Kiss and Tell







Summary --- When a door of opportunity opens up for Sakura she takes it on the spot! She had promised herself that her days as a playgirl were over; will she be able to give up something she had been doing for so long or will a certain business man change all that?

Pairing --- Sasuke -x- Sakura

Character Ages

Sasuke Uchiha --- 25

Sakura Haruno --- 19

Naruto Uzumaki --- 23

Neji Hyuga --- 26

Gaara Sazuku --- 25







Author's Note: Hey y'all; its me again!! Ha ha, God i think I should probably finish off a story or two before posting it on I couldn't resist!! lmfao. I am SO high off sugar and other things (Not drugs) and I am bouncing off the walls here; literally!

This fic will be a tad more... lemony than my other fics CX I'm sure you'll all like that, eh? Just kidding; I'll try to not make this first chapter as boring as hell, ne?





Chapter 1: Happy Birthday!!




Pink strands of hair fell in front of her shimmering emerald eyes as she rolled to the side; the smell of alcohol and sweat mixed together made her quickly hold her breath as she sat up clutching the bedsheets to her chest.

Laying right beside her in the king sized bed was a brown haired male; maybe in his early to middle twenties at the most; Sakura held back a sigh as she removed herself from the bed, letting the bedsheets fall from her grip as she searched for her discarded clothes.

The male, still in his drunken state, did not stir or even crack open an eye; he had payed her in advance for her pleasures that she gave him, he knew before he had even taken her home that she was a winner.

And that she was...

Sakura had gotten into the stripping business almost 1 year from today; she had started out as a playgirl for magazines but then she started getting more and more popular among the male species as she appeared in few pornographic videos.

Your first reaction to this must be that Sakura was a slutty whore and wasted her life merely fucking guys for money of large and small portions; this was her life and she wasn't just going to give it up just like that; hell no!

This was her job as soon as she finished high school; she could have been accepted into almost any college in Hokkaido but no, she had wanted to pursue her dream of pleasuring men for money.

Sakura was a very intelligent young girl and had made the honor roll in grade twelve; even to this day her picture still hung on the walls of her old high school...

Gathering her clothes and slowly examining her pink panties; Sakura sighed as she noticed they were dripping wet from the previous night...

She would have to take a shower as soon as she arrived back home so she merely pulled on her soiled panties; grunting at the sudden sting that started between her thighs as she quickly pulled on her short pink dress and turned to face the know awakened brown haired male.

He moved towards Sakura; utterly naked as he pulled her against him, rubbing his erect member against her buttocks as Sakura rolled her head back against his shoulder, slightly pressing herself against his erection.

He dipped his head low enough so that his lips brushed against Sakura's; she in turn pulled her face away from his as she saw his disappointed expression and parted her rosy lips...

"Sorry, we aren't allowed to kiss our customers."

She blew a kiss his way as her hand descended to his chest and then past his abdomen as the tips of her fingers brushed against his member; Sakura took his cock into her grip as she lowered her body and pursed her lips over the tip before taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Whenever she moaned, pleasurable waves ran up the males erection and gathered up in the pit of his stomach; he could feel himself nearing his limit as Sakura ran her tongue along the side of it and smirked when he climaxed all over the floor.

Sakura stood up as she let the male's body slump to the floor; eyes partially closed as he inhaled deeply before taking one look at Sakura's backside as she waved goodbye and exited his room.

"She really is the best there is..."

Sakura heard that comment as she left his room; a wide grin on her face was present the entire walk back to where she worked.

As soon as she entered the surprisingly large building her mentor and the boss of this strip joint, Tsunade came towards Sakura.

The pink haired woman gave her the thumbs up sign as she split the money she had received from the man in two equal sharings; all of the strippers were obligated to hand over at least half of what they got and the other half would go to Tsunade.

Running her fingers through her hair, Tsunade took one whiff of Sakura and instantly covered her nose with her left hand as she pointed to the entrance of the strip joint and told Sakura that she should go take a shower and have the rest of the day off.

Happy, Sakura smiled as she headed towards her home; though she was a stripper and a prostitute all in one package, as well as a playgirl; her job paid fairly well, Tsunade's prices were expensive and Sakura was often left wondering why men would pay such a large amount of money just to have sex...

Walking into her home; Sakura stripped herself on the way to the bathroom as she hopped into the tub and immediately turned on the taps until the warm water was pelting against her sore skin; cleansing her, even though no matter how many times she did this she knew that she would never be pure once again, her innocence was lost the first day she went to work as a prostitute.

It took some time for Sakura to get used to this, but in time she eventually forgot all about it and went on with her life...

