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Tatsuki Miyabe stood in a large chrome sheik office next to an older short cut dark haired woman who introduced herself as M.O.M. She had icy blue eyes that stared intently toward the sliding door in anticipation. Tatsuki watched the door with more unease, today was the day that the medium would meet the group of Center agents that where hired to keep the shrine keeper protected. The door slid open, and Tatsuki came in contact with a bickering couple.

"I'm telling you Diana! Amazing Priestess Ryoko Kagami is the best comic series to come out of Japan!" a spiky blonde haired boy said to the long brown haired girl next him. Tatsuki raised an eyebrow, the medium had heard of the series, not surprising considering the short dark haired teen was from Japan.

"I already told you Martin, that series is nothing but smut, it's totally disgusting." The brown haired girl snapped at her blonde haired friend. Tatsuki sweat dropped, oh yeah, now it was familiar, they were talking about the recently serialized 'Subarashii Miko no Kagami Ryoko' It had been pretty popular among high school boys and few girls back in Japan.

"Agent Mystery! Agent Lombard! Java," the black haired woman called out in a stern voice, obviously fed up with the two agent's topic of conversation. The blonde boy grinned broadly at the woman and ran up to her desk, Tatsuki gained dots for eyes and sweat dropped at the agent's speed.

"So M.O.M. what kind of mission do we got today; is it saving the world from vicious cucumber and flesh eating turtles from outer space?!" he said at almost lightning speed, Tatsuki once again sweat dropped.

M.O.M. raised an eyebrow at the agent, "Nothing quite so trivial, Agent Mystery, but just as important I assure you." She said calmly and gestured to Tatsuki, "This is Tatsuki Miyabe, your assignment is to make sure nothi—"

"Aww, a simple protection assignment?" the blonde whined loudly.

Diana Lombard gave the new face a careful once over, Tatsuki appeared to be male, kinda cute, he'd probably be cuter without the glasses that covered his reddish brown eyes; short black hair fell messily around his roundish face. He wore baggy clothes, but judging from the size of his visible arms he was quite thin. The teenage girl smiled sweetly and approached the boy, "Hello there, I'm Diana Lombard, please ignore my dopey step-brother over there, and this is Java." She said, holding out her hand in gesture of hello. Java waving with a goofy grin on his own features.

Tatsuki took her hand and shook it, smiling just as pleasantly, "The pleasure is mine, Miss Lombard, Mister Java; please call me Taki. (For your convenience.)" Diana nearly squee-ed at Tatsuki's politeness, it was such a change from the usual behavior of Martin's that she was used to.

Said blonde boy appeared out of nowhere, towering over Tatsuki and glowering down at him, "So what are you on the run from? We need to know so we can --!" Diana struck her brother over the head.

"Martin! You don't have to be so rude."

"It's alright, to be honest, it was my guardian who sought the Center out, I'm not quite sure"

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!" Tatsuki covered his ears, Diana looked extremely annoyed.

"Martin!" she shrieked, she turned around a smiled like she had totally hadn't been a banshee three seconds before; Tatsuki sweat dropped again. "It's alright, Taki if you don't know."

"It is not!"

"Never mind that agents, Tatsuki's guardian did inform me about the enemy."


- The Red Monarch-


Tatsuki stood outside the expansive campus of Torrington Academy, "Sugoi yo!" His reddish brown eyes widened in amazement. "Koko wa kimi-tachi no kousha ka?" Diana snickered at the tone of Tatsuki's voice, he sounded pretty impressed.

"Okay, first order of business!" Martin took hold of Tatsuki's shoulders and began to shake him rapidly, "SPEAK ENGLISH!!! (or French, we ARE in Quebec!)"


"Yes, Yes! I understand! I'll speak in English! Just. Stop. SHAKING ME!!!"


Tatsuki stood at the front of the class, the medium hated this part of being a new student, the part where you have to introduce and potentially embarrass yourself in front of thirty or so strange people. Tatsuki sighed and looked for either the familiar face of Diana or Martin. (He knew that Java worked at the school as a cook and janitor.) Finding neither he sighed, it would be a long day.

The last of the students walked in and like the others before them, most of them raised an eyebrow at the sight of him; others had…many different reactions.

