Title: Rust and Blood
Summary: FMAxHP Edward gets captured by Voldemort because of his knowledge of alchemy. Harry Potter crossover.
Pairings: None yet.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own, not mine.
Warnings: Future torture. Language and violence. Possible slash later on.
Note: Set after ep.51 of FMA and an AU after OOTP for HP. Some spoilers for HBP, though.

Chapter One
Captive and Captor

Ed was used to being held captive. It was just one of those things that happened to him- a lot, actually. Normally he escaped with alchemy, but that was not possible now.

Stupid gate. Couldn't it have taken me somewhere that alchemy worked? Edward grumbled in his head as he tested his bonds for the fifth time that minute. They still held fast.

The room he was being kept in was like all the others he had been held in. It could be in a basement or just some closet. The darkness was not complete, but it was dim enough that everything was at least in slight shadows. The rock that dug into his side told him that this was not a nicer place. Edward flashed a self-deprecating smile. Other people have dreams of riches and success. My highest hope is to be held prisoner in a room with carpeting or, he shivered, central heating.

Edward wiggled on his side like a fish out of water. Whatever held his arms was tight. No matter how he moved he could not feel the ropes slide at all. There was no chafing. His legs were cramped and folded under him, so they refused any attempt at movement. They were probably just as securely bound. It was disturbing to be tied up so expertly.

A door opened but the room beyond it was not any brighter than where he lay. A shadow fell on him and, although he could not make out any details, he glared up through his bangs at the man in the doorway. "Our master is ready to question you now," he sneered. The condescending tone told Edward more than he wanted to know. When he realized what had been said, Ed almost groaned. When the one in charge was called 'master' it almost always meant they were batty. Question was just another word for torture to someone called 'master'.

He was unceremoniously dragged out the door and over the flagstones in the hall. Edward could not help stumbling and had barely recovered his balance when he was jerked through a large dark door.

Inside the new room he was shoved into a kneeling position. The cold seeped up from the stones, leeching away his body heat. The torches along the wall hardly brightened the area the room was so large. Everyone was wearing black, Ed noticed. That everyone was wasn't such a big feat since there were only a few more than a half a dozen people, but the creepy matching dress did not bode well. He registered this as his eyes followed the line of people to rest a chair that would be better called a throne. The man perched on top was cadaver pale and had beady red eyes. His nose was non-existent. Ed was reminded of a certain chimera as his manner just screamed 'snake'.

If Edward had a normal childhood he would have been frightened, or at least surprised by the man's appearance. He didn't, so he wasn't. All he felt was annoyance.

"Edward Elric…" The man on the throne began, purposefully speaking slowly.

"Hey, can we skip the introductions and pleasantries and get on with the threats or torture or whatever?" Impertinence came easily to Ed. He was well practiced in it.

A man to the left of the throne snarled. "Do you know who you are talking to, boy? This is the Dark Lord! He-" The man took a step forward and held something out.

"Lucius." The man, now identified as the Dark Lord reprimanded. He glanced at the one called Lucius. Lucius lowered whatever weapon was in his hand and shuffled a bit backwards. "Edward, Edward. You didn't have to be rude. Crucio."

Edward was not certain of the last word he heard because he was suddenly in pain. Horrifying pain. It was the pain of having automail attached, but it was throughout his whole body. His jaw had clenched and his eyes had snapped closed automatically. Ed pried them opened them to stare at the Dark Lord as he loosened his jaw. The pain was unexpected and excruciating, but he could deal with it. The pain stopped as suddenly as it had started as he looked into the eerie red eyes of his captor.

"Ouch." Ed spat out. "If you treat all your guests this way you won't make any friends." There was a high pitched giggle that reminded Ed of Gluttony. It had a sharp edge that can only be gained by idiocy or insanity. He could guess which one this was. It was the last thing he heard before everything went dark.


Many things happened during Edward's blackout.

The Death Eater inner circle meeting was disbanded.

Voldemort seethed.

It was bad enough that Dumbledore and the Potter brat defied him, when someone with such low magical power like Elric did, and in front of his top supporters, he knew something was wrong. The boy was hiding something, he knew. He needed that information and it was his pleasure to find it out- any way he could. After he was through it would not matter what shambles the boy's mind or body was in. When nothing of him was left, Voldemort would be done.

