Author's Notes: This fic is just the first step in a series, I hope. I've made a video for it, that you can find at http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?vzEIQgil3Ol0 and my mate, fellow aussie and possible twin sister in another life, Tara aka LovinJackson, has made one for me as well that is absolutely stunning and a must see http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?vAnKPPqB7F0E . Make sure you replace the (dot) with the real thing of course. These vids really bring the fic to life and without them? The sequel would still be sitting neglected...

Thanks again, Tara! You rock, mate!! This fic is also for Hez, who made the stunning Winged!John come to life for me...and Mellie, who always plays to my evil side. LOL


The hospital was cold, sterile, everything Sam Winchester had grown to hate over the past few months. He ran a tired hand through his thick shaggy hair, wondering if he looked as exhausted as he felt?

The waiting was what got Sam the most. Waiting, not knowing, possibilities of what was happening in the ER itself running through his mind. If there was ever a picture of what Hell was like? It was the waiting room of a small town hospital, complete with those awfully morbid posters for child immunization and various sexually transmitted diseases.

Every footstep drew Sam's attention. How much longer would he have to wait before they could tell him if his brother was ok?

" Please…you've got it all wrong. I'd never lay a hand on him. He's my son for God's sake. I couldn't hurt him!"

Sam locked in on the voice automatically, picking up on the distress. He looked down the hall towards the ER and saw a woman-- in her early thirties, he assumed—talking to what looked like a doctor and a severe looking woman in a power suit, holding a young baby boy. The baby was crying and holding his arms out towards the other woman.

" Please. He's all I've got. The Sheriff said he was looking into it, he said that maybe they got into the house with a key or something? I don't know what happened…but there was something…someone in my house. I found them in Connor's room…they were hurting my baby! " The woman's voice was becoming harder, angrier. " Don't take him away from me…."

The power suit lady seemed to hesitate, then handed the baby back to his mother. Sam watched as the baby nestled into his mother's neck, his cries easing while his mother kissed his head and rubbed his back with a practiced hand.

" You understand we have to investigate these types of reports. If the Sheriff can verify your statement? We'll close the file." Power suit walked away, her heels clicking and echoing down the hall.

Sam sat back in his seat as the mother came into the waiting room with the doctor, taking a seat on the other side of the room. " Skye, if you'll just give me a minute, I'll finish up the paperwork and you can take Connor home, ok?"

Skye nodded, holding Connor protectively as she watched the doctor walking away again.

Sam met her gaze as Skye looked around the room nervously. He gave her a gentle smile, hoping to reassure her he wasn't the enemy. " Cute kid… how old is he?"

Skye narrowed her eyes for a moment, her hold on the little boy tightening. But after a moment, she seemed to relax slightly, noting the complete ease with which Sam was watching them. A shuddering breath escaped her. " Thanks, he's almost ten month's old.…You here on your own?"

" No…my brother got hurt. I'm waiting to see if he's ok." Sam told her, rubbing at the small island dressing on his arm. It was the only injury he'd received on their latest hunt, a small but deep gash to his left arm. Dean….well, Sam wasn't sure what the story was there yet.

" Oh…I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he'll be ok, though." Skye said gently. He got up and walked over, offering Sam her hand. " Skye Anderson. You're not local, are you?"

" Sam Winchester." Sam shook her hand, noting how soft and warm it felt. He liked Skye instantly, something about her just clicking with him. " No, me and my brother Dean are just passing through. Sort of a road trip I guess you could say."

He shifted over slightly as Skye sat down beside him, resting Connor on her lap. The little boy clapped his hands and blew a raspberry at Sam, making him chuckle. " So everything ok? With the little guy here?"

Skye closed off immediately and Sam felt like kicking himself. A minute passed before she spoke softly. " They think I hurt him. I woke up to find someone in his room, some sort of dark figure. He was hurting Connor. Look…" Skye pulled down the little boy's shirt, exposing a dark purple bruise in the shape of a hand around his neck. A handprint too large to be Skye's. " But you try telling that to the police. They think it's another case of an abusive mother. I had to say it was an intruder…they were going to take Connor away from me. But I know what I saw….it wasn't really there. I could see through it." She took a shaky breath and kissed Connor on top of the head. " I must sound crazy.."

