Waking up dazed Harry Potter wondered what had happened. Thinking back to before blacking all he could remember was talking to his girlfriend Hermione Granger about Charms homework.

"Harry! You scared me. Why did you do that?" Hermione shot off quickly and loudly, helping to the headache Harry already had.

"I don't know Mione. All I remember is us talking about Charms then nothing" Harry was perplexed at the situation.

"Oh Harry, you lost about 2 minutes of memory. I knew I shouldn't have told you like this but I had no better options"

"Told me about what baby?"

"Harry, I'm pregnant" Hermione stated pointedly. Harry started to feel light headed again but fought off the darkness.

"You're WHAT!" he screamed, causing the whole Gryffindor common room to turn his way,

"Harry be quiet" Hermione scolded then turned to the common room "it's ok everyone he just heard some good news". With that Hermione turned back to her boyfriend with a deadly stare on her face.

"Mione couldn't you have told me privately. Maybe you're wrong. Please tell me that someone's going to call out 'Got You'" Harry was scared out of his mind. If being a 17 year old wizard wasn't scary enough, Harry had only just defeated the Dark Lord, was the centre of attention and now was going to be a father. He was so not ready for this.

"No Harry James Potter, this is not a joke so get that straight off of your mind. I wanted to tell you privately but this is as private we can usually get without running away. I am 1 months along, now are you going take this seriously or am I going to have to jinx you?" Hermione was not kidding when she asked Harry and boy did he know it. She got that aura around her when she was moody and every month he used to have to put up with it, now her had anouther 8 months of it.

"I'll be good Mione, I swear" he put his puppydog look on his face and stared at Hermione knowing that she would crumbled and not be mad with him anymore. As usual Hermione softened up and gave him a kiss.

"Now about question..."


"HARRY! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!" Hermione Potter screamed at her very scared husband. Having only been married for 7 months the couple were still new at the whole marriage thing.

"Baby just breathe like the medi-witch taught you. Hee-hee-hoo, hee-hee-hoo..." Harry got cut off by his wife's blood curdling scream and then the wail of a baby.

"It's a girl Mr Potter" the medi-witch told him while she cleaned the little girl and her mother. After casting all of the spells needed on the baby she passed the girl over to her father.

"Hello little one. You are a welcome gift aren't you?" Harry asked the green eyed, brown haired girl "You've got your grandma's eyes, and your mum's hair. Gorgeous girl".

"Harry I know we haven't really discussed it but I would really like to call her Lily. Is that alright?" Hermione wearily asked her husband, feeling very tired but not wanting to sleep. Harry turned, teary-eyed, to his wife and whispered "yeah Mione that's more than alright". Kissing Hermione's sweaty brow Harry left the hospital room with Lily in his arms to show his friends and family. Upon reaching the waiting room he was rushed on by all the Weasley's, the Granger's, Harry and Hermione's school friends and teachers.

"Everyone let me introduce you to Miss Lily Potter" Harry had pride filled eyes, that only a father could get, when he showed his first-borne to the mob.