"Is that a new student?" he heard one girl whisper to her friend.

"He must be, I've never seen him on campus before! Kinda nerdy by the look of him…"

"I think he's cute!"

Tatsuki sighed irritably, he was really beginning to hate this day.

-- (Because I'm lazy.)

Class was over for the time being, Tatsuki roamed through the halls trying to locate the locker that Principal Pebbleton showed him to, many lockers passed and numbers went by, he swore he was lost. So wrapped up in his own world Tatsuki neglected to notice the sound of two female voices coming closer; that is till he collided with one of them. Both parties fell to the floor, Tatsuki lost his glasses in the process; he heard the lenses crack and he winced, so much for seeing clearly that day. "I-I'm so sorry, are you alright?!" Tatsuki stuttered.

"Martin you—you're definitely not him." The feminine voice said, Tatsuki quickly removed himself from the girl, all he saw of her was flared auburn blur that must of be her hair, and nice, preppy clothes, which were also blurred.

"Taki are you alright?" He heard Diana from beside him, the other girl must have faced Diana.

"Taki? Diana you know this guy??"

Tatsuki looked over to where he heard Diana's voice come from, "Miss Lombard, I'm glad to see you!" Tatsuki paused awkwardly, "Well, if I could see you with out my glasses that is."

Diana blushed a pretty shade of pink; she had been right about Tatsuki being much cuter without his glasses on to cover his brown eyes.

"Hello! I'm still here" Tatsuki's eyes widened and he scrambled to get the girl's strewn books off the ground (as best he could).

"L-let me help you!" the auburn haired girl tapped a finger on her chin.

"Hey, Diana…"

"Yeah, Jenni?"

"I think 'Taki' has potential, why don't you go to the nurse's office to get some contacts for him, I want to help him improve his look." 'Jenni' said Diana straightened considerably,

"Ye-yeah!" and thus Diana left poor Taki alone with 'Jenni'. Tatsuki sat there gaping at the girl he had only ran into a few minutes ago, if he could see her, he probably would have sweat dropped at the look on her face.

"Jenni!" Called the o-so-familiar voice of Martin Mystery, Jenni cringed.

"There's just no escaping him is there??" she muttered lowly. Tatsuki raised an eyebrow as the girl hid behind him.


"Call me Jenni."

"Miss Jenni, I don't believe hiding behind me will help you…" Tatsuki could barely see the yellow, red and brown blur that was Martin speeding toward them, as you the reader probably guessed, poor Taki could not see the evident jealousy in Martin's stare that was caused by the sight of his current crush clinging to Tatsuki.

"WHY are you on the floor?!" his voice raised an octave causing Jenni to cringe, Taki just looked up at the blur, unable to see his face.

"I fell." Taki stated the obvious.

"I can see that." Martin snapped at Taki, Jenni stood and placed her hands on her hips.

"Jeez, if you MUST know, Me and Diana—" Jenni was interrupted by the sound of Diana confirming that she had the contacts, Martin stood there confused as the two girls madly dashed away from him with a reluctant Tatsuki being dragged away behind them. Shards of glass caught his attention, which lead him to the sight of Tatsuki's broken glasses littering the floor.


Jenni had made a very quick drive to pick up some fashionable boys clothes from a nearby store, and picked up some very wicked looking earrings for herself and Diana (whom she had called to ask if she wanted some). Jenni was silently thanking her lucky stars that the lunch break was longer then at most other schools, there were after all, more students at Torrington then others, but it also helped to be on the principal's good side from time to time.

As Jenni risked getting in trouble for the sake of a boy who had potential as a 'hottie', Diana gave said potential boy's hair a tiny trim, making the uneven lengths of hair in the back short and neat, while the ones in the front stayed where they were, the longest strands brushing his chin and becoming shorter as they reached the center of his forehead. 'It looks like it was cut in hurry; could Taki have just recently cut it from its previous length?' Diana thought as she imagined Tatsuki with much longer hair, she was brought out of her fantasy world when she accidentally cut her finger on the blade of the scissors (they weren't kiddy scissors after all). She winced as blood pooled at the top of the cut. At that moment she noticed Taki tense up and his face went stark white, it was only a little blood and she wasn't going to die from a small cut like that so why… it then struck her, Tatsuki must have been hemaphobic. "Excuse me." Diana politely excused herself to go get a bandage for the cut, hoping it would make Taki feel better.