", really, it's not that crazy. I've heard of that sort of thing before." Sam said, hoping she picked up on the sincerity in his voice.

" SAM??"

Sam's head snapped up and he was out of his chair, rushing out into the hall to see his brother fighting off a nurse who was applying a bandage to his head. " Sam! Will you tell this psycho candy striper that I'm fine and I'm not staying here??"

" Dean…you took one hell of a blow back there. " Sam reminded him, feeling almost weak at the knees with relief at the sight of his brother. Dean Winchester was one of the toughest people Sam knew…but he wasn't invincible. The sling on his arm and the bandage to his temple was proof enough of that.

Dean shook his head, wincing a moment later. " I'm fine. There's no way they're keeping me here. Come on, Sam, you know how I feel about these places…."

Sam's stomach tightened as if he'd taken a blow. He nodded, suddenly finding the floor the most interesting place in the world. " Yeah, I know…" Hospitals had been bad news for the Winchester family recently. Sam had to admit, he was happier with the idea of taking his brother back to some mouldy motel room, than leaving him there…or worse, trying to sleep in one of those torturous hospital chairs beside Dean's bed. " Can we get some paperwork signed? I'd like to take my brother home." Sam gave the nurse his best smile and was rewarded with her sighing, then walking away towards the nurse's station.

" Uh, Sam? Is there something you've been meaning to tell me? Did we come through here before?" Dean nudged his brother and pointed towards the waiting room where Skye was standing with Connor on one hip, watching the pair. " About a year and a half ago?"

" Funny…" Sam said dryly, giving Dean a withering look. He signaled to Skye to come over. " Skye? This is my brother, Dean."

Dean gave Skye the once over without even realizing it, taking in the long brown hair with natural blonde highlights through it, the fact she was larger built than most girls that caught his eye, but there was a spark about her that caught his attention. Blue-grey eyes that sparkled with life, a perfectly shaped button nose and soft, full lips. Not model pretty, but damn…she was beautiful. And older…which had never stopped Dean in the past. " Hey there, cute kid…"

" Yeah, your brother beat you to that…" Skye smiled.

Dean's patented smile slipped away. " Oh…well, he's always been good with kids. Too much of one himself, if you ask me."

" This from a guy who still carried his security blanket round with him when he was nine. Don't think I don't remember that, dude." Sam couldn't stop the smile from curling up the corners of his mouth.

Dean looked as if Sam had just shown a naked photo of him to Skye. " That hurts, man…seriously. You've scarred me for life."

Sam rolled his eyes and looked at Skye. " Skye, I was wondering. Maybe me and my brother could swing by tomorrow? Have a look around your house? That is…if you didn't mind?"

" Seriously?" Skye looked surprised. " That would be awesome."

" Great." He tore the corner off an immunization poster and took a pen from a nearby trolley chart, scribbling down his cell phone number. " Here. Just in case you have any more problems. Call us…please? We can help.."

Skye took the number, smiling gratefully, one hand rubbing Connor's back as he curled up into her neck and began to drift off to sleep. " Thanks, Sam. Dean? It was nice to meet you."

She walked away from the brothers then, feeling a little lighter, now that she didn't feel like she was facing whatever was happening on her own.

" Dude…what was that all about?" Dean asked, watching Skye until she had turned the corner and disappeared.

" I think I might have found another hunt. I'll look into a few things when we get back to the motel. You can get some sleep." Sam said firmly.

Dean snorted. " Sleep? Sam, I was knocked out…I think I've slept enough."

" You could have been killed, Dean. What the hell were you thinking? Tackling that zombie like that? You took a two storey fall, dude! You could have snapped your neck!"

" Could've…would've…didn't. What was I supposed to do, Sam? Sit back and watch it claw your insides out? You're lucky you blocked that first swing and that it's only the bite that spreads the flesh rot. Although a few pus filled sores might have won you some sympathy with the ladies…maybe even Skye." Dean wiggled his eyebrows at his brother.

Sam shook his head in disgust. " One track mind, man…"

Dean chuckled as they walked to the nurses' station and signed his release forms. " You say that like it's a bad thing."