Help Jin-niisan!

Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator

One-sided JinxKotoe

Well, I got bored, and I wrote it. What can I say?

Kotoe's thoughts when she asks Kazuko to help Jin.

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Suema-san… please, help Jin-niisan! He's definitely changed, and I'm worried about him! No matter how worried I am about him, he never seems to worry about himself… or anything, for that matter. Jin-niisan stays out all night, and he doesn't come home until the next day! He claims he spent the night at a friend's house, but I just know that's not it.

It can't be that Jin-niisan has a girlfriend. It can't be that. As much as I'd hate it otherwise, in this situation, Jin-niisan having a girlfriend would be a huge relief. Instead, Jin-niisan comes back home with someone else's blood all over him!

Is Jin-niisan doing something bad? Is he in trouble with the police? Will he get in trouble if he isn't already in it now? Suema-san, you need to help him, you need to save him!

I want Jin-niisan back. I want to make dinner for him, I want to laugh and joke while we eat that dinner together. I want to see Jin-niisan relax after a long day of work at the cram school, I want to see him smile, I want him to poke fun at me, I want to get mad about it, and then I'd want to laugh it off with Jin-niisan. Together. I want the two of us to be together.

I remember, from when I was little, a lonely boy who stared out into the clouded sky on a cold night in April. He… Jin-niisan… said he was waiting for snow. I'd like to wait with that boy, if it was all possible. I'd ignore the cold and everything… for Jin-niisan.

I still see that lonely boy in Jin-niisan. I'd do anything for him, anything to be with him, but I… I don't think I could save him by myself at all.

That's right… Jin-niisan needs help! He's changed so much… I'm so worried about him! I want Jin-niisan back, because… I love him!

Please, Suema-san! Help Jin-niisan!


It's over. Yeah, I know it sucked.

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