Third's A Charm III: Over and Over


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notations: Set during the Zuko teams up with Azula part of the anime. Not really sure where that is. Obviously, I've never watched the show much. Anyways, this is Arcaenym's request for a multishot Zucest fanfiction. I haven't doen multi-shot in so long, I've almost forgotten what a longer than two thousand words plot is...

the pairings are: Zucest (Zuko x Azula)

--Dreamz; 1/01/2008




It was something so far away, it might as well have been unreachable for him. He had honestly never thought about it much, too busy regaining his honor and accomplishing some trivial deed to care about things like that. In all the years he had known his sister, never before had he ever tried to view her in any sort of affectionate manner. In between the two of them, it was always about competetion.

Who was able to firebend better.

Who was capable of standing up to the most torture--mental and physical at the same time.

Who could keep father's attention the longest.

Who was better.

It always boiled down to that, Zuko bitterly realized. It always boiled down to the fact that he was inferior to his younger sister. So now that they were aboard a ship miles and miles away from home and there was no one to judge them, where they were the highest in command, he began to open his eyes. Never before had he realized that Azula, his little sister, the crazy sadistic devil, was actually blossoming into a fine young lady. Never before had he actually been given the opportunity to see her...all of her close up.

Never before had his hands been allowed to graze her bare body.

Never before had he been allowed to think she was a good kisser.

But as the third night rolled in, all of these things, all the previous thoughts of his darling little sister, would be banished to the darkest pits of hell, for Agni himself wouldn't be able to prevent the inevitable...the unexplainable from happening between the two of them.

Blood relations.


However, Zuko found he couldn't possibly give a damn. Not with that seductive dress on. And the sultry tone she was using with him alone didn't help matters at all. But of course, he didn't care.

It felt good.


Azula smirked. She wasn't stupid, it wasn't for the actual human-to-human contact she wanted. It was the power, the control, and of course, the wave of raw emotion that came with the action. The two previous nights were all melding into this night. It was going to be the grand finale, after all, after today, the ship would be abandoned. She knew she could have all the fun she wanted for the time being.

It was simple matter of burning the servants that had seen.

Night was falling soon, and she couldn't be less pleased. She opted for her regular clothes (after all, it was only Zuzu she was dealing with, no need to sully her better clothes) to wear for the evening. But this time, they'd be going all the way, so there wasn't much need for clothing in the first place.

Zuko's room was a couple strides away from her own, and she crossed in in mere seconds. Pausing to make certain all the servants had better places to be, without any further ado, she elbowed the door open. Her brother was in the showers apparently. She grinned; all the better to smell, taste, touch...see him with. The cogs in her head turned quickly as she began to ready the room for their night together.


When Zuko stepped out of the shower, the only light he could see in the room was the light from the bathroom. Funny...he clearly recalled turning the bedlight on he left. Not bothering to turn off the bathroom light, he walked over to where his bed was...only to have a voice speak out to him from the darkness.

"Turn off the light." Of course Azula was here already. Zuko felt his face heat up a little, but of course, he obeyed. Now the room was in complete darkness. Even the hallways weren't lit up today. Zuko smirked; was Azula ever-so-prepared.

With no previous warning at all, Azula was suddenly right in front of him, kissing him deeply and passionately as she looped her arms around his neck. Zuko felt his eyes automatically close as her warm, moist lips pushed his own. With a bit more pressure, his realized her was opening his mouth and...sliding her tongue inside. He moaned; she was so good as this. Their tongues danced for a while as Azula took to licking the bottom row of his teeth. Zuko responded in running his tongue over the top of hers. He moaned again, leaning a bit forward.

Zuko felt Azula retract her tongue as her arms around his neck clamped down and she pulled him onto the bed, where they fell, him on top of her. He could feel her grin upon his lips as they kissed again, this time, only Zuko's tongue was doing the dancing and there was only one arm around his neck. What her other arm was doing couldn't matter less to Zuko as this time it was the princess beneath him moaning as he nibbled with no grace at all at her bottom lip.

Again, they parted, and this time, Zuko took the lead, kissing her neck, her breast bone, and finally, as close to the top of her shirt as he could get. Licking and biting and chafing, his clumsy lips left no markings but his love upon her skin. His hands were another matter entirely. With haste, he forgot buttons existed and simply tore her dress to shreds. Unable to see anything, his mouth moved to her breasts.

But there was a covering. He growled, she sniggered.

No words were spoken.

Her snigger turned into a harsh gasp when he used his teeth to delicately peel away the bandages which served as the restraints for her beautiful jewels. The gasping increased as with dreadful, painful slowness, he tragged his teeth over a nipple. Painstakingly aware of how fast her chest was beating, how erratic her breathing had become, he covered the entire piece with his mouth and sucked. Just as she had done to him a night before.

She moaned with fervor.

Her hand reached for his covered erection, but he stopped it. Grabbing the perfectly-shaped wrist, he kissed it as the knuckles.

"It's my turn right now, princess," he mock-courted as his mouth left her breast.

Satisfied with his work on her chest, his mouth trailed further down her body. Kisses, lickings, and not-so-delicate suckings were placed anywhere and everywhere his mouth went. Groans and moans of pleasure ensued as Azula felt his lips curving into a smile as he placed his final kiss on her core. However, this time, instead of continuing his ministrations with his mouth, he decided to use his fingers instead. Raising his head to level with hers, he kissed right fully on the lips before inserting a finger within her.

