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Manga Verse chapters 46 and on, takes place during chapter 54

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He'd traveled with the two Elric brothers long enough to learn two things about alchemy. To begin with, it was much more difficult then he'd thought it was. The other was the basic law of equivalent exchange.

Now as he lay on the floor under the massive homunculus named Gluttony, screaming at the brothers to stay out of it, and watching the thing called "Father" approach him with a red stone, the key to immortality, he realized that they might have been right about the basic law of alchemy. He'd seen instances of it not only when Ed and Al used alchemy, but also in life.

First was food. If he wanted food he had to provide the seller with something of equal or greater value to get it, namely money. The second was the way these people worked- they did favors, but also requested to have favors done for them. A third example was when he made everyone uncomfortable by asking Winry to be his wife—he had to deal with being uncomfortable with RanFan's silence later that night. The one thing he wished to forget was the battle with Wrath. To protect him RanFan let herself get injured, and then to escape she'd cut off her arm. He wondered why she thought he was worth that price.

That was why now, with all the attention on him he gritted his teeth and thought of the price he'd pay so her injuries weren't in vain.

The thought that kept him fighting the multiple personalities inside the stone that tried to take over in his mind was that he'd do whatever he could to make his country a better place. She'd given up an arm, a part of her livelihood, for their country, and if it would help he'd give everything to make sure the results of her sacrifice were worthwhile.


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