When Diana left Tatsuki hung his head, "After so long," he murmured, the vivid images from his passed resurfacing for brief moments, "the sight of blood still reminds me of you, dear brother." Tatsuki brought his face up to the mirror, the medium had to admit, the image in the mirror looked male, and the fact that Diana didn't do half bad with the trim surprised him. Tatsuki willed himself to snicker, perhaps this disguise would be better then the idea Tatsuki's guardian had thought of. The smile dropped from his lips and he frowned again, Taki let out a long sigh, If I were back home, I could at least have the company of an old ghost friend, here I'm just… he abandoned that train of thought, he would make friends here, he was determined to do so, even if the medium had to pretend to be something he wasn't.

"I'm back!" Taki heard Diana's friend Jenni call, "Diana where are you?" she asked, Taki turned slightly in the chair Diana had made him sit in to cut his hair.

"She accidentally cut herself, so she went to get a bandage, Miss Jenni." The dark haired medium said, from behind Jenni he noticed a flash of blonde hair duck away behind a trash can, Taki sighed, that Martin Mystery followed this Jenni girl around like a lost (and slightly jealous) puppy.

Jenni shrugged off Taki's explanation, "Well, put these on, I risked my neck getting them for so let's hope they fit." She tossed a bag of clothes to Taki.

"Oh, okay." Tatsuki said eyeing the clothes in the bag.


Diana looked at her bandaged finger, I wonder if there's a reason behind Taki's fear of blood she thought, after all, there's a reason for everything, and if he's under the protection of the Center that usually means he has an unusual background. She was once again beginning to become lost in a sea of her own thoughts, I bet his fear of blood has something to do with why he's seeking help from the Center. From the corner of her eye she noticed something that made her eyebrow twitch, "Martin Mystery what is it you're doing?!" she said in a low scathing voice. Her step-brother was more or less trying to inconspicuously hide behind a trashcan and spy on what she, Jenni, and Taki were doing.

"Shh, Di, I'm trying to see what Taki is doing to Jenni." His brown eyes were narrowed in way that made Diana muse about him being jealous of Taki, Taki was after all, far more kinder and tolerable then her step-brother. Unfortunately, she had accidentally let her thoughts slip passed her tongue and another argument between her brother and herself broke out.

Taki sweat dropped when he heard the familiar sound of his two 'protectors' bickering again, like so many siblings often do. A gentle sigh of sadness passed through Taki's lips, the medium missed his own brother and the way things used to be for a brief moment. He examined the image of the boy Tatsuki in the mirror, the clothes were baggy, but he had assured Jenni that he preferred the baggy-ness of them, which made her sigh in relief. He was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt with the name of what he assumed to be Jenni's favorite musical group written on the front in white lettering. He now realized how red his eyes looked when he wore a lot of black; an involuntary shiver ran down his spine, those red eyes made him look like a monster in human form. He exited the changing room quickly, trying to escape the glare of those glowing eyes when he heard the girl named Jenni squeal, for a moment he was glad he had contacts in or else he wouldn't have seen Jenni standing in front of him with a blush adorning her face and her hands covering her mouth in a shocked manner. Tatsuki wrinkled his brows, was he actually good looking enough to make someone like Jenni Anderson squeal like that? Jenni took him by the wrist, "Come on!" she said in an excited tone of voice and began to drag Tatsuki out of the room she had boarded him up in. "I can hear Diana outside arguing with that brother of hers!" Upon leaving the room the arguing had seemed to stop, the two step-siblings were staring at Tatsuki with open mouths.

"Taki, you look wonderful!" Diana said in a dreamy manner, her step-brother crossed his arms and huffed, he glared at Taki through one hazel eye, a flag went off in his mind, something about Taki's slight form was off.


Tatsuki laughed in a nervous manner as he was surrounded by half the female population of Torrington, he looked over to Martin, who was for the most part, looking as though he hated the poor medium. "Taki, you look great, are you wearing colored contacts?" one blonde haired girl asked.

