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"do you know what the greatest act of sincere love is?"


"it's...a kiss."


Tohru froze as Yuki plunged deeper into the kiss. she didn't know what to do' what to say.

yuki pulled tohru into an embrace after having pulled away from tohru's lips.


how embarrasing, thought yuki as he lay sadly on the floor.

tohru stood there in a haze of amazment, eyes wide.

shigure and momiji popped in moments later to find out what all the ruckus was about.

"tohru?" shigure asked in confusion. it wasn't like this was the first time she accidentally buped into yuki, making him trasform.

"tohru, are you okay?" asked momiji as he waltzed into the kitchen.

tohru seemed to snap out of her thoughts and replied, rather fast, "oh, no! nothing's wrong here! see?" she replied brushing off the fact that she'd just been traumatized. "i'll just take yuki up to his room to rest. i think he bumped his head when he fell." it wasn't hard for yuki to look like he really had hurt himself, considering how humiliated he was.

tohru carried him up to his room and set him on his bed.

"have sweet dreams!" said tohru before exiting.

yuki sighed and plopped onto his side.


tohru sat and ate with everyone, but her thoughts were elsewhere. it was now clear that yuki did like her back, but kyou said that yuki was too shy to tell her, so how had he brought himself up to just kiss her?

akito! yuki went to akito's house today. what did akito do to yuki? was it for the good, or for the bad?

tohru wanted answers to all her questions, and she was going to get them, after she cleaned up from dinner, of course.



"yes, tohru?"

"i'm going to go to bed early, okay?"

"okay then, have sweet dreams! night, tohru!" he called to her as he exited. instead of going up to her room, tohru left the house through a back door.

It took her awile to get to the estate, considering her crutches, but she made it in good time, just as the sun was setting.

she looked for the hole in the wall that momo had shown her the day she went to go find kureno, and crawled through it. she pulled out the map to akito's house that momiji had given her to find the building that akito and kureno were in.

it wasn't hard for tohru to find her way, since she had alread walked it once before, and, sure enough, there lay akito on his porch.

tohru gulped as she approached him. his gaze seemed to throw daggers at her.

"akito..." she tried to begin, but her courage failed her. "i-i-" she gulped again as he stood up.

"i had a feeling we'd be meeting tonight." he said. "he kissed you, didn't he?"

the surprised look tohru gave him told him all he needed to know.

"i know what you are, what you can do, for us, the zodiac members."

there was a strange glint in his eye as he stepped down from the porch.

thoru sweat dropped as she took a step back.

"don't be afraid," he said a little gently. "i'm not angry anymore, and im not going to hurt you."

he sat down, and tohru relaxed a little, but she kept her guard up since she was still terribly frightened of akito.

"it was when i was praying to my shrine, i got really angry. i kicked it, see, and underneathe the pedestool, there were seven scrolls. written upon each scfoll, were each generaion of sohmas who were cursed. on the last scroll though, were the names of my genertion, and there was yours, miss honda."

"m-mine?" tohru asked, wide eyed. "i don't understand. why would my name be in there?"

"let me finish." akito said, drawing out the impatience in tohru. "above your name, was the symbol for a pure heart. there was a prophesy following, saying that you could break our curse, throug a kiss. of course, me being the way i was, i became enraged. i was geleous (i don't know how to spell it! tears) for rin, my rin, who wanted so badly to break it for me. and i had my hopes set high on her. when she gave up, i felt that my end was set in stone." he sighed before continuing. "i wanted to ruin you for rin. you were going to steal the glory that she wanted so badly to have. i wanted to hurt you, to ruin you and to make it so that you couldn't break our curse. after we met that first time, i realized how big a mistake i had made. i wanted to kill you at the cost of my own life, and, wasn't my life what i treasure most? this time, i became desperate for my life. i went to you, thinking that, if i were to go to you, and threaten you to save me, you would. but of course that didn't work. you didn't even know what to do, and i was to proud to tell you. i knew yuki would end up coming here after what i did to you, and so i settled on showing him the scroll. and that's what led us to where we are now."

tohru gazed down as she soaked in what she had just heard.

"yuki kissed you, not just to be freed of this awful curse, but also so he could have you. he wanted to be able to hold you, like a normal person would be able to do. he did it because he loves you."

akito sighed once again and layed back down. "good night, miss honda." he said as tohru turned and headed back home.


pat pat

"go away." yuki said gruffly as he lay in bed. he hadn't even bothered to get dressed after tohru had set him down, although, he did cover up with his blanket.

the door slid open, and someone stepped in.

"i said go-" he stopped midsentence as he saw tohru standing there, without her crutches.

"tohru..." he breathed.

she began to limp toward him, a small smile on her face, even though each step hurt her.

yuki was up in an instant to help her.

"yuki..." she whispered as she rested her hands on each side of his face. "i forgot to kiss you back-"

thier lips touched, and it seemed as if the two were glowing.

but then, yuki pulled away as if someone were hurting him from behind.

"yuki!" tohru cried in alarm as they both fell to the ground.

tohru yelped as she hit her foot.

yuki continued to scream in pain, and tohru could hear shigure, kyou and momiji screaming at the top of thier lungs.

oh no! she thought what did i do to them?

tohru watched as yuki began to glow . a light began to shine, originating from inbetween yuki's shoulder blades. tohru watched wide-eyed as a rat came floating out of the light.

yuki stopped screaming as he too, watched the rat hover above tohru.

a cat, a rabbit and a dog appeared in the room and began to surround tohru.

she looked at them nervously, and then gulped.

an ox entered the room, and then a horse. the goat and the tiger entered together. a monkey came in nervously to float above tohru's head. the boar, the snake and the dragon all entered together and took thier places floating around tohru.

all the animals looked to tohru, as if to say, 'thank you'.

a monster then entered and took a look at tohru before bursting into light.

the rest of the animals began to dance around tohru. they spun faster and faster until they were just a blur.

they then zoned in on tohru's broken ankle, and then they too, burst into light.

tohru's eyes widened when she realized that her ankle was no longer broken. she leaned her weight on it and found that it was as good as new.

"yu-ki..." she said, wide eyed. "my...foot..."

she smiled happily before collapsing into an unconscious heap.


yuki threw on some clothes before going back to tohru.

he craddled her in his arms, delighted when he didn't transform. it was broken, the curse was broken!!

now he could hold tohru in his arms and maybe, someday, he could marry her. they could have children without the fear of one of them being cursed

yuki closed his eyes and cried tears of joy. he was free! he no longer had to live in fear of the sohma secret becoming known, and that feeling of happiness, felt eternal.

kyou came in, wide-eyed as he watched yuki crying over the sleeping tohru.

"kyou," yuki said, wiping the tears away. "kyou, we're free!"

kyou fell to his knee and didn't even notice when he too, began to cry.

that night, every zociac member cried in thier own way. they cried with the new hope of a new future that had been given to them by the girl with a pure heart.


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