The Dark Lord ordered a house-elf to bring him some wine. It was a muggle vintage, but the blood spilled to retrieve it made up for that. The crystal stemware that he held moments later glinted deadly. The ruby red wine picked up light from the torches and was like blood on fire. Voldemort stared at his own face reflected in the glass. It was so perfect he almost laughed as he tipped it back and downed it all. No one would stand up to him.


Elsewhere Edward's appearance was having a slightly different effect on a different group of people.

Snape had left the Dark Lord with a peculiar mixture of emotions. Fear had been his constant companion since the Lord's return but it was easily pushed to the corners of his thoughts. It did not control him, Snape never let any of his emotions have control. He was the master of his own mind and he exercised his mastery every second of every day.

Impotent and useless anger also had its place. It bubbled under the surface, distorting his calm. It was not something that just went way, and had to be slowly bled off. Gryffindors were great for that.

Surprise was always present after a Death Eater meeting. Either at the new depths of depravity he had witnessed or at the twisted paths down which the Dark Lord's thoughts traveled. It always astonished Snape that, given that same information, the Dark Lord's ideas were so vastly different from his own. He was mad and Snape always wondered why he did not see it before.

Another emotion that he was used to living with was guilt. Guilt and its companion shame. It hurt his soul what he had to do as a Death Eater, to convince Voldemort of his loyalty. No matter how many times he reminded himself that he was on the side of the Light, that it was all for some Greater Good, he still heard the screams.

His only comfort was that, this time, he had not been cursed. That even Lucius, who had spoken out of turn and been reprimanded, had not been cursed was doubly surprising. The new prisoner really held the Lord's full attention.

The boy- Edward Elric- had also been very surprising. He was a total unknown, and that was unheard of. None of the other Death Eaters present knew much about him. Snape did not even know who captured him or where. What the Dark Lord planned for him could be anything. His background was even hard to guess. Snape knew he had never seen him at Hogwarts, even though he looked to be of schoolboy age.

Snape not recognizing him was not too shocking when you took in the boy's very low magic. It was almost invisible. Snape would almost say he was a muggle, or at best a squib. For the Dark Lord to even look at him meant that he was something different. Something Dumbledore needed to know about, as soon as possible.

Arriving at Hogwarts, Snape did not head to his own room first. He went straight to the Headmaster's office. The Potions Master hardly glared at the gargoyle as he muttered the latest inane candy name that served as the password. Infuriatingly, Dumbledore called for Severus to enter even as he lifted his had to knock at the top of the stairs. Snape really hated that. He knew there were plenty of spells that could see through doors but he could never be sure Albus even used them. The man was just that observant that he might be able to do without.

"Dear boy, sit down and have some tea. You have news, I expect." Dumbledore knew Snape well and knew that when he veered from his norm something significant was happening.

"He has taken a new prisoner," Snape inclined his head as he replied.

"An Order member? - No one has been reported missing." Dumbledore's gaze sharpened as a list of names and last known locations of his members flitted through his mind.

"No." Snape returned quickly. "A boy. Someone I have never even heard of. A squib or muggle, by his magic levels, I think."

"And he is not just there for 'entertainment'?" Snape nodded. Trying not to think of the type of entertainment Dumbledore meant. "Then he has information, or is important some other way. Voldemort would not hold anyone who was not useful.

"My thoughts, also."

Dumbledore absentmindedly popped a lemon sherbet into his mouth as he pondered the new development. Voldemort had not been going on the offensive in his war lately. Only his normal raids for his unique form of fear-mongering. Either he was desperate or the power he would gain was enough to compel him to act.

"What else do you know?"

Professor Snape grimaced. "Only his name and general appearance. Third to fifth year in age, long blond hair and light eyes. His clothing was of muggle make. He taunted the Dark Lord and did not scream while under his Cruicatus. He was called Elric. Edward Elric."

Dumbledore literally stopped moving when he heard the name. Snape saw him take a deep breath. "Elric," he breathed out like a sigh. "This is serious. We will have to get him out of there. A soon as possible." He looked down at his desk and shuffled a few papers around.

"It is late, get some rest. I'll be calling an Order meeting tomorrow afternoon. We'll need to be at out sharpest for this."

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In the next chapter: Ed comes to.