In Remembrance of L

She loved him
She truly did
She watch him die
Over over again
Tears rushed from her eyes
As she shouted "damn you LIGHT!"
She pressed the stop button
And punch the screen
Flood of tears ran from her eyes
"I loved him"
Even though he wasn't real
He felt like it to her
She knew that this episode was coming
But still hoped for something different
Her heart was torn to shreds

She loved him
She truly did
Even though she hated his killer
She kept watching him
Wanting nothing more
Than to beat him senseless
The hate
The anger
Was building up
Yet there was nothing she could do
But watch the end on the screen
And smile
As the killer and the show
Came to an

She loved him
She truly did
She whisper his name(s) in her sleep
"I'm sorry L, I'm sorry Ryuuzaki,
I'm sorry Ryuuga, I'm sorry...

He was not real but a fiction character
But she loved him
She truly did
And wish to meet
A guy just as:
Easy to
As him
She loved him
She truly did

And one day
When she had a
She would give him
The middle name

In remembrance
Of the best
She ever loved
She truly, longingly did.

Author's thoughts:

I wrote this after watching episode 25 of Death Note and the End. This is how I truly felt. Death Note to me is the worst Anime because it mad me cry twice and for the bad guy, but also the best because it shows how one person might see their deed as good and helpful but other see it as harmful.

I didn't need Death Note to decide this but helped confirm it. I think the death penalty is to lenient and a get away for killers because they don't suffer like the victims did. they should go through their life in a small small room with horrible food and little contact with the outside world.

I, like "L" believe in "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth".

What do you think? Please comment. Thank you.