The Uber Happy Ending

In October of the following year, the entire Snape family walked over to the Potter home and Zelda knocked. It was opened at once by Molly Weasley, here eyes glowing with happiness.

"It's a little girl!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around Zelda.

"That's fantastic," Zelda replied, returning her friend's embrace enthusiastically. "How's Ginny?"

"Exhausted but well. The baby's a bit larger than average, almost four kilos, so it took some time. But come in, all of you. I'm so glad you're here."

The sitting room was empty, a fact that pleased Severus. He'd imagined an entire rampaging mob of Weasleys infesting the small house.

"Where is everyone?" asked Zelda. "I thought…"

Molly laughed. "They've been coming and going constantly during the entire delivery, but Ginny sent them all away a few minutes ago. They'll be back tomorrow."

"May we see the baby now?" asked Emelie, looking hopefully at them."

"Of course, that's why you're here, isn't it?" replied Molly kindly, holding out a hand to the girl.

Severus was glad she'd reminded them, because he'd been wondering what bloody reason they had to be there. He said nothing however and followed the rest of them upstairs.

They entered the bedroom where Ginny was resting in bed, propped up on pillows. Potter sat in a chair nearby, looking dazed and holding a small bundle. The children walked carefully toward him, but Harry's eyes flew to Severus, a shocked look of happiness on his face.

Zelda paused to speak with Dilys Smethwyck and Molly, but then headed for the bed.

"How are you, Sweetie?" she asked Ginny softly as she sat carefully down on the edge of the bed. "You did it!"

"It hurt like hell," Ginny replied mockingly. "She was huge, it was like pushing out a cantaloupe. But once I figured out what to do, I did it."

"Nice work," said Zelda, kissing her cheek and studying her carefully. "You look wonderful. It's a relief not to be pregnant any more, isn't it? If you need anything, you know where I am. Did you and Harry finally agree on a name?"

Ginny grinned and said, "You're the first to know, besides Mum and Dilys. My idiot family pestered me so much I threw them all out and told them they'll find out tomorrow."

"Too much testosterone," agreed Zelda with twinkling eyes.

"Well, her name is Lily Beatrice," said Ginny proudly. "But since she's not the only Lily, we're going to call her Beatrice.

"Aside from the fact that my own daughter's named Lily, so I'm prejudiced, Lily Beatrice Potter is a very beautiful name."

They looked over at Harry, holding his new daughter so Alaric and Emelie could admire her. Severus was looking intently at the infant, his face expressionless.

"Mummy, we should get a baby," called Emelie. "This one's cute. Come look at her tiny hands."

Zelda grinned at Ginny and went to Harry's side.

"May I?" she asked, holding out her hands.

Carefully Harry held out the newborn to her and she took the child.

"Hello, little Lily Beatrice," she pronounced softly, stroking the downy head tenderly.

The baby's eyes were an unfocused gray. She was quite wide-awake, and seemed to be listening to the voices around her.

"She's lovely," said Zelda, sitting down in the chair that Harry offered.

"Were we really that small?" asked Alaric doubtfully.

"A bit smaller when you were born," said Zelda with a smile. "You were just as lovely as this little one."

Harry had gone to the bed and sat by Ginny, holding her hand. This had to be the happiest day of his life, he thought as he studied his wife's face.

"I love you, Gin," he whispered, kissing her hand.

His wife smiled back at him, basking in the contentment and joy that radiated from him. As time went on he was gradually healing from some of the wrenching grief he'd carried through his youth. It warmed her heart to share this child with him.

"We have something to ask you," she said to the Snapes.

"What is it?" asked Alaric, looking apprehensively at her.

Ginny smiled mischievously. Alaric reminded her of Harry, such a worrier.

"I hope it's a good thing, Alaric," she said reassuringly. "We want your mum and dad to be Beatrice's godparents."

Severus was stunned by her request and looked at Zelda, who grinned at him.

"Well?" she asked, "I'll do it if you will."

"All right," he said, turning to look intently at Ginny. "Of course."

"Thank you," said the new mother, knowing how much this meant to Harry.

