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Characters that are mine are Colin Price, Algernon D'évreux, Proteus Richard, the Miyabes', Arashi Komatsuzaki, Takumi Yamada, Takakura, and Hiro (Is that everybody? Ah… one of these (my) characters needs to die…)

-The Red Monarch-

Someone is knocking at the Door…don't tell me the time has already arrived for me to return to the living side…no…it's too early…what is Algernon thinking? Sousuke peered into the grey haze of the Spirit Realm; it was mostly nothing-ness, save for dark, constantly damp grass and a cherry blossom tree. He never saw any other beings, he had thought he might have run into someone by now…but this of course could be because he was not actually dead.

Sousuke scoffed, Algernon did not make those kinds of foolish mistakes. The knocking was probably just some dumb brat messing with an Ouija board.

"Let me guess," Dr. Richard said, "you think that if you bring at least me in, they'll accept you back?" he laughed, "I'm sorry my dear, but I'm not enough to absolve your sins."

Octavia Paine smirked maliciously, "That's why I'm taking D'évreux down, too." She glared nastily at the elderly scientist in front of her, "You bastards ruined my life, and now…I'm going to pay you back." Dr. Richard yawned at her statement, shrugging the threat off as if it were an everyday occurrence.

"Dear, you chose to side with us," he said bluntly, "We didn't force you, and it isn't really fair that you blame us for your stupid mistakes," Octavia grabbed Dr. Richard by the tie, forcing him closer to the barrel of the gun.

"Seeing as I am not particularly in a good mood, and do have a gun in my hand pointed at your heart, I suggest you keep your obnoxious statements to yourself." Octavia sneered. Dr. Richard sighed, "Fine…but you know, instead of trying to get back into Center, you could destroy it instead." The doctor suggested with a roll of his shoulders, "Just sayin'."

Octavia raised an eyebrow "Destroy it? How, the Center has the best defense technology in the world," Dr. Richard seemed to be in agreement. "And…" Octavia continued with an annoyed tone of voice, "the only way I can see to destroy it anyway would be from the inside out."

"Oh, Miss, it is still 'miss' isn't it?" Octavia growled, "Octavia, how little faith you have in the man who created those systems."

"Paine, How wonderful to see you again!" A new voice chimed from the doorway, Octavia turned to see the smirking long blonde haired man behind her.

Taki whispered in a low voice to Colin, "What can I do?" She asked of him. Colin sighed and scratched his head as he tried to think of what to do.

"You're going to have to do something Tatsuki," Colin said, "The time of sitting on the sidelines and hoping everything will just go away—that someone else will save you from your problems is going to have to end." Tatsuki bit her lip, something like 'I know'.

Tatsuki turned back to see Martin, Diana, Java, Billy, and M.O.M apparently brooding over the news, also trying to think of some plan of action. Tatsuki had known the probability of her coming back and wrecking havoc on the Center for past crimes was ultimately inevitable. But it isn't their fault, O-nii-sama; it was the former Center superior… Tatsuki sighed and turned back to Colin, the older man with a rare look of maturity on his face, "Do they- Martin, Diana, Java- Do they know about the events 10 years ago? Did you put that in the Legendex?"

Colin shuffled slightly, "…That…isn't the kind of knowledge we give to just any agents, the Center's more controversial past…is on a need to know basis…" Tatsuki glared at her surrogate father, "I would consider this a need to know basis." She said, "They need to know why my brother hates the Center so much."

"I can't tell them the whole story, you know that." Colin sighed, "but I can tell them about Dr. D'évreux and Dr. Richard." Tatsuki nodded, as that was good enough for her. "I'll have to tell Olivia first, though, make sure its okay to give out that kind of info…" Colin rambled and once again Tatsuki was glaring at him.

Isaac stared at the strange objects in the Miyabe shrine, masks abound, one he did find of particular interest, as well as a bunch of old dusty scrolls. There has to be something in here… about a weakness of some sort… he thought as he continued to search through the many objects. Of course…it's going to be in Japanese…

Takakura listened to a phone call from Takumi Yamada with a frown, the younger man's advice on keeping Hiro from performing the ritual seemed pointless, and both of them knew Hiro was going to do so regardless of the consequences. "But, remember Takakura-san~," Takumi sang, "Hiro is expendable." Takakura nodded his eyes trained on the pistol adjacent from him.