Out of all the careers she could have chosen, she picked the most devious and seductive one that didn't really call for any brains, just good looks and most of all able to handle men of all ages and sizes...

Lathering the strawberry shampoo into her long pink tendrils, Sakura rinsed her entire body of any soap and then her hair of any shampoo and conditioner as she wrapped a towel around her naked body and began to dry herself off.

'Finally, I can have a day to myself.'




Sasuke Uchiha, owner of the largest incorporation in all of Hokkaido and boss. He rubbed his aching temples knowing that a headache was sure to come sooner or later during the evening; he slightly jumped when a group of men entered his room.

"Sasuke-teme!" Shouted a rather loud boy with spiky blonde hair.

'Kami-sama, why now!?'

And sure enough the headache that Sasuke predicted would come, settled right on in; making itself right at home as he furrowed his brows and let out a low growl at how loud Naruto was being at the moment.

"Why the hell are you here?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We wanted to wish you a happy birthday!" Naruto cheered loudly as he pointed to a nearby calender.

And sure enough, Sasuke heaved a sigh as his shoulder slumped; he had been over-working himself lately that he didn't even notice that today was June 23, the day he would be turning the ripe age of 25.

"Okay, you said happy birthday; now leave."

"That was a waste of time..." Gaara mused on as he headed for the door with Neji right behind him.

Naruto stayed however as he slammed his palms against the Uchiha's desk; slightly alarming the onyx eyed male as he cocked his head to the side.

"You need to loosen up, Sasuke-teme."

"And you need to shut up..." Sasuke said under his breath.

"You need to get laid!" Naruto announced happily as he jumped away from Sasuke's desk, avoiding flying objects that came his way.

"Get out of here Naruto!"

"Yeah, yeah I'm going..."

Sasuke let out a long sigh as he fixed his disheveled hair and went right back to typing up a few of the business profits and making a graph of how they were doing financially and whatnot, the same stuff over and over again...

Sasuke loosened the long tie as he tugged on it and let out a short breath as he sent the information to one of his business partners; he was officially done for the damn day and could finally get some sleep!

"Uchiha-san; a few of the board members are here and would like to a have a brief meeting with you before you leave." Came a feminine voice from his office intercom.

He mentally kicked himself as he grudgingly agreed and left his office with his briefcase in hand as he arrived in the room filled with a few people he had only been acquainted with a few times or so.


"Guys, I have an idea!" Naruto announced loudly as they began walking through the streets of Hokkaido.

"What is it Naruto..." Neji said impatiently as he raised a brow at him.

"Lets get Sasuke a birthday present!"

The two other males slumped their shoulders as they sighed in annoyance; Naruto laughed all the while as he slapped their backs until he had their full attention.

"Not just any present; a prostitute."

Neji and Gaara sweat dropped as Naruto stood there in complete and utter triumph that he had thought of the best birthday present for Sasuke!

"Naruto, are you crazy?" Gaara said lowly, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention.

"Gaara's right..." Neji mused.

Naruto stomped his foot on the ground as he crossed both arms over his chest and huffed rather loudly.

"Stop acting like a baby..."

Neji smirked as Naruto glared at Gaara, almost as if he were challenging the red haired business man.

"I'm not- think about it!" Naruto put in quickly as he shook his finger in their direction.

"Sasuke-teme is always overworking and never has any fun!"

"And how exactly would this help him?" Neji inquired, giving Naruto his full attention.

"Cause prostitutes are fun!" Naruto whined.

Gaara grimaced at his loudness as he stepped forwards and smacked him upside he head, causing a rather loud ruckus and resulting in Naruto flailing his arms above his head as he began to sob and yell at Gaara who was smirking and holding back a laugh.

"I think what Naruto was trying to say is that Sasuke never loosens up; its always work with him."

Naruto stood up straight as he nodded his head from behind Gaara.

"That is exactly right!" He exclaimed as he eyed Neji with a devious smirk.

"And maybe after we Sasuke-teme a prostitute we can get Mr. Stick in the ass one too..."

Neji flinched at the new nickname as he narrowed his eyes at Naruto.

"Oh shut up, Naruto!"

"Your too loud!"

"Yeah, well your too much of an prick!" Naruto countered which earned him another smack, but this time from Neji.

"You know, all this physical abuse is going to send me to a mental institution!"

Gaara rubbed his temples, God! Naruto was like a living, breathing headache!!

"Don't worry, I've already made arrangements."

Neji turned and look at Gaara as the red head nodded his head. Neji cleared his head as he loosened his tie from around his neck.