"Oh no, this is my natural eye color, there an off color of brown." Tatsuki replied with a sweat drop. Several girls gushed about Tatsuki's oddity much to his dismay. "Um, thank you…"

Martin scoffed and looked to his friend and the cafeteria man Java the Caveman, "I just don't get it, what makes him so great?!" Java shrugged his shoulders. Then a sweet sound came to the ears of Martin, the Center was calling him once again. "Hey, Diana!!" he called to his step-sister, who looked away from Taki with a scowl on her face, she saw her brother motioning towards his watch, her eyes widened and she tried to pull Taki away from the mob of girls.

This was were Java came in, "Look! It Orlando Bloom." He said pointing to random window and held Taki back as the mob of girls, save Diana, rushed to the window. Taki made an unnoticeable sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Java." Taki said, Java grinned but subconsciously noted how much lighter this boy was then his pal Martin; in fact, he seemed to weigh just a little less then Diana.

"Taki is welcome."

"Aw, how come he has to come?" Martin whined as they passed unnoticeably through the portal provided by the Center.


The mission was explained, and they were sent on their way, now, after some slight arguing on whether or not the 'protection assignment' should be aloud to go with them. And quote, 'It defeats the purpose of protecting him if he goes with us,' and Martin nearly won, if it wasn't for the fact the M.O.M simply didn't want to watch after Tatsuki here, and that it was still his mission, no matter where he had to go next.

So, as expected Martin was in a sour mood as the foursome examined the 'crime' scene (AKA, it looked like a cult meeting and monster summoning had tried to go down, as Martin explained in the sour tone I described earlier) "Hey, look, there's something over here." Diana said and struggled in vain to push a large fallen piece of the ceiling away from the wall, trying to be helpful Tatsuki went to attempt to move the debris away with Diana, however when the shrine keeper moved from his place he accidentally managed to hit 'play' on a old record player that had sat gathering dust on a side table.

"You klutz!" Martin admonished, in the mean time Java effortlessly moved the problematic debris, Tatsuki ignored Martin's admonishment and was listening to the dolorous sound of Mozart's 'Lacrimosa'. He could have swore he had heard this tune before…somewhere…

"Hey, Taki, could you come over here?" Diana called to the dark haired spirit medium. Tatsuki, jogged from his fantasy world, approached Diana.

"Uh, Yeah, what do you need Miss Diana?" he asked, Diana pointed to the wall, and what appeared to be blood (which much to Taki's relief was really spray paint), was a message written in Japanese, Taki sweat dropped, so he really was useful for something on this mission.

"Let's see… Ta-iki wa somaru akaku nureta yubisaki ni habatakenu chou no namida…" Taki hummed to himself tapping a delicate finger to his chin subconsciously as he thought of away to translate the sentence. With the tune of Lacrimosa playing in the background a face was suddenly brought forth from his memory, a sinister aura radiating from glowing red eyes. Taki, in effort to dispel the image put a hand to his forehead.

"Okay, now let's try this again, in English, okay?" but Martin's word's fell on deaf ears, Diana turned to their Japanese friend, concern etched clearly in her eyes.

"Martin! Can you be any more insensitive?!" she hissed and took Taki by the shoulders, "It's okay Taki, it's just spray paint, it's not real blood…" she had apparently had thought the lapse of attention was caused by the spooky likeness the paint had to blood. Martin huffed and crossed his arms, clearly not happy with this. Diana read his actions and went immediately into telling him off, "Martin, Taki's Hemaphobic, it's understandable that he might act this way to anything that resembles…"

Martin didn't let her finish, "I don't see what Taki's fear of gay people has to do with this Diana, if he can't measure up, then we'll just have to leave him at the Center next time!" he spat

Diana glowered, "That is Homophobic, stupid, Taki is Hemaphobic, it's a fear of blood." She said in a spiteful tone. Taki, finally coming back into reality, pulled away from Diana.

"It's okay Diana, you can let go now." Taki said, with what seemed to be reluctance, Diana let her hands slide from Taki's small shoulders, I've never seen a boy with such a small shoulders Diana thought, she looked over to her step brother, Martin's shoulders are much broader, more…masculine Diana's eyes darted back to Taki, Taki's are really very…feminine.

