Aboard the HMS Surprise,

Upon request by my dearest friend, Catherine, I have resolved to fill this book with my thoughts and experiences while I voyage aboard the HMS Surprise. I must, first, reveal the events that have brought me here. It was only last week that my little brother, Peter, sent word that he had been assigned a ship - that of Jack Aubry's command. My father and Captain Aubry were very well aquainted, and I believe much of my childhood was filled with memories of the Captain (of course then he was a struggling officer - can you imagine that?). Peter also expressed a desire for me to come and meet with them. Upon reading the letter, I at once had my travelling chest packed and made my way to the ship's port of call. The journey was not that long, and I only had to stop to buy this little book, my dearest posession while I am away from you, as I thought of your parting words to me!

As soon as I reached the ship I was welcomed aboard. Peter was more than happy to see me, and it was truely a pleasure to see Captain Aubry again. Peter, being little more than ten years younger than I, never had a chance to meet the captain before our father died, but I could tell that he liked him just as well as I did. Father would've been quite proud to see him, and I have to admit I was quite taken aback by how grown up he looked. After a lovely dinner with some of the officers, Jack asked me if I had any travel plans. I truely wished to visit mother, so I told him as much. He agreed to have me aboard, calling it a pleasure, and here I am - a guest aboard a solid ship manned by the famous Jack Aubry and his well known surgeon friend Dr. Maturin. As I've had a full day I've nothing to add on but my regret that you couldn't make this journey with me.

As Always,

Alexandria Calamy

This is my first attempt at a 1st person story, so please review. This is based on the movie, as I've found it's hard to create a fic that tries to please both movie and book fans. For now the chapters are short, as each is a story entry but as the voyage runs the entries will get longer. Please let me know - good, bad, or eh?

Lady Eli