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"Good morning, Yuki!" said Tohru brightly as Yuki entered the kitchen drowsily. "Did you sleep okay last night?" She asked

"Yes, I did, thank y-" he was cut off by a nice long yawn. "Oh dear, excuse me." He said, flushing a little.

Kyou walked into the room no sooner and bumped into Yuki.

"Watch where you're going, cat!" Yuki threatened as he began to wake up more fully.

"You watch what you're doing, rat!" Kyou spat back. "You should stay out of my way!"

Tohru could see exactly where this was going and tried to calm down the two.

"Please, o-oh, please don't fight!" she tried in desperation to get their attention without getting caught in the middle, but her efforts were to no avail.

"Don't worry about them Tohru," Said Shigure as he too, entered the kitchen. "You know that they'll calm down eventually." He smiled kindly at Tohru and she couldn't help but smile back and feel reassured.

The Sohmas were so kind to have taken her in like they did and she was eternally grateful. Tohru also enjoyed living with them. Life was never boring when Yuki, Kyou and Shigure are around.

Tohru attempted to ignore the arguing and began to make breakfast. She had the rice balls done and was heating up a pot of water for the yakisoba noodles.

Yuki and Kyou finally got tired of fighting and they headed to the dining room to sit with Shigure.

As Tohru leaned against the counter, waiting for the water to get hot, thoughts of Akito flooded her mind. Ever since he made his promise, nightmares were beginning to plague Tohru. After having restless sleep for the last four nights, she could feel her body becoming weaker and she was beginning to get another one of her fevers.

But that wouldn't get her down! She had so much to be thankful for; living with Yuki and the others, having an actual home to live in, and her friends Hana and Uo were great too. She wouldn't tell anybody about it and she would just keep going like she always does.

The noodles were done now and she was ready to go serve it to the others.

"This tastes good, Tohru." Complimented Shigure, and the other nodded their approval. "Yes, very good indeed. We are all very lucky that we have you around to cook for us."

"Thank-you." Tohru replied with a smile.

The walk to school took more effort than Tohru expected. It was hard for her to just walk straight, but she managed it without anybody noticing her weakened state. What really made it hard, was explaining to Yuki and Kyou why she was so quiet.

The truth was, it was taking all she had just to get to school. It is going to be terrible when she has to go to work later that afternoon. She didn't even have the energy to spare for talking.

It was hard to pay attention in class because Tohru's head was spinning and her temperature was rising. Somehow, she managed to get through the day without anyone noticing, but on the way to work, her fever had risen to the point where she couldn't think clearly.

Her limbs seemed to obey only themselves and Tohru's feet kept stumbling over themselves until they made her trip and fall. She was so weak that she couldn't even think fast enough to break her fall.

It was really too bad that she had to work today because Yuki and Kyou were expecting her to be at work today. They were safely on their way home from school. Instead of taking the sidewalk to work, she decided to walk through the forest path.

To put more weight on the situation, Tohru felt a sharp pain in her ankle when she attempted to get back to her feet. Now she was stranded out here unless somebody happens to walk by.

The ground was hard, and the sharp pebbles were pressing into her arms, legs and her face and they hurt badly, but being able to rest her fatigued body felt so good that she didn't have the will to move.

Her vision began to blur from the never ceasing ache in her head, so she closed her eyes in hopes to kill a bit of the pain. Naturally, sleep came to overwhelm her.



"Hey, Yuki?" asked Shigure "will you get the phone?"

"I'm a little busy." Yuki answered, looking up from his homework. "will you get it, Kyou?" he asked

"Sure, whatever." Kyou answered haughtily. "Hello?" He said into the receiver.

"Hello," replied a woman's voice. "Is Tohru Honda available?"

"Of course not." Kyou replied annoyed. "She's at work."

"I'm afraid that's not so." The lady said nervously. "She didn't show up today. Are you telling me, she's not there?"

"I got to go!" Kyou said sideways as he slammed the phone back down.