"Am I a godbrother then?" asked Alaric. "Can we borrow her sometimes, Ginny? We have Emmie's old cot and lots of toys she can play with. I'll take good care of her."

"I'm a godsister," said Emelie, delighted by this interesting new idea.

"Come here, you two," said Harry, holding out his hands to them and seating them on either side, on the edge of the bed so they faced Ginny.

"What do you think?" he asked Ginny.

She looked the two eager faces before her and said, "Will you be Beatrice's godbrother and godsister?"

"Yeah," breathed Alaric, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

"I'll teach her lots of things," promised Emelie. "Would she like a frog? I'll get her one."

"When she's older, Emmie," chuckled Ginny. "She's a lucky girl, having you two in her life."

While Ginny negotiated her newborn's relationship with the godsiblings, Harry watched in amazement as Zelda handed the baby to Professor Snape and offered him the chair.

"Sev, she's lovely isn't she? Emmie's so big already, but it seems like yesterday that she was a baby."

The familiar feel of an infant in his arms moved Severus. He studied the child, looking for signs of that other Lily in her, although he knew it was far too soon to tell.

Lily Evans was a grandmother. He wished she could know of this child. He hadn't been part of Lily's life after Hogwarts, but memories filled his mind of the girl he'd shared so much with, the clever, kind, vibrant young woman he'd known. Something good had come of it all, he thought as he cradled Lily's granddaughter in his arms. His goddaughter.


Alaric and Emmie were finally tucked into bed and sleeping after asking numerous questions about Harry and Ginny's new baby. Zelda fed Rowena and Marshmallow while Severus locked up and then they were finally alone.

"I feel old," Zelda said with a slight pout. "Much older than when my own daughter made me a grandmother. Seeing Harry and Ginny with a child… I feel time passing and I don't like it. I want to be with you forever."

"Come here," Severus said softly, putting his arms around her. "We'll always be together, my Zelda."

"Men in their forties are notorious for desiring someone younger. Can you stand being married to an old bag?" she asked quietly.

She was so familiar and beloved that he often didn't see her physical features. He felt her presence on some unique level when they were together. The tiny new lines that had begun appearing on her face were those of laughter, unlike those on his face. The kindness in her was only more visible now.

"Don't insult the woman I love," he said softly. "Will you ever stop being pathetically insecure?"

"Can you give it another decade or two?" she replied. "I like having you reassure me."

"I enjoy reassuring you," he said, his arms tightening around her. "You know my goal is never to spend another night without you."

She hugged him fiercely and buried her face against his neck, thinking one lifetime wasn't enough to spend with this beloved wizard.

"Zelda," he murmured.

When she looked up he brushed his lips against hers, gazing into her eyes mockingly.

"I love you, pet," he said, kissing her again and again.

His fingers moved deftly to unfasten her robes and toss them on the floor. When she began removing his clothes he smiled. She was the delight of his life.

As she pushed his shirt off she noticed a few white hairs mingled with the black on his chest, the only sign that he was older than when she'd found him. Thin and hard and masculine, he was utterly perfect to her. She reached for his pants and slipped them down.

"To bed, wife," he said, his breath catching at her touch. "We're alone at last."

He removed her bra and cupped her breasts in his hands, kissing each one in turn. Then he drew her down to their bed, pulling the comforter up. Their bodies, so familiar and adored, drew them into the intimacy that nourished their souls.

Pausing between kisses, Zelda said with a smirk, "Sev, you're Harry's kid's godfather. Does it seem odd to you?"

Frowning at her he said, "It'll serve you right if you've spoiled the mood. And yes, it's completely ridiculous. But I couldn't refuse, could I?"

She reached down and stroked his cock meditatively.

"It doesn't seem to me that the mood's spoiled, Professor," she told him. "It's no more outrageous than anything else that's happened since we found each other. You'll be a gorgeous godfather. Now, let's fuck each other silly."

He smacked her bum mockingly and hissed, "Finally your priorities are in order." Kissing her nose, he pushed her onto her back and said, "I adore you, my Zelda. Now, where were we?"