Chapter 8


Sasuke and Hinata walked happily through the streets of Kanoha. Sasuke looked towards his mate as the cold rain droplets ran down her porcelain skin. A small growl escaped his lips as he saw men stare at her in awe. 'How dare they look upon what is mine' Sasuke glared. In a quick movement Sasuke grabbed Hinata by the hand and held her up against an alley wall.

"Sasuke what are you doing?" Hinata questioned in annoyance as she tried to loosen his hold over her.

"You attract for too much attention hime for my liking, if I am to see another human look at you in such a way I may not be able to control my actions." Sasuke whispered seductively in her ear as he playfully bit her neck.

A small moan escaped Hinata's lips. "What is this I see, the great Uchiha Sasuke jealousy of mere mortal men? I may have laughed at such a thing."

"And why is that so surprising to you Hinata? To feel the fire of jealousy burn within my very soul for another man to have the pleasure of laying eyes on you. Your pale glowing skin, voluptuous body, and elegant movement would make any man fall to their knees" Sasuke replied as his hands travelled down her body and wrapped around her waist to hold her close to his chest.

Her small hands reached towards his face moving away the dark bangs that covered his eyes and looked into them intently.

"You are forgetting that I gave myself only to you Sasuke, I will not stray from the one I love so easily, come let's take the rooftops". Hinata said as she took hold of Sasuke's hand and scaled the alley walls to roof of the building, jumping across village houses as they pass by.


"Kaa Chan, Tou San!!" Kira giggled as he quickly ran out from the castle to great the two.

Sasuke looked down in astonishment at Kira's happy face 'He called me father' contentment and happiness overcome him as he picked up Kira and stood closer to Hinata.

"Aww now that's a family moment" Sai shouted as the others nodded in agreement.

Hinata looked down happily at the small figure attached to her and faced the rest of the group.

"How has everyone been, Where is Sakura?" She asked as she looked upon the face standing behind Sai.

"She has not came back yet, we have not seen her for days" Sai answered as he watched Hinata's guilt ridden expression 'she always seemed to be infatuated by him' Hinata thought.

"Don't worry she will be back when she is ready" Kakashi replied.

"Ino what are you doing here?" Hinata asked the blond as she looked upon her standing behind Sai once again, she also did fail to see Sai and Ino locking hands together, silently comforting each other in the presence of everyone.

"Hinata how was your night with Sasuke? Are you tired? Me you and the girls should all stay over some time"

Sasuke quietly growled beside Hinata at the last remark as his hold tightened possessively around her waist. Ino jumped excitedly before she was quickly stopped from hugging her by Sai.

"Wow there Ino Chan, I don't think you should hug Hinata right now. Now that they are mates, Sasuke will still be a little possessive over her. It took months for Neji to allow others to even touch Tenten" Sai whispered.

"Oh whys that? That's not fare " Ino complained.

"A female should always respect her mate's wishes" Sai concluded as he smirked down at her.

"Ino you still haven't answered my question " Hinata asked impatiently as she looked towards the blond haired women.

"Oh haven't you heard, Sai and Ino are dating now" Kakashi replied nonchalantly.



Kakashi, Gaara, Neji and Tenten sat on the right side of the dark oak table in the kitchen. As Sasuke stood watching the angered Hinata pace the kitchen while Sai and Ino sat closely together.

"Sai don't you realise how dangerous this may be for her, what if she gets hurt? There are already others after us!" Hinata shouted as she glared at Sai, waited for a good answer from him.

"I told her Hinata and it doesn't change how we feel about each other"

"If you cared about her you wouldn't put her such in such a danger" she relied venomously.

"Stay calm Hinata. If they are happy, we should be" Sasuke spoke as he took hold of Hinata's hand in reassurance.

"But…are you happy Ino?" Hinata looked into the young girls deep blue eyes, revealing her emotions.

"I am Hinata please don't hate for my decisions I really like you as a friend, I'm not afraid of the consequences.

A small smile graced Hinata's features as she looked upon Ino but was interrupted from answering her as the clock chimed midnight.

Ino jumped in surprise dropping her glass of water to the cold concrete floor, the glass lay in shattered pieces at their feet.

"Oh, no I'm sorry I didn't mean to make a mess" Ino gasped as she bent down to clean up the broken glass. She hissed in pain as the small shards ripped at her skin.

Small droplets of blood ran down her fingers changing the atmosphere completely.

"NO!" Sai shouted as he took a protective stance in front of Ino as Hinata growled ferociously. Her eyes now changing a deep gold, gleaming white fangs protruding from her mouth. In a quick movement she pounced but was brought to the floor by Sai. Both bodies tumbled in a heap on the floor as the thirst took over Hinata's body, the scent of blood filled her senses as Sai's claws scraped her skin. Sasuke quickly stepped in holding Hinata by the waist and restraining her arms in a strong grip.

"Get her out of here now!" Sai growled, fearing for the safety Ino, he watched as Hinata struggled to break free from Sasuke's grip before the disappeared from the room.


Outside in the garden Hinata sat sobbing in Sasuke's arms, her body shook from the aftermath of today's events.

"Shh, please Hime don't cry it was no ones fault" Sasuke whispered as he stroked Hinata's back lovingly and wiped away the tears that cascaded down her cheeks.

"Why did it have to happen? I couldn't stop myself, I felt so weak and ashamed" Hinata muttered as she lay her head on her knees.

"You know as well as I do that it takes many years to control the thirst, its hard to fight ones nature Hime, please don't cry"

"You didn't see the look in her eyes Sasuke, she feared me, she probably hates me but I didn't mean-"

"Stop it! She will not hate you, these are the consequences her and Sai must take if they want to truly be together" Sasuke sighed as they both stood. His lips grazed against her own as he looked into her eyes.

"Go to bed Hime I'll be up shortly and don't worry so much everything will be fine" he smirked.

"Ok I better check if Kira's still asleep, I don't want him waking up later" Hinata replied as she quickly went back into the castle.


Hinata ascended the stairs and quietly opened Kira's bedroom door, stepping into the room she walked towards the single bed that lay in the dark corner of the room. The music box played in the room filling the room with a sweet melodic tune.

But her eyes lay upon nothing; the bed lay empty before her. Fear took over her heart as she desperately searched the room for Kira.

Her eyes fixed upon the open window and from the distance of the castle you heard the broken voice of a mother, screaming for her child's return…


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