"If you shut up you'll know that me and Gaara have agreed to hire a prostitute for Sasuke's birthday..."

Gaara went to smack Naruto again for being so loud but also running around in circles and throwing a happy fit as he screamed prostitute from the top of his lungs; Neji had stopped him as he did it himself.

"Well that wasn't fair at all." Gaara said under his breath.

Dragging Naruto by the collar of his white dress shirt, Neji and Gaara walked aimlessly around one of Hokkaido's many streets before Naruto pulled out of the male's grip and blocked the path ahead of the two...

"I know the best joint in town!" He announced while looking around.

"Well a name would be a good start." Neji stated while cocking his head to the side.

"Sweetest Sin."

Neji eyed Naruto as he led them down a few streets before making a left and walking to the other side of an intersection once the light turned red and a few other people began to walk as well as them.

In no time Naruto had arrived at 'Sweetest Sin' as he pointed at the sign with a large grin on his face as he led the two in.

"I hope no one saw us going in this place..." Gaara mused.

"They'll think we're a bunch of horny high schoolers again..."

"Aren't we?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Gaara shoved him forwards and towards a busty blonde haired woman who smiled at the three and walked towards all of them.

"Oi, Naruto its nice to see you back so soon."

Said male ran towards the woman while blocking her path and telling her to be quiet as his two other business partners smirked at him while laughing quite loudly; so I guess Naruto was still in his horny teenage phase...

"Tsunade..." Naruto whined while shaking his head vigorously.

"Where actually here to... rent? Buy?..." Neji scratched the back of his head in confusion.

The blonde haired lady pushed past Naruto as she stepped towards the two, taking a nice, good look at them before speaking.

"I haven't seen your faces around her before; new costumers?"

Neji and Gaara both took a step back while waving there hands in front of themselves...

"We need a prostitute for our friend's birthday today..." Naruto spoke up from behind Tsunade as she wiped around at his request.

The two men sighed in relief that Tsunade was directing her attention to someone else rather then themselves.

"I'll be right back!" Tsunade exclaimed.

Gaara looked at Naruto as he grinned slyly at the two; watching as a few of the prostitutes and strippers began to convert their attention in their direction; forgetting all about their previous customers as they winked.

Gaara let his head drop as he began to feel a little uneasy in this place; Neji took a step back as he glared at Naruto who had brought them to this place!

In no time, Tsunade had come back with quite a large book in her hands and a smile gracing her lips as she set it down on the table.

It seemed to be a large phone book with sections separated by the first letter of each persons last name; Gaara looked quite dumbfounded but instantly knew what the whole purpose of the book was for as soon as Naruto flipped the first back and went straight into section 'A'

"She's nice..." Naruto exclaimed as he pointed to various girls.

"You think every girl you see is nice..." Gaara taunted with mock.

"Ha, that was funny! At least I show some interest for girls unlike the two of you!"

The entire time Naruto and Neji were bickering at the table, Neji had taken the opportunity to search through the book; stopping when he came across the 'H' section and lifted the book as he thought to himself before pocking Naruto in the side.


Neji shoved the book into his hands as he pointed to a picture on the far right hand corner, Naruto nearly had a heart attack as he stared at the pink haired vixen who had captured many mens hearts.

"Oi, Tsunade! Is this the Sakura Haruno!?"

Tsunade smiled as she nodded her head.

Naruto slammed the book shut as he cried out...

"We'll take her!"

"Naruto!" Gaara scolded.

"We haven't even looked through the entire book and your already choosing a prostitute!?"

Said man nodded his head as he handed the book back to Tsunade and began to take out his wallet as did Neji and Gaara with a sigh.

"For an extra 50$ you can choose any outfit that our little Sakura will wear..." Tsunade put in as Naruto's eyes widened at what he was being told.

"Hell yeah!"


After the three men had finished paying Tsunade for her services, she dialed in Sakura's cell phone number as she awaited an answer...

"Hello?" Sakura asked.

"Its Tsunade, hey can you do a quick birthday service?"

Sakura let out a long sigh, she had been doing a lot of things lately but quickly agreed because this was her job and she was usually paid very good money to just sleep with a man.

"Fine." She replied as she hung up.

Tsunade and the three other business men awaited the arrival of the prostitute they had bought for this particular night and sure enough, Naruto had caught sight of her as he waved his hands in the air.

"Hey, I'm Sakura." She greeted.

Neji and Gaara's eyes nearly popped right out of their sockets as they looked at Sakura; she sure didn't look like any ordinary prostitute; her features were subtle and she had piercing green eyes and pouty lips.

'Man, Sasuke sure is lucky...'

