Third's A Charm I: I Hate You


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notations: Set during the Zuko teams up with Azula part of the anime. Not really sure where that is. Obviously, I've never watched the show much. So correct any of my errors. Anyways, this is Arcaenym's request for a multishot Zucest fanfiction. I haven't doen multi-shot in so long, I've almost forgotten what a longer than two thousand words plot is...

the pairings are: Zucest (Zuko x Azula)

--Dreamz; 7/09/2007



"Zuzu..." her voice drifted through the walls of the inn they were staying at. Not that it was a bad inn; only the finest for Fire Nation's beloved princess. Compared to all the surrounding inns with their curtain walls, this was a palace.

His eye twitched slightly, when would she ever stop calling him that? Choosing to ignore her callings, he simply turned over, trying to get back to sleep.

His attempts were unsuccessful due to the light that blanketed his once-dark room. Courtesy of his ever-thoughtful sister and her barging into other peoples' rooms at ungodly hours.

"Zuzu, it makes me so unhappy when you don't respond to my calls," she smirked sadistically while quietly closing the door.

"What do you want, Azula? It's fucking midnight!" Knowing that he probably wasn't going to get his much-needed sleep anytime soon, Zuko sat up on his bed, turning to face his younger sister. If anything, his outburst caused her smirk to widen. Not that he could see with the weak moonlight.

"Oh, it's fucking midnight all right," she murmured softly.

She moved too fast for him to ask any questions. One second he was sitting upright, and the next he was sprawled across the bed.

"Azula what the--" but he was cut off by her hand cupping his crotch.

Eyes widening, terrified at what was going on, his hands instinctively blazed up. His eyes were unable to look anywhere else but her devilish grin so all he could do was wildly flail his flaming hands, hoping to strike the suddenly-lewd princess.

No such luck.

Azula tsk-ed, releasing her grip on him as she gripped both wrists with the lightning-speed she used in battle.

After all, this was a battle. Not quite a battle of swords and knives, but a battle of who would get their way. A battle for dominance of wills.

"Oh, Zuzu, you make your little sister sooo sad," she purred in his ear, nibbling delicately on his earlobe as if it were some delectable treat and not a charred black flap of skin. She didn't miss the intake of breathe as she continued her ministrations.

His eyes were growing foggy, his mind was growing swamped, but honour held on to the last bits of control he had.

"," dammit; he could barely pronounce her name!

"Yes, brother dearest?" she mocked, giving him a kiss on his cheek. It was supposed to be chaste, but she made her lips ablaze to snap him to his senses.

She had just branded him.

"Stop it!" His voice regained the authority it had lost. Zuko snapped his hands out of her grasp, violently jerking his face away from the scalding lips. Azula's eyebrow's raised. Perhaps "Lucky to be born" woul prove to be fun after all.


Zuko's eyes grew to saucers, terrified as Azula made quick work of his desperate attempts to flee; a direct close-range battle would've been suicide.


"Stop calling me that!" he roared, his body glowing with flame.

Azula didn't even flinch, instead changing her position from sitting on his chest to straddling him. Her signature blue flame was lit on her index finger; her satisfied smirk would have reduced the hotel to ashes.

"I'll call you whatever I wish to call you," she snarled, adding insult to injury, "Zuzu." The last word was uttered with the intent to kill as she forced the flames surrounding the boy to dissapitate by running an unlit claw down the branded cheek.

It hurt like hell, but she knew he wouldn't flinch or wince.

That would make the war all the funner to fight.

"Zuzu..." she moaned in his good ear, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to torture you like this..."

"You're disgusting Azula," he growled, still trying to find a way out of this predicament.

"I love you too," she murmured, biting his nose.

That elicited a yip from the crown prince. Never had he expected her to...her to...

Azula giggled, not like the sweet little girl she could have been--should have been, she lost that part too long ago. More like the cat who ate the canary.

"You're so...weak, Zuzu." Her blue-flamed finger dimmed a little before she swept it across his chest, burning a straight line through his peasant shirt. But even more amazing to Zuko was that she hadn't burned him at all. Not that he voiced it aloud or anything.

Now was Zuko's turn to sneer: "At least I'm not as pathetic as to retort to incest as a form of--!!"

He was violently cut off with the digging on nails down his chest.

Azula grinned at the contrast of blood and tanned skin. He wasn't that ugly when he had beautiful red covering him, not an amateur's fire-red, but a deep red.

A beautiful outfit to wear by an ugly person.

She proceeded to move herself down, resting right on his unparted legs. Azula frowned; this simply would not do. How was she supposed to have her fun when he was being such a bad sport?

Ah; Fire was such a solution for every problem. Parting one of her hand's fingers, the enrapturing blue fires smoldered into Zuko's pathetic orange-red flames.

"Azula..." his voice was hoarse from the extreme heat, "Please..." pleading was seeping into his pride, "Just stop and I'll forget it ever happened. It'll be like nothing ever happened..." This sounded like a lie even to himself.

