-1It was Dean's funeral today, John didn't want to watch this but inside he knew he had no other choice. No matter how painful, he looked away for a moment and looked down at little Sammy.

Tears were streaming down his face, he might've been young but Sam knew what was going on. He was holding onto John's shorts, while rubbing his eyes with his free hand. Bobby stood almost as still as a statue, he wasn't wearing black though, in fact only few did, John and little Sammy didn't wear black either.

Sam looked up and around at people who he didn't even know, well he might've but he's young and probably couldn't even remember half of them.

John was glad once it all over, though now everyone that came was going to say how sorry they were. John remembered it too well from when he lost Mary, he never wanted to go through it again. Though he was now.

As John was talking to a few of his old mates, Sam wondered off by himself, feeling a tiny need to explore the place. Sam walked outside into the overcast weather that hanged overhead. Sam stared at people who was staring at him for being there.

Sam didn't really know what he could do, he was bored, but for a six year old it wasn't that hard to get bored. If Dean was there however, he would've been keeping Sam entertained…somehow. Then again if Dean was there, then they wouldn't need to be there at all.

Sam jumped slight, seeing a shadow in the bushy area on the outskirts of the small graveyard. Sam slowly approached the area, where he saw the shadow that seemed to be simply standing there, wanting Sam to go over there.

Sam quickly glanced around and began walking towards the shadow, hoping that it was Dean. Sam began running/stumbling towards the shadow, tears running down his face. When he got there to where the shadow was, it had now disappeared.

"Dean?" Little Sammy called out, looking everywhere, suddenly he saw the shadow again a bit further into the bush area. Sam glanced around and began yet again walking towards the shadow, once he reached the shadow he realised that it was the demon he had made the deal with.

He stumbled backwards and fell to the ground, more tears springing from his eyes. He stood and half cried half yelled.

"Leave me alone!" Sam shouted. "Dad!" He screamed, wanting his father to come and help him.

"Be quite" It commanded. Sam shrank back, afraid of this thing; knowing it was the cause…well partly for Dean's death. In fact it was it's fault because he nearly killed Sam himself.

Sam was shaking, mainly with fear, but a cool breeze was now coming Sam's way. John ran outside praying for Sam to be alright, as soon as he heard Sam's cry for help John knew that Sammy was in trouble.


"Daddy!" John was followed by his two best mates and hunters, Jim and Bobby. They ran through the bush and saw Sam standing only a foot or so away from the demon. John ran for Sam reaching his gun and shooting at it.

It got hit twice, and it shivered and disappeared, John picked up Sam and hugged him tight. Tears falling down John's face; Tears of worry and everything else.

"It's okay Sammy, it's gone" John was shaking, holding Sam tight was the only thing he could do. He didn't want to lose another son, Dean meant the world to little Sammy and John but he was gone.

Dean had meant everything, he always looked after the family, he might've been young but he protected Sam when John couldn't; he did everything that had always been asked of him…and more.

Jim and Bobby were watching with sad eyes, they knew that the Winchester family had been through more then a lot of families, now with only two Winchesters left; it was amazing how strong John was being. Even little Sammy was acting brave, something Dean would've been proud of.

John carried Sam back inside, Sam crying more then before; his breaths were short and uneven, and even so Sam wished that he had Dean back. But at least that demon wasn't going to hurt anyone else, John wasn't even sure what that demon was, and at the moment he didn't care. So long as Sam was safe.

"Sammy, are you okay?" John asked, once they were back inside. Sam nodded and rubbed his eyes.

"I want Dean" Sam said in a small voice, looking up at John. John smiled slightly and bent down to Sam's level.

"I know Sammy, but…it's just you and me now. I want Dean too, but he's not coming back" Sam nodded and ran into John's open arms.

"I love you Daddy, you wont leave me. Will you?" Sam's voice became small again.

" I love you too, I'll never leave you Sam, promise" John said, a few people were watching them and some even started to feel tears coming on. Yep, it was just the two Winchesters from now on in. Dean was always going to be with them always, no matter what happened.

After everyone else left, Sam and John walked back to Dean's grave, Sam was squeezing John's hand. They looked down at the gravestone, which had written; Dean Winchester, loyal son and awesome brother. It had his birth date and his death and down the bottom it had written. Even when your gone, you still me the world to us.

Sam and John stood there for awhile, John picked Sam up and held him for awhile. When Sam fell asleep in John's arms, John decided that they should leave.

"Goodbye Dean, I'll miss you" John walked to the Impala and slid Sam down, placing the seatbelt around him. John sat in the driver seat of the Impala and drove off, he knew that Dean would never be forgotten, nor would he ever be left behind.

Note: I have put up a sequel for this, it's called Demon's outside, If any one was wondering. Any ways, hope you enjoyed this.