Silk and Moonlight, A Midnight Meeting

Silk and Moonlight, A Midnight Meeting

Set in the Slayers world, 'He' could be any guy, 'She' could be any girl. I'm not going to name any names, or try not to. ^_^

She didn't glance around to check if anyone had followed her out to the lake. It was the middle of the night and she had woken no one when she got up. Carefully, she removed her belt, the metal clasp clinking now and then in the darkness. The only light was that of the stars sparkling in the clear black sky and the half moon cast its frosty radiance upon the summer leaves of the forest and the rocky shore of the lake.

Her hands moved effortlessly to remove her cloak and finally grasped the edge of her tunic, pulling it up and over her head. Shaking her hair out as she dropped the shirt, her fingers removed her pants.

His heart beat faster as he watched in silence from the trees. He felt guilty of spying on her in such a way, but he couldn't tear his gaze from her moonlit form. She ran her fingers though her silky hair and stepped into the water casually, working her way out into its cool liquid before diving in.

When she surfaced, her hair was soaked and she pushed it back from her face with her hands water dripping down her arms like tiny diamonds. She turned her face toward the sky and let out a contented sigh as she graced the water with her presence.

Suddenly, she turned to look at the trees, straight at him. "You can come join me if you want," she said softly, but he heard the words so clearly as if she'd whispered them into his ear.

Cautiously, he made his way out of the shadows. Feeling his heart flutter, he let his hands move on autopilot, his eyes glued to her lupine form. He splashed into the water, swimming up to her, feeling as if he would drown any second. He could feel the muddy bottom of the lake under his toes but kept his arms moving water around him.

She swam closer, graceful in this element of moonlight. "I was hoping you'd follow," she said softly as she laid her hands upon his shoulders, letting him take her weight.

"How could I not?" he whispered, his voice locked under the lump in his throat. She smiled at him, shattering the wits he'd managed to gather together.

"Do I really have that effect on you?" she asked softly, "You act so calm, you don't seem to notice me."

"I noticed," he replied, his arms hesitantly sliding around her waist, he kicked his feet, sending them a little further toward shore where he could stand without drowning them. She came willingly, laying her head on his shoulder. "I more then noticed."

"I've waited for so long...." Her heart skipped a beat as he said her name. Lifting her head, she looked into his eyes, shaded under his brow but sparkling all the same. He moved then, putting his lips to hers in a bold movement she never expected.

The kiss ended and she laid her head upon his shoulder once more, letting him hold her securely in his arms. She didn't want the night to end; it was too perfect. After traveling with him for so long, he'd made his move. "I never knew you could be romantic," she murmured.

He didn't dare tell her that he hadn't planned any of it. His kiss had simply happened. He let her think what she wanted and held her in the darkness. Glancing up, he saw a shooting star. A smile touched his lips as he wished. "I wish this moment would never end," he murmured aloud. Her reply was a simple heaving of breath against his neck, her feet hanging somewhere around his shins.

He turned his face, putting his mouth and nose against her hair, taking in her scent before whispering, "I love you."