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Chapter summary: This is my second OC story (though I wrote this chapter before I ever even thought up the Soraoi story), the main character is my original character: Itsu… I wasn't going to start posting this story until I finished Soraoi, but I decided to post the first chapter as a birthday gift to myself… Happy birthday me… lol… Anyway, This first chapter is about Sasuke's return. I hope you like it…


A cloaked figure quickly leapt through the trees, hoping desperately to make it in time to the village buried deep in the unconscious boy's mind. They had been running for two days now, and the boy's condition had not improved. Meanwhile, the other was beginning to grow increasingly tried and weak from hunger.

The young boy had been injured in battle; thankfully the other was well trained in medical jutsu, and was thus able to stabilize the boy for the time being. The talented medic-nin was also skilled in genjutsu, and had peered into the mind of the boy, finding the name of a hidden village, and faces of friends and family. It was a place the medic-nin knew, and recognizable faces; but a place long since forgotten by the tired ninja.

The two lone figures raced through the trees nearing the village gates.

Will I make it? The exhausted ninja wondered, I'm reaching the limit of my chakra.


::elsewhere in the same forest:::

Returning from another successful mission, four figures rapidly raced through the trees outside of Konoha.

"WHAT A WONDERFUL DISPLAY OF YOUTHFULNESS." shouted an overly enthusiastic jonin clad in green spandex.

His three former students, turned teammates followed behind their smiling leader, two of them wishing desperately to make it out of the forest and into the village to get away for their insane sensei, and his equally overly enthusiastic mini-me.

"We're almost near the village!" Tenten exclaimed.

"Hn" replied Neji, though on the inside he was very glad to be getting home after such a long mission. It's not that he didn't like his teammates, on the contrary, he considered them his closest and dearest friends, but spending two weeks with Gai and Lee was just too much for even the great Hyuga prodigy to handle.

Without warning, Neji abruptly stopped in his tracks. Tenten was the first to notice, having been right behind him the whole time. Lee and Gai quickly noticed their two comrades were no longer following.

"What is it?" asked Gai, directing his questions towards the Hyuga "Do you see something?"

"Hai!" Neji replied. He signaled towards an area in the forest no more than 100 yards to the southeast of them.

The three shinobi and kunoichi quietly surrounded the mysterious figures lying on the forest floor. They didn't look dangerous in their current condition, but it was always wise to approach unknown characters with caution.

A surprised gasp escaped Tenten's lips, as Neji and Gai flipped the two figures over.

"Sasuke-kun" Lee uncharacteristically whispered in shock.

"I can't believe this." Tenten added, in awe. "All this time, we've been searching for him, and he shows up here out of the blue?"

"I don't understand." A confused Lee stated.

"Hn." Neji replied, equally as confused as his two teammates.

Why had Sasuke returned? And who was this woman that had apparently been carrying him this far? So many questions floated in Neji's head, however there was no time for that. Even without his Byakugan activated, Neji could tell that the two needed to get to a hospital, and fast. The Uchiha's normally fair completion was paler than Neji remembered.

"They need medical attention." Tenten said, reading Neji's mind.

"Hn." Neji agreed.

"She looks familiar…" Gai finally spoke; his words attracting the attention of his three younger comrades.

"WHO IS SHE GAI-SENSEI?" asked Lee, regaining his youthful enthusiasm once more.

"I… do not know." replied Gai.

Figures, thought Tenten, he's horrible with faces. She could just as easily be his sister and he wouldn't remember. Then again, she's much too pretty to be Gai-sensei's sister.

Tenten quickly looked the young woman over. She looked to be taller than the average female, though not freakishly so. Tenten figured the woman was probably around Yuhi Kurenai's height, maybe taller. Her face was a creaming ivory, though in her currently condition it appeared sickly pale. Her hair was messily tied up and mostly hidden beneath the hood of her cloak, but Tenten could spot dirty silver strands peeking out from under the cloak. For a moment, she thought the woman was older, but upon seeing her smooth young face, Tenten calculated her age at about early twenties.

"We should get them to the village immediately." Gai-sensei decided, quickly picking up Sasuke as Neji picked up the woman.

Quickly, the four made their way to the village, splitting up upon arrival, as Neji and Gai took the two they had found to Konoha Hospital and Tenten went to report to the Hokage. Meanwhile, Lee took it upon himself to inform all of Konoha of Sasuke's return, against protests from the rest of his team. They tried to convince Lee that it might not be a good idea to tell anyone until the hokage decided it so. However, there was no stopping Lee, he felt it in his heart that at least Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi should know, as well as Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji, who had been part of the first group to try and bring Sasuke back.


A/N: I know; it's kind of VERY short, but I just wanted to get the first chapter down. There will be a second one soon enough.