"It says, at least roughly, 'Red soaked fingertips dye the atmosphere with fluttering butterfly tears'." Upon seeing the confused faces of 'his' comrades Taki continued, "Its lyrics from the Japanese rock song 'Shining Collection' by Mad Soldiers under the guise of a different band in an anime called Gravitation, not one of my favorite anime but it has some good music… I think Kotani Kinya sang it, I'm not sure."

"Okay…so what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" Martin asked scratching the top of his head.

"That's what we have to find out, combined with Mozart's Lacrimosa, this reeks of Sousuke though." Taki said going back into 'his' world again the medium thought to himself but isn't Sousuke locked on the other side? This has to be the doing of his followers.

"It seems you've already figured it out, Taki." Taki blinked at Diana, with confusion written across 'his' face.

"Oh, no, not even remotely!" Taki said, Or so I hope… , "Doesn't M.O.M have another place she wants us to check out?" 'he' asked.

Diana blinked, "Well, yeah…"

On the way out Martin walked up beside Taki, "So… what is the price of tea in China?" he asked, Taki sweat dropped.

"$1.15, I think."


The next place was an even bigger mess, dark pigmented sand littered the floor in a strange pattern, furniture was strewn all over the place and candles covered every inch of the room. Something moved, and Diana and Taki jumped, they saw a figure sprint trying to escape the room. "Oh, no you don't!" Martin shouted as he instinctively activated the U-watch.

"U-watch activated; X-Rod selected." The voice from the watch said, the rod materialized and Martin grabbed it and aimed it at the figure, suddenly the rod fired a net and engulfed the figure. The foursome ran to the figure, it appeared to be a balding impish male with beady black eyes and nastily pale skin, "Hanase! Hanase!" he said in a grating voice. Tatsuki's eyes narrowed.

"Anata no namae ka?" he said roughly in a tone so cold the three Center agents backed away from the glowing red eyes. The little imp man's beady eyes widened in shock at the figure that spoke so coldly to him now.

"Sou-Sousuke-sama?!" The imp man said in astonishment, Tatsuki's eyes narrowed further, so Sousuke's followers were up to and behind what was going on here. "Koumajutsu…koumajutsu ga …shouri ka?" he sputtered.

Tatsuki calmed himself and turned to the Center agents, "Unfortunately, I think I know what's going on." He said with no emotion in his voice. "We can go." He said.

"I guess it would be best to question this guy at the Center anyway." Martin muttered, still a little shocked that Taki could sound so cold, the same went for Diana and Java, the sound of his cold angered voice haunted their memory and reminded them, Try not to make this guy angry.

Taki turned the imp man and stated clearly in his own language, "I am NOT Sousuke."


Tatsuki faced M.O.M on his own; she seemed upset, but probably only because of the news: A radical group was trying to bring Sousuke Miyabe back from the other side. Other side being the word preferred as to the Spirit Realm. "I suppose we should be glad the demon summons didn't work." She sighed, though the fact that any human would try and bring back a monster like Miyabe to the human world left her with a bad taste in her mouth. "We'd have an even bigger problem then Sousuke if it had."

Tatsuki looked down into his lap then back up to the older woman, "What if Sousuke's followers actually succeed? What if they set him free?" his voice was weak, suggesting that he held little hope for the future if such a thing were to happen. Tatsuki's eyes darkened, if Sousuke was set free, the death rate would sky rocket, he shivered; the city would be drenched in blood.

Martin and Diana walked through the sliding doors, Diana sullen and her step brother surly. "It's no use M.O.M; we can't understand a thing that guy says." Martin said bitterly. M.O.M nodded her understanding.

"It's alright, Tatsuki here told me everything that man said last night." M.O.M stated as she wrote things down on the touch screen clipboard with her stylist.

Martin growled, "but is that enough to go on?!" Even Diana flinched at the tone of his voice; it was obvious that Martin still didn't like Taki very well.

Taki turned his darkened gaze to Martin, "Enough to know their planning to bring back my accursed brother from the Spirit Realm." Diana looked shocked at the news.

