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Chapter summary: The second alternate ending

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"They look happy don't they?" Jiraiya stated as he and Tsunade sat in the finished garden watching Kakashi and Itsu playing with their two month old daughter.

Sasuke was helping Obito learn a new trick with his sharingan, while Naruto and Sakura were trying not to burn each other one the grill. It had started as a small gathering to celebrate Obito's promotion to jonin, and had somehow become a huge party. Genma and Gai had come, bringing along Gai's team. Kurenai and Asuma had also come, bringing their respective teams as well. Shizune and Anko, even the Hokage herself, had all shown up to congratulate Obito.

"They really do." Tsunade agreed.

"I always did like Kakashi." Jiraiya mused.

"Oh? I don't remember that." Tsunade replied with a knowing smirk.


"Keep away from my daughter!" Jiraiya shouted after the silver haired jonin, who had just dropped Itsu off at her father's house.

He had found the young couple saying goodnight on the door step and had immediately begun throwing the first thing his hand could reach, which in this case was his brand new Icha Icha Paradise novel.

----------End of FLASHBACK----------

"Well after that I thought he was a good kid." Jiraiya smirked, "after all, he can't be all bad if he likes my books."



Kakashi shot straight up in bed. He had just had the weirdest dream in his life. As he glanced over to the clock on his night stand he realized it was long past time to head out to meet his students.

"Agh, remind me to never read before bed." He groaned.

Next to him on his small twin size bed was the brand new copy of Icha Icha Drama, the latest edition to Jiraiya's Icha Icha series.

"All I needed was an evil twin brother to complete the story." Kakashi grinned as he looked down at the blue book.

He quickly got dressed in his usual jonin attire and then put his famous mask on, before once more checking the time.

"Only half an hour late, I could stop by for some breakfast." He reasoned, "I wonder what I should use this time? Already did the one about the black cat, and being lost on the road of life… huh…" he pondered as he left to join his team at their training grounds. But not before a little stop over for breakfast, and then a few minutes at Konoha's memorial site.


A/N: okay… that little Jiraya overprotective dad scene didn't pan out as well as I thought… but… at least I sort of got it out of my system… anyway… for those of you who didn't understand it… this alternate ending is, like the last one, none of the story actually happened, it was all just a dream of Kakashi's, only this time it was inspired by the latest edition in Jiraiya's Icha Icha series.

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