Misfits of kanoha


The castle buzzed with life as the moon graced the sky once again. Hinata sat on the roof taking in the moons raise that gave her pale skin an eerie glow. It had been centuries since she saw her last sunset and would forever cherish the beautiful sight. That very night she had become one of them a monster who survived on the blood of others…. But she could never kill the day walkers, not when she used to be one of them. But fate was not kind; her maker had made sure that he could break her into taking the life of a day walker.


The rain poured from the sky as she strode through the forest, her clothing ripped and bloody from the kill. A deep gash was visible across her ribcage as she put pressure on it to stop the bleeding.

"Hinata, where have you been" a male said harshly behind her.

"I've been hunting Itachi sensei" she answered innocently for she new very well Itachi could be very angry over her diet.

"Don't lie to me girl" he growled as he slapped her across the face, his red eyes visible in the darkness.

"Bbut sensei I'm telling the-", she started but was quickly cut off.

"WHAT PITIFUL BLOOD HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING NOW, SQUIRREL, RABBIT!!" he shouted mockingly as he stalked closer towards her.

Fear overcame her as she stepped back from him but was soon stopped in her tracks as she backed into a tree.

"Ppleasse ssensei don't be angry, ppleasse" she begged, tears cascaded down her cheeks as she looked shamefully away from him. She didn't want to upset him but she couldn't kill a human. Her chin was roughly pulled up as Itachi kissed her hungrily. His tongue tasting the wolf blood left in her mouth and dominating the kiss. He broke the kiss to look into the now shocked eyes of Hinata.

"Hn wolf blood, Hinata I will not let this behaviour go on, no vampire of my making will drink the blood of animals" he said angrily taking her hand and dragging her back to the underground home. "Come we will change this stupid behaviour once and for all" he growled venomously. But Hinata couldn't help but feel that she was a child being scolded by her father as she followed behind him.

Inside the shelter she was led into a small room, she looked around the room and gasped. A man was held to the wall by metal manacles on his wrists. He seemed to be unconscious. A loud slam was heard behind her as she turned quickly to see the door shut and the rattling of keys in the lock. Realisation hit her as she screamed and banged on the doors.

"NO PLEASE SENSEI, don't make me do this please…I'll ddo anything" she cried as she maniacally threw punches and kicks at the door.

"I TOLD YOU BEFORE HINATA THIS STUPID BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER, and stop that crying, you will not be let out until this problem is over with" he angrily answered through the door. Hinata collapsed to the ground, she couldn't do it

She had spent a month in that awful place her sensei had visited through the weeks. Waiting for her to break he could see that the blood lust was slowly overtaking her; it was only a matter of time. The sound of the mans heart beat was diving her insane 'thump thump' the little organ went. Kami how she wished to put an end to that beating heart.

Trying to sooth his pupils pain he of a way to get the situation over with quicker, he told her a bit of her "foods" background.

"You know Hinata he's more of a monster than we are" he told her one night leaning on the other side of the door.

"What do you mean?"

"Well this man also killed many people women to be precise. But not because he has to, but because he loves to kill" a small smirk was on Itachi's face as he pictured hinata's shocked face behind the door.

"You mmean he kills his own kind… for fun!!" She asked in disbelief. How could someone be so evil, at least a vampire had a reason to kill.

"No he butchers his victims, Just think Hinata 'ole Jack the ripper' here is more of a monster than our kind. Just think how much you'll be helping the day walkers, you're their saviour Hinata. Know one will miss this piece of shit" he said slyly behind the door knowing his little pep talk was a success. He could basically feel the utter loathing coming from within the room. Itachi stood up one last time behind the door.

"Now do what has to be done Hinata" Itachi said in an almost emotionless voice.

That's all Hinata needed to hear as her blood lust overcame her. Gleaming fangs protruded from her lips as she held the mans neck in a tight grip and sank her teeth into the soft flesh. He was the monster, not her this time she said to herself. The screams died down as the body became lifeless in her hands as she dropped it onto the dusty floor. Her breathing became laboured as she looked upon her prison one last time 'I have to leave this place' .With her new found strength she pulled the door from its hinges breaking the lock with it and ran into the night leaving her prison and sensei behind her.