"Your brother?" Diana asked, "I didn't know you had a brother Taki." She stated, automatically picturing what Taki's brother must have looked like. Taki nodded grimly at her acknowledgement of the fact.


Tatsuki woke up in his dorm room the next day, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he begrudgingly got out of the bed and went to his closet and pulled out a large red t-shirt and some baggy black cargo pants. As he had just zipped up his pants he heard a knock at his door. "Coming!" he said sauntering to the door, the knock resounded again, "I'm hurrying!" he opened the door upon seeing who it was he sighed contently and leaned on the door frame. "Hello." He nearly slurred in his just awoken state, it was only Diana and Martin and Java. Martin of course looked like he wanted to be anywhere but at Taki's dorm room door.

"Hi, Taki, you uh, wanna come with us and do something, um, fun?" Diana asked with a light embarrassed flushed gracing her cheeks. Taki smiled sweetly at the two that seemed excited to have Taki around.

"I'd like that." He said I've never had living friends before, back home they were all ghosts Taki thought; I usually had to help them cross over, too. He blinked when they just stood there, "Let me get my shoes…"


Tatsuki held some of Diana's shopping bags while poor Martin had to carry the rest, "You know Diana, when most guys say they're going to have some fun it usually implies an arcade, or something to do with sports, but it never ever implies shopping." Taki let out a small giggle at the immense disdain Martin had for the word 'shopping'.

"Whatever, Martin." Diana said offhandedly, she gained stars in her eyes and 'oohed' as she wandered into another clothing store.

"I think there's an arcade near here." Taki said trying to be helpful, and hoping to get on Martin's good side. Martin looked over the stuff in his arms and mock glared at the dark haired medium.

"Are you suggesting," he began, "that I just abandon my little sister here in the clothing store," Taki just blinked, "and go totally have fun in some awesome arcade?" Tatsuki just nodded numbly. Martin lost the mock anger in his voice and grinned, "Great! But your coming with me!" the blonde boy grinned evilly and threw all of his bags to Java, who caught them with ease, Martin took the bags that were in Taki's hands and tossed them also to his caveman friend, "You can handle these right Java? Thanks! See ya later!" Martin said in a rush; grabbing hold of Taki's hand he sprinted toward the arcade leaving the caveman behind.

Taki looked back at Java who was simple waving goodbye to them, Taki felt bad about leaving the poor man alone to carry all those shopping bags, but…Taki looked at the smiling like an idiot blonde boy dragging him along to the arcade Martin's larger hand fully incasing Taki's smaller one save for the slender digits that poked out. "Uhm, Martin, is it really okay to leave Java back there with all the bags?" Taki asked in an unsure manner, Martin didn't look back to see Taki's flushed face, he just continued to drag the spirit medium along.

"Don't worry about it, Java can totally handle Diana's shopping obsession and cover our butts." Martin reassured the black haired one. The glowing lights in the darkened room beckoned to all that stood outside it's doors. Neither boy felt any remorse any longer if at all. "This…is AWESOME!" Martin shouted and before Taki could blink the blonde boy was gone, lost in the sea of video game junkies.

"Martin?" Taki wandered through the strange arcade full of unrecognizable people looking for his blonde 'protector'. "Martin!" the shrine keeper hissed as he pushed through the crowds of people. Taki sighed after not finding him for several minutes and went to enjoy himself.


Diana came out of the clothing store with several new bags in tow, when she exited she only came in contact with one of her bag carriers. "Java…Where is Martin and Taki?" she asked.

"Uh…" the caveman's eyes darted from side to side, he was a horrible liar, "I no know." He grinned. Diana tapped her foot irritably on the floor.

"Java… Martin went to the arcade didn't he? And he dragged Taki along with him, right?" Diana's temper was steadily getting hotter, how dare that step-brother of hers leave with Taki to go play video games and leave Java to handle all her bags!! Java didn't say anything, just sweat dropped as Diana saw right through deception. "Come on, Java, we're going to drag their butts back here!"

