Title: Rust and Blood
Summary: FMAxHP Edward gets captured by Voldemort because of his knowledge of alchemy. Harry Potter crossover
Pairings: None yet.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own, not mine.
Warnings: Future torture. Language and violence. Possible slash later on.
Note: Set after ep.51 of FMA and an AU after OOTP for HP. Some spoilers for HBP, though.

Chapter Four
Ever the Ordinary Day

The day at number 4 Privet Drive started the same as all others, with Dudley thudding down the stairs and Vernon ranting at the breakfast table. Petunia did not force Harry to make breakfast like she had done for so many years in the past; the warnings from the Order had done some good. She did not even wake Harry up with screaming and pounding on his door. Harry thought that was so she would not have to feed him breakfast, but it could just be from her general distaste for him. It was hard to distinguish outright malice from plain loathing in the Dursley household.

Harry awoke at seven, just as sunlight crept onto his face. The Dursleys had already finished their breakfast, which was amazing as they had only started a few minutes before. Dudley had mastered the art of eating a lot quickly. Harry himself had perfected eating fast, but that was only so it would not be taken away from him.

The window was half shut, so Harry opened it fully. A grateful Hedwig flew down from the roof and onto her perch. She settled down to sleep after hooting and playfully nipping at Harry's finger. It wasn't surprising that she was tried, she had delivered letters to both Hermione and Ron the day before. For some reason she felt that she had to hurry back to Harry, just in case something bad had happened. Harry was worried that now Hedwig was acting so protective. It did make him uneasy. When his owl thought he was unsafe he knew something was bad going on.

After pacing a bit, Harry heard the noise he was waiting for, a slam of the front door and the start of an engine. Vernon was off to work, and Dudley would be leaving to terrorize the town and all the other children. He had recently started hanging out at the mall, making crude comments to women. Chatting up girls was yet another thing he failed at, but then, Harry was not one to compare. His love life was just as barren and windswept. He did not delude himself to that fact anymore. The disaster with Cho was enough of a wake up call.

A few minutes later another slamming door announced Dudley's departure. A second spent pulling on some shoes and he was in the kitchen grabbing some bread. He didn't even bother to toast it before going out to the backyard. It was a nice day and the sky was clear. Even without being locked in a cupboard Harry felt as if he was going stir crazy. The thought that friends could be fighting Death Eaters and he was stuck in Surrey was uncomfortable.

Nothing like being hopeless and alone, Harry thought to himself as he went through the back gate. The bread was gone by the time he closed the gate. Harry followed the cheap stone path around the side of the house. Vernon had gotten some landscaping done, but it was shoddy. Harry thought it was a bit hideous. The flagstones were a dull speckled pink and the new shrubbery were already over grown. That added to the new coat of taupe paint on the shutters made one feel queasy.

Harry spent the day wondering around the block before eventually coming home in the early afternoon. Then he dragged out some school books and worked on piles of seemingly endless summer work. Halfway through a Transfiguration paper he thought it best to grab something to eat before the Dursleys returned. Harry made a a few sandwiches and got himself a glass of juice. He carried it all back to his room.

He was not much further in his paper when he heard a car pull up. Petunia was back from whatever she did during the day, meaning Vernon would soon be home. Dudley would not be back until late, if he did come back. He and Vernon had had a small row when he did not come back until the next day after going out.

It was interesting to see Vernon go off on someone who was no Harry. After only a short time with his father turning purple and spouting off about drugs, gangs, and "bad crowds" Dudley was apologizing and saying he would never do it again. Harry did not believe it at all. Harry had seen enough teenagers to understand how they normally were, disobeying their parents about skipping school. Dudley was just the type to fit those worn stereotypes. And, with his intelligence, he'll get caught.

Harry would love to be there when that happened, but somehow it would be blamed on him. The only reason he had not been blamed for Dudley's night out was because Vernon had practically forgotten him. That was the wonderful thing about laying low.

It was dark when Vernon finally returned from work. He and Petunia talked loudly over diner and while watching television. Harry knew better than to venture out of his room until they both went to bed. No matter what kind of say Vernon had had, he was never happy. Harry often thought he needed to find some sort of hobby. Before he knew it, the house was quiet.

Without making any noise, Harry scampered into the bathroom. He quickly wen through the motions of bathing before rushing back to his room. He barely glanced at his school work before he shoved it away. As he was about to let Hedwig out, he remembered the thought he had yesterday night. He had resolved to telling the Order about his dream, and he would not go back on his resolution.

He hastily drew out a piece of parchment and a quill. He wrote saying that he was well and being treated fairly, and added the bit about having a vision about Voldemort at the end. He wrote just a few short sentences and hoped they would be ignored or looked over. Harry was not looking forward to the scolding he wold receive.

"To Dumbledore, or Remus, Hedwig. Who ever is the closest," he murmured to the bird as he tied the letter to her leg. Then he opened the window and watched her fly away into the dark sky.

All in all, it had been a normal summer day for Harry, or at least normal for this year. Harry could not help but feel that that would change some time soon, but he always had that feeling nowadays. If something dangerous or traumatic or dramatic did not happen he would not be Harry Potter.

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