A year later Kakashi and the others found me one night in an ally feasting on a drug dealer. Kakashi explained that he felt my pain and came to help me. They did not drink human blood like others; they lived off animal blood and lived peaceful lives. I had dreamed of such a day where I'd meet others such as myself before my sensei's cruel torture method, but was their still hope for me .Kakashi was like a father to everyone even though none of us were over the age of 19, it had been many gruelling months of teaching and constant guarding that I was able to change my diet once again. Sasuke also helped me immensely as he went through the same ordeal I had in the past. But I was still wary around day walkers, I couldn't trust myself…

'I shouldn't be thinking of the past, the thought of it would depress anyone' Hinata thought. As she sat down on the roof of the castle, her feet hung from the edge. She always tried to stop herself from thinking of such things. But as her thoughts drifted on to the future she couldn't bare to think of the cold turquoise of eternity that surrounds her kind. She looked up at the beauty before her, the stars lighting the night and shining down upon her. If her nights were like this her life could at least be bearable. A contented sigh escaped her lips.

"What are you doing out here alone Hinata" a male voice called from behind her.

"I don't need permission to do what I want Uchiha" she retorted she was not in the mood for any male company at the moment. The new move to kanoha was quite exhausting everyone had been busy unpacking. Which led to her retreat to the roof, she could only spend a small amount of time with hyperactive kira and sakura a.k.a deranged fan girl.

"Not yet my love for you will be asking for my permission very soon indeed" Sasuke stated mischievously as he closed the gap between them. His hand slowly rose to caress her soft cheek.

"And why is that?" Hinata asked as confusion was found in her eyes. He Gaara and Sai had been very…hmm how should I say this…flirtatious lately. Well more than usual.

"My dear angelic Hinata have you already lost track of time it's soon to be mating season. I.Will.Have.You." Sasuke whispered huskily in her ear.

"Also I recall there are many males eager to make you their mate. It's pathetic to watch them" he growled as he nuzzled into the base of her neck seductively kissing and nipping at her neck. She didn't know what he did to him her sent was addictive. 'I wont let any male touch her, she's mine' he though possessively. Hinata's eyelids fluttered closed as a soft moan escaped her lips. Sasuke couldn't help but feel some male pride wash over him knowing that he was the cause of her pleasure. A smirk graced his lips as his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to his chest.

"You were always so persistent Sasuke. But do you have the right…needs to be my mate Uchiha? I also recall a certain sakura and Ino prancing after your ass." A small chuckle escaped his lips as he looked into her eyes.

"Then what are your needs Hinata, I'm curious to know" he asked.

"Hn,ok I'll tell you" she said as she skipped around him playfully.

"Strong, brave, attractive, considerate, some sense of humour and…" she paused adding suspense to the conversation. She moved closer towards him, her hips swaying seductively as she leaned on his chest and looked into his dark eyes.

"And?" Sasuke asked as he cocked an eyebrow and smirked down at her. 'Damn she's turning me on right now, she's so sexy…wait, I did not think that. 'He asked himself as perverted images ran through his mind.

She leaned closer and purred the last requirement into his ear. " And…good in bed" she purred and grazed his earlobe with her teeth earning her a low moan from him.

"I love a challenge, but as I said before it will no only be who'll fight for you." He spoke as softly caressed her left cheek and took her hand in his.

"Alas I must take my leave I promised the others I'd hunt tonight. You are welcome to join me if you wish. And see later on tonight for yourself if I fit the last requirement of yours…" he asked mischievously as he bowed down before her and kissed her hand that he held.

"I think I'll pass but thanks for the offer, maybe some other time." She winked playfully and kissed him on the cheek. She then turned her back and walked gracefully away from him. "Oh and don't forget Sasuke it's the first day of school tomorrow…don't be late… sweet dreams Sasuke" Hinata added as she silently returned back into the castle. Leaving the lust filled Uchiha unsatisfied once again.


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