"Diana mad…"


Taki didn't know how long he had been playing video games; once he had gotten into one he had hardly acknowledged that anyone else was surrounding him, not even when Martin had exclaimed that he found him, or when the blonde said that he was taking him on. Everything just happened, that's why he didn't see Diana in enough time to warn her step-brother that she was coming, however when her shrill voice resounded through their ears they jumped three feet in the air. "Di-Diana!" Taki and Martin stuttered together.

"What do you think you're doing?!" That angered voice raised another notch on the volume scale. Martin and Taki covered their ears.

"Oh, come on Diana, shopping is boring! Do you really blame us!?" Martin said in a whiny voice which only served to make the younger step-sibling angrier. Before she could get any words passed her lips the ground began to rumble and shake. "An earthquake?!"

"Martin, you don't think this has something to do with my brother do you." The youngest Miyabe asked, thoughts instantly turning morbid. The earth shook again, this time breaking the floor beneath them; mall goers could be heard screaming wildly trying to leave the mall.

"Heh, I doubt that's possible Taki." Diana said as she held onto the nearest stable object. Martin rolled his eyes.

"You say that so often, Diana, and yet-"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Martin Mystery." Diana spat.


Several men in black hakama and gi stood around a summoning circle, one threw down his candle bra, "This is the THIRD time this summoning didn't work!" the man snarled. One of the more timid of their secret organization spoke up,

"D-do you think i-it may have something to do with Ta-Tatsuki Mi-Miyabe, do you?" the timid member of the cult. The short tempered member, named Hiro turned to face the timid member, Arashi.

"And what would the lord's weak little sister have to do with our inability to summon the master?!" Hiro sneered at Arashi. Arashi flinched back from the intimidating man. "Well, Arashi?!" he growled.

"W-well, I-I-I was just th-thinking that since her sp-spir-spiritual pressure is pre-present i-it might be having an effect on the sum-sum-summoning." Arashi sputtered. Hiro put a finger to his chin in thought.

"Hmm, what you say makes some sense…" Hiro began, a light shined in Arashi's eyes perhaps he was getting praised? "However, not very plausible." Arashi's face fell; he knew it was too good to be true. "But just to be safe…let's pay a little visit to the youngest Miyabe." Hiro grinned maliciously. "Where is Takakura? I want him on this."


It was just like before, the sun was setting, and the sky was filled with orange, red, and yellow hues, red monarch butterflies lifted with the screams up into the heavens as everyone but the two youngest children of the Miyabe family were murdered. One was laughing sadistically, covered in the blood of his family members, the other one, a girl, was on the ground and shaking tremendously, unable to move, and also covered in blood. The brother looked down at his little sister, his lips pulled into a sadistic toothy grin and his eyes glowing as red as the blood that covered him…

Taki! Someone called, Taki! Wake up Taki!

Red-brown eyes shot open and lifted up in the bed, startling those in the room. Taki was still quivering, the nightmare still vivid in his mind. "Taki, are you okay? Your shaking!" Taki could barely hear Diana speaking. There's so much blood… he could still see it covering the very tips of his fingers dripping slowly onto the sheets below. Taki's breathing became ragged and his shaking became worse, "Taki!"

"Hey, Diana, it's Sunday, maybe Taki wants to sleep in?" Martin stated as he walked into the open doorway.

"Martin, this is serious! Something's wrong!"


"Well, It took some time but-" The school nurse didn't get to finish her sentence,

"Taki's gunna be okay, right?" two member's of the trio of Center agents were surprised to find that it was Martin that asked if the dark haired teen was alright.

"Yes, yes, 'Taki' is going to be fine, Mr. Mystery." The nurse chuckled at his overzealous nature; the boy was acting as though the girl, 'Taki' were dying, though she stopped laughing just as quickly as she started, "I assume all of you know that 'Taki' is Hemaphobic?" Martin was about to say something but Diana cut him off.

"Fear of blood, Martin, not homosexuals."

The nurse coughed, not understanding where that statement had come from, "Anyway, Ms. Miyabe will be fine-"

"Wa-wait a minute, Ms. Miyabe?!"

The nurse blinked, "Yes that is what I said…" the older woman said, "Tatsuki Miyabe is a girl, didn't you know?" the nurse asked, she was answered with the red faces of some embarrassed teenage agents.


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