Dean let out another sickly cough, lately Dean hadn't been feeling really well. Dean shook his head, it was just a stupid cough. John would get angry if Dean didn't look after Sammy, Dean sighed as he walked upstairs to his and Sam's bedroom that they were forced to share. Dean carefully opened the door praying that it wouldn't creak, though Sam was already deep in sleep. He didn't bother turning on the lights, worried he would wake Sam. He decided that he too should go to bed, so he quickly went to the set of draws. He took at a black tee and long black pants out, he quickly went into the bathroom and got changed. He still didn't feel well, he ignored it as he slipped quietly into his bed.

Later in the night Dean woke, sweaty from a nightmare, though he had no recollection of the dream. His head pounding he sat up, slowly, he looked at Sam still sleeping peacefully. Dean stood and walked down the stairs to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and searched for some medicine. Finding none, he let out a sigh.

Dad better get home soon, this headaches killing me. He heard foot steps as someone was trying to make their way down the stairs. Dean walked to the bottom of the stair case and saw Sam.

"Sammy, you should be in bed" Dean said climbing the stairs to Sam. Sam stared up at Dean with he's big eyes.

"So should you" Dean let out a little laugh, pain from moving his head around forced him to stop.

"I know" Dean sighed. "Come on then" Sam grabbed Dean's hand and walked back up the stairs into their room. Sam quickly ran to his bed and jumped on it, he then laid down and pulled the cover's over himself so that only the top of his hair was visible. Dean did the same, without the running or the jumping. He let out another sickly cough, before he settled down.

"Dean, are you okay? You don't sound good" Sam asked from his bed.

"I'm fine Sammy lets get some sleep, dad will be back tomorrow" Dean said with a little bit of hope. John said he was coming back tomorrow but that sometimes didn't happen instead three or four days later he would return, explaining what had happened making sure everything was okay. Dean fell into a extremely light sleep.

Dean woke, automatically knowing John wasn't home. It was morning and the headache seemed to have gotten worse, every time he moved he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He even felt sick, not like he usually did when he got sick. Sam ran into the room, holding his toy airplane above his head.

"Hey Dean" Sam greeted Dean as he lowered the plane, Sam looked weirdly at Dean.

"What? is something wrong?" Dean asked, his voice croaky, either because he was sick or because he just woke up. Sam smiled lightly.

"You don't look good Dean, are you okay?"

"I'm fine Sammy, I'm just going to lie here for a little longer okay?" Dean said, resting his aching head on his pillow.

"Okay" Sam turned and was about to leave when he stopped to hear something that Dean had said. "What did you say Dean?"

"Be safe, don't leave the house, and try not to make too much noise please"

"Yep, I promise" Sam ran out, soon Dean could only hear Sam's footsteps as he descended the steps. Dean didn't want to move a single muscle knowing if he did, it would just make him feel worse. Dean began to feel extremely light headed, and had a pain in his stomach. He felt like he was going to throw up, he threw the blankets off of himself and ran to the bathroom. He only just made it to the toilet when he vomited, he could feel last nights dinner coming up. He stayed next to the toilet, his head in his hands the room was spinning. He wanted, needed sleep, it felt like it was killing him. Although he had to admit, facing a Wendingo was worse then this. In the end, Dean ending up curling into a ball, and falling asleep in the bathroom. Too weak and sick to do anything else.

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