The slam got the attention of the other two. "Get ready to go." Kyou yelled at the others as he rushed into the hall. "Tohru is missing. I think something must have happened to her. We have to go find her!"

Shigure stayed where he was and announced that he was going to stay behind in case she were to return to the house and needed help.

Yuki and Kyou were out of the house in under a minute racing down the path to the main road. It was now dark outside and the rain was beginning to fall. When they reached the main road, Kyou took off down the side walk while Yuki took the forest path. Yuki knew that Tohru often took this route to work because she enjoyed the scenery.

Both ran as fast as they could, straining their eyes in the dark for their precious friend. When Yuki found Tohru, she was still unconscious. He rolled her unto her back and checked her pulse to make sure that she was still alive. The thought of anything happening to her made tears come to Yuki's eyes.

He rolled her over, wrapping an arm around her neck and under her knees and picked her up. Tohru was surprising light to Yuki and this made him worry. Was she not eating right?

He didn't have time to worry about that right now, Tohru needed to see a doctor. It is strange for a person to just collapse in the middle of the forest.

When Yuki got back to the main street, Kyou was just coming back from his search. You could see the relieved look in is eye to see that Yuki had found Tohru.

"Do you want me to carry her?" Kyou asked.

"No," Yuki answered "I've got her, and she's really light."


It was so cold. Tohru's body was wracked with constant shivering. The floor was so cold…

Where am I? Thought Tohru, looking around. I thought I was in the forest.

The room she sat in seemed familiar. The only piece of furniture in the room was a throne like chair on a platform at one end. It had curtains draped over it, as if it were some kind of throne.

Within the blink of her eye, a man appeared to be sitting in the chair.

"Wh-who are you?" Tohru asked as she tried to make out the figure in the shadows.

"I promise…" he chuckled "You will be defiled; you will regret ever having met the Sohmas."

"Escuse me?" Tohru asked, wide eyed. "W-what?"

Instead of answering her question, the man stood and began to inch closer and closer to Tohru.

The shadows faded away to reveal that haunting face of Akito. His eyes were glaring down upon Tohru as she began to inch backward, away from Akito.

"Please," she cried "Don't hurt me! I didn't mean to do any harm!"

She bumped into the wall just as Akito came to stand right over her.

Tohru began to panic, and as a last resort, she began to wail for help. She cried helplessly into the night as Akito chuckled above her.

"Help me!" Yuki! Kyou!"

The tears streamed down her face in currents and she began to sob.

"Akito, please! No!"


Tohru's cries could be heard all through the house.

Yuki and Kyou were the first ones on the scene, seeing as how their rooms were on either side of Tohru's.

"Tohru!" Yuki called as he crouched down at her side.

She was tossing and turning horridly in her sleep, and she was sobbing as if someone were beating her.

"Tohru, Tohru! Wake up!" Yuki said in a hushed voice so as to not frighten the girl.

"Tohru…" Kyou pleaded

Shigure came in quietly and sat down on Tohru's other side. He looked very worried.

"I called Hatori," Shigure told Yuki. " He should be here soon."

As if someone had dumped cold water on her, Tohru sat up suddenly and took in a sharp breath. It took her a moment to regain her stature before she noticed that the boys were there.

"Oh!" She said surprised as she blinked the tears away. "Was I talking in my sleep?" she asked nervously as she gave a false giggle. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." She looked down, obviously embarrassed.

"Miss Honda," Yuki asked softly. "What were you dreaming?"

"Oh, nothing really scary. I was…um… just remembering the day my mother died…that's all." She gave another nervous laugh.

"If you need anything," Shigure said, "just tell me. Because, if anything is bothering you, it's bothering us too."

"Oh, okay." Tohru said quietly.

"Let's give her some space." Kyou piped in. " She probably wants to sleep.

"Yes, let's go, Shigure." Agreed Yuki, and they exited the room.

Tohru lay in bed deep in thought, but unable to go back to sleep. Her head was throbbing once again, and she was burning with a fever. Should she tell them what Akito said? Would it upset Yuki, since it was his older brother? These and other questions haunted Tohru.


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