Martin blinked at the news, "So…the Center's old boss…"

"Was a tyrant, yes." MOM said between clenched teeth, "The details of his crimes we need not discuss, but Sousuke Miyabe was mixed up at the heart of those crimes."

Billy shivered, looking rather drained of his usual green color, "I…almost feel sorry for him…," Billy's large eyes seemed saddened and horrified, "I knew a little of the Center's controversial past…but…I didn't think it was that bad…,"

"Don't feel sorry for Sousuke," Tatsuki interrupted, "He knew the difference between right and wrong, and he chose to listen to D'évreux. He chose slaughter. He chose wrong." The smaller girl spat. Colin patted the girl on the back.

Diana seemed quiet, what was she supposed to think now? Sousuke had just been a regular kid…this Algernon guy completely perverted his thinking…not to mention Proteus Richard, "Why...?" Diana whispered, "Why were such terrible things able to happen?"

MOM sighed, "Most of us working under Algernon at that time were unaware of his crimes…"

Isaac made a frustrated noise; he couldn't find anything on the Miyabes' power; let alone a weakness, well nothing that he could read anyway. He pulled out a phone and dialed a number; he needed to get out of this shrine, it might just drive him crazy if he were to stay there any longer. "Hey, pick me up …I'm at the Miyabe Shrine in Osaka." He demanded of the other end.

Isaac hung up and peered once more at the masks.

Hiro played around with the book a little more, chanting odd phrases; practicing for the ceremony. Takakura walked into the room, a scowl on his face as he watched Hiro practiced. "You shouldn't be preparing so soon."

Hiro turned his head and snapped at his underling, "Shut up, I'm the boss here!" Takakura's eyes narrowed as he grasped for the pistol inside his yukata.

Octavia was forcefully sat in a grandiose chair in front of Algernon's desk. She growled as metal clasps fastened her to her seat. Proteus held her gun in front of himself, admiring the detail work. "Now Paine," the corner of his lips, "doesn't this remind you of the old days?" Octavia glared.

"Not really, then again, I was never the one of the agents you had to restrain." The blonde woman said. Algernon paid no attention to her statement, and neither did Proteus.

"Do you remember The Project?" Algernon asked out of the blue.

"How could I forget?" Octavia snarled, "It cost me my job."

"Oh, but you enjoyed it, I remember," Proteus interjected, "you loved going after those…what did you call them Algernon?"


"Yes, but even you had your pet monster, or whatever they are." Octavia said, as D'évreaux smirked, "but what does that have to do with now?" Algernon laughed.

Takakura bent down over the dead body of Hiro, sliding the Miyabe Book out of the corpse's hands. The scuffle that took place before, as Hiro decided to summon to early, lead to the usage of force. Takakura searched the room for the vile.

"So, you really did it didn't you Takakura?" the older man turned slightly to see Takumi smirking in the door way, "Well, hurry up, cops may be here any minute; your gun likely alerted the whole neighbourhood of our escapades." Takakura snorted at the news.

"Likely." He huffed, "Then why don't you just be useful and help me find Namie's blood, will you?"

"You lost the vile? Already?" Takumi sneered, "This is why I wanted to hang on to it." Shuffling was heard coming quickly up the stairs, "Oh, the peons are arriving…"

"Master Hiro!" a group of followers in black kimonos had rushed into the room and had been greeted with a few shots. Most of them fell to the tile floor with their life's blood spilling from their bodies.

"Wha-what are you doing, Takakura—Yamada?" the last living member choked as Takumi took her by the throat to strangle her, "You-You're supposed to be on our side!"

"After this," Takumi mused a loud as he strangled the woman, "I think we should go back to headquarters and tell D'évreux that we have full possession of his property now." Takumi dropped the body of the strangled woman, letting in crash with a sickening crunch to the ground. Takakura nodded in agreement.

Taki sighed as everyone did their best to make plans regarding the potential, nay, inevitable return of her brother. "The best we can do…I think, is to train…and hope for the best." Colin put his hand on Tatsuki's shoulder.

"Cheh, I'm not gunna let a little supernatural power beat me, I mean we've faced worse, right Diana?"

"I …don't know Martin…I mean, this is…this is definitely different…."

"Java worried…"

Tatsuki sighed, "Me too."