clenched. "There was no other way and now they are gone." He closes his eyes, shuddering, wrapping his arms around himself. "And I can't even avenge them," he murmurs, words almost stolen by the storm. "I'd have to destroy myself, and even for my brothers, even for those children…"

He turns to face Eshu, desperately demanding, "You understand, don't you, that I won't destroy myself for anyone?"

"Of course I do," Eshu assures him, not reaching out to hold him because Adao would not accept it right now.

Adao turns back into the storm; Eshu stays at his side until the storm blows out.

They go their separate ways until the next meeting.


(Lucifer kills Gabriel without hesitating.

Death's son pulls Gabriel back from his father's grip, and Father lets the angel go with a smirk because he's always had a soft spot for tricksters.)


In a few hundred years, Heyókȟa thanks Maitias. Maitias simply shrugs and smiles, saying, "Knock knock."

Heyókȟa laughs, long and loud, before asking, "Who's there?"