"Forget it?"Azula's eyebrows raised, "And why would I want you to forget how much fun I've had with you?" And without pausing at all, she swiped her hand across the leg of his pants. They, like everything the flames touched, were eaten to ash, except this time, Azula didn't bother preventing burns.

And oh was Zuko burned.

Some people said that fire was the main element in love, fire was passion. Were they wrong as hell. Fire was for hell and that's where Zuko wished he were right now. At least then there'd be the Devil administering the pain and not his own sister. At least the Devil was only interested in punishing him for his sins and not getting a sexual high out of it as well.

As the flames reached his thighs, he reflexively tried to open his legs.

Azula grinned; the flames had done their job.

Oh yeah, Hell would definitely be more pleasant than this...this sadist form of pleasure.

Said dominatrix quickly lept off of the boy, just as the fire ate up his last line of defense. Azula watched, unbelievably enraptured as the the fire, unknowing where to go without eaten cloth to guide it, simply moved onto the closest surface, Zuko's legs.

He was in too much pain to escape, but Azula wasn't anywhere near done yet. Calmly walking over to the side of the bed, she reached forward and continued what she had been doing in the beginning, cupping the unerected member.

It wasn't going to be fondled anytime soon.

Instead, she had her hand gradually warm up, so Zuko was pained twice as much. Sweat rolled off his face in waves, his breathe panting, either due to the lack of oxygen or then pain. His lips were bleeding with the force applied to keeping them shut. If they opened a scream would most certainly ensue.

Not moving her hand at all, Azula leanes right over his charred ear and whispered: "Scream once and I'll stop the pain and make you feel good."

Despite everything, pride held on and she was further amused by a desperate shake of his head.

"Your funeral," she would have shrugged nochalantly, but instead simply increased the heat.

He was trying, he was truly trying not to be weak again. Zuko would not be caught dead being weak. Of course, at this rate, he probably would die, but, he...would...not...give...into...her...demands.

It was unbearable, truly.

"Scream, Zuzu."

And his pride shattered.


He didn't know what hurt most, his face, his chest, his legs, or his crotch. No; most certainly the most injured place was his pride.

"Good boy, Zuzu," and Azula snapped her fingers, the heat seeping away. She pet his hair in what could be called a loving manner. Licking his wounded cheek gently, she kissed every inch of the burned side of his face. Only harsh, ragged gasps could be heard from him as she took this as a sign to continue.

"You're not quite as ugly as everyone thinks you are," kisses were trailed down his neck, butterfly-soft and just as light. "In fact, you're really rather pretty," and she moved so that she was now laying directly on top of him, her ice-cold legs providing a little comfort for his boiling-hot ones. But the small amount of comfort they did provide was relished.

"Do you feel better now, dearest brother?" Her voice was sweet as she tangled her fingers in his mussy black hair. He moaned in response.

And she moved around on the bed a little more, this time positioning herself right between his wide-spread legs. Giggling softly at the clearly drooping member, Zuko was tempted to ask if she was done yet.

But he found he couldn't think straight.

Her hand...she, the Princess of the Fire Nation! Her hand was gently caressing his manhood. And oh, Agni did it feel good. After all the abuse she gave to him, a traitorous part of his swampy mind echoed: 'This is fucking awesome.' And it was true. Unlike any touch she, no anyone he had ever met, had ever given him. It set his nerves on an edge and made him all but howl. It was almost perfect; all it needed was more contact, or at least more speed.

Bucking his hips in an attempt to convey his message, she either ignored him or didn't understand. Instead, she simply traced the back of a fingernail on his inner thigh. More moans from the prince insued.

He was so hard it hurt now. And still she wouldn't do anything, still going at the same exact speed and complete, but not full enough contact.

"M...more..." how he managed to get anything coherent out amazed him. He felt hotter now than when he was literally burning up.

"Anything you say, dearest Zuzu," and she grasped his cock completely, pumping it up and down at unbelievable speeds.


His face was probably even more sweat-soaked, although a quick glance at her showed the same drops of sweat.

And he came. His essence squirted wildly, getting a good deal on her nightgown, but she didn't care.

The muscles he didn't even know he had tensed up evidently relaxed as the waves of the orgasm, his first orgasm ever left him awash.

"I told you I would make you feel good."

"You sick, twisted bitch..." was all he could get out before collapsing. Apparently, an orgasm cancelled out all the pain on his charred legs and bleeding chest.

Ashes were all around him. His chest was still heaving as an after-effect of the intense pleasure. Azula felt a little dissapointed that he had passed out so soon, she never got him to fuck her passionately, nor did they even do the tip of the iceberg of things she wanted to do.

But then she grinned sadistically, choosing the optimistic saying for once: "There's always tomorrow..."


Two more parts and then it'll be over. What a monstrosity of a three-shot, dontcha think, Arcaenym?

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