Her reaction was immediate: lips parted, gasps were made, and her legs simply jerked away while her hips thrust up blindly. He grinned; so the great princess of Fire Country was no better than the country bumpkin when it came to sexual activity. How quaint.

Massaging the single finger along her inner walls, he went in a circular manner for a couple circles before going in the opposite direction. Now she was really wet and he literally had to use his other hand to steady her hips. He inserted another finger, pumping in her and reaching deeper and deeper inside her. Now she was literally panting his name and he spent most of his energy just restraining him from showing how much this was affecting him.

After the third finger had gone inside, her lips had literally encased them up to the second tendon. Azula was so moist that her liquids were literally spilling all over the outer walls. He increased his speed and within seconds, he could feel her walls clench as she gasped his name out.


And he realized this was the first time he had actually been the dominating one in the beginning.

Zuko laid himself over Azula, who at this moment, was completely naked and could feel her brother's erection pressing up against her. A thin layer of sweat covered her body and she was panting, gasping for breathe. This wore her out more than any battle could have and she wouldn't want it any other way. After all, this was technically, a battle. And because of that, she loved it.

She rested her eyes for a couple seconds, reviewing her strategy quickly before flipping the tables over and stablizing herself over Zuko. With a quick flick of her wrist, she sent a flame to the walls, which quickly spread.

Zuko smirked at this; Too good for a candlelit night, eh, Azula?

"You're in for a treat, Zuzu," she grinned as he could see the flames dancing in her eyes and around and above them, illuminating and burning everything in a morbid sort of beauty. But it was a beauty nonetheless, and Zuko shivered at Azula's smile. It was the kind of smile she gave right before she pushed him and Mai into a pond. The kind of smile that spelled out a plot and a plan.

The kind of smile that spelled out pain.

With ease, Azula yanked out the ribbon that was holding her hair in it's customary bun, letting the dark-brown strands pool around her face and shoulders. Zuko's eyes widened; he had only seen her hair down three times before this. With her free hand, Azula lit it with a dull red fire and proceeded to scorch the towel that was tightly tied around the boy's waist.

Not bothering to take a glance at his body, she deftly tied the ribbon around his member. And pulled the knot unbearably tight. Zuko moaned; this was so sexual. Without any further prompting, Azula fondled, stroked, kissed and nibbled at the piece of anatomy. Harsh wheezings were pouring out of the boy as the seed within him tried so hard to burst. To no avail, as Azula "playfully" bit the tip of his length and licked at it some more.

"Azula...!" The need in his voice was great, almost too great. However, she simply ignored his pleas and desperate upward jerks of his hips, choosing to rather continue her affection of his member with even less speed than before.

"Beg, Zuzu." She deadpanned, as slowly, excrutiatingly, she emerged the entire organ within her mouth.

"Please, Azula...please!" it was supposed to be a command, but it came out as a pathetic whimper. Again, he could feel the walls around him closing in as she smiled before proceeding to suck on his member, using her two hands to pull the knots tighter and tighter. It was just like last night. She refused to allow him completion. However, this time, she grinned when it was almost perpendicular to his body.

Then, she proceeded to pleasure herself. Zuko watching while trying to ignore the desperate need seeing herself run her long, slim fingers within herself and bringing them out coated in her bodily fluids. She moaned, but stopped to grab Zuko's hands, stopping them from untying the knot. Instead, she coated her fingers once more before using said fingers to stroke, massage, and fondle his rock-hard erection.

Now they were both ready.

"Azula..." He moaned headily as she entered. He could make out a grin as she proceeded to ram herself atop of him. Again and again.

His eyes were lidding, as were hers. She could barely discern his face as the waves of pleasure were sweeping her away from this world. Certainly, she'd been told that this was a good experience, however nothing compared to actually doing it. Azula smiled, honestly, before positioning both of her hands on his shoulders and proceeding to barrage his member with even more fervor.

She climaxed, and of course, as gratituity, untied the knot of his. He gave a thrust.

And another, before his seed spilled into her. It felt like a train wreck to him, only more exhilerating and infinitely more pleasurable.


The two of them lay side by side for a while. Then, when the sweat had evaporated and breathing had returned to normal, Zuko tried to kiss her.

Only to have Azula jerk away with such speed that he barely managed to graze her cheek. His expression must have been one of shock as she simply smiled pityingly, before pulling out of their connection.

"What--" he began as she began to cover herself with a bedsheet before turning the doorknob.

"Silly should know better than anyone."

"You mean--?"

"It was, as your friends refer to it...a one-night stand. Or should I say a three-night stand?" And she grinned as she proceeded to open the door, not bothering to watch as the door too was soon swallowed up by the flames she had lit, leaving a wounded elder sibling alone in vast ocean.

Azula didn't give a damn. After all, she was safely aboard another one of her Father's ships. Zuzu burning in the ocean was of no concern of hers.

Too bad the poor fool didn't see it happening until it was too late.


Azula always lies...



"I hate you..." he muttered with a rage and fervor unbeknownst to him.

I hate you.


Over and over, over and over; round and round the circle goes...where it stops nobody knows.



Sorry you people had to wait so long! Heh; thanks so much for your support and hope you enjoyed my first non-oneshot completed piece of work! I really like this one and I hope you enjoyed the background themes as well as the obvious sex, sex, and sex. This is probably the last Avatar fanfiction I'll write because the only reason I was doing it was because Arcaenym asked so nicely. So if you liked the story idea, kudos to her!

Thanks and bye!