Tsunade showed all three men to the back room as Sakura led them to another door before she stopped and told them that they would have to pick which outfit they desired.

The room was filled with various costumes and other such things; instantly all three men began to search throughout the room, Naruto spotting a few of them but said that they wouldn't work for tonight.

Finally, Neji hold out what seemed to be a nurse outfit, just a lot shorter and in the color pink as well as the hot they usually wore on top of their heads.

"Classic..." Sakura said with a smile as she accepted the outfit.

Instantly Sakura began to undress herself, removing the bra and leaving her panties on as she threw them at Naruto who caught them with ease; the two other men were utterly shocked as they watched Sakura's body squeeze into the tight nurse outfit...

Gaara began to feel a little... hot? As he tugged on the collar of his shirt and looked at Neji who's face was beyond flushed by now as he continued to watch Sakura's curved body slip into the outfit; once it was on Naruto opened the door to the room as he exited with Gaara and Neji behind the two.

Their gazes were directed at her butt which was hardly being covered up the shortness of the damn nurse outfit...


"So, tell me how you got Sasuke's key again!?" Neji asked as Naruto opened Sasuke's front door and stepped into the well furnished house as he led all three of them towards his bedroom.

"I said that I would park his car when he left it in the no parking section, for fear that he would be late for his meeting and then from there a made an exact copy of the key for a prank that I pulled only weeks ago..."

Sakura slightly laughed at that as she was led into the room and was given instructions by Naruto who seemed pretty sure of himself.

"Okay, Sasuke-teme may be agitated that you're in his room but don't let him make you leave."

Sakura nodded her head as the three men left the large home and headed to downtown Hokkaido for a quick bite to eat before they headed home for the night...

In no sooner than 10 minutes, Sakura could hear the sound of a door being unlocked and then the sound of shoes being kicked off and footsteps softly padding against the hardwood floor as they finally stopped and Sakura couldn't help but hold her breath.


'Well, that meeting was a bitch...'

As Sasuke stepped into the room and glanced at his bed which now held a girl! A girl hardly wearing anything as she winked at him while speaking in a seductive voice.

"Happy birthday..."

'Happy- Oh Kami-sama! Naruto I'm going to kill you!'

"Let me guess, Naruto bought you for tonight?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

She nodded her head while standing and looking Sasuke over from top to bottom; he was handsome, very handsome; she hadn't had a customer quite like him before as she took a step forwards.

"Its time for your physical exam, Sasuke-kun."

He gripped her wrist as she was about to caress his cheek; eyes boring onto her form as he stepped away from her.

"I'm tired..."

"Then I'll go to bed with you..."


Sakura pouted as she hiked the outfit a bit higher so that it exposed a bit of the front of her pink panties; her cleavage was practically hanging out as it was crushed against the tightness of the damn outfit.

"Sasuke-kun..." She purred softly.

He froze up upon contact with his back as she brought her lips close to his ear and licked the shell of it before taking the lobe into her sweet mouth.

Her other hand went to the front of his pants as he let out a low grunt when she brushed his sex with her skilled fingers, teasing him when she felt his erection...

"You want more?" She asked.

He was shaking now, he was a successful business man! Never in his life would he imagine himself ever being seduced by a prostitute let alone an actual prostitute being in his room at a time like this!

Though she was no ordinary prostitute, she was gorgeous unlike many of the prostitutes out there who wore way too much makeup and went around flaunting what they had; he turned to face her as he slid his hand down her side as it rested on her hip.

At first when he became lost within her scent, Sasuke had placed light butterfly kisses all over the woman's slender neck and up to her jaw line as she moaned quietly; but when he licked the corner of her mouth she turned her head to the side...

'Tsunade told us to never kiss our customers...'

'We might become attached to them...'

Though she was really trying not to kiss his lips; she just couldn't, temptation sure was a bitch and suddenly all that rules that applied to being a prostitute went flying out the window even though she knew herself that what she was doing was wrong...

She claimed his lips with need as he plunged his tongue into her sweet crevice, memorizing every square inch of it as he pulled away, fingers greedily gripping the zipper to the outfit and tugging it down until her plump breasts spilled out.

She was shoved on the bed as his lips descended to her pert nipples; her moans only made him more determined that he would have her...

Sasuke didn't care anymore if his pride was slowly dissipating; it was his God damn birthday and earlier when Naruto had told him to loosen up really got to him so this was the best way he could think of to loosen up!

She arched her back when Sasuke began to nip at her nipples as he tugged open the remainder of the nurse outfit until she was completely and utterly naked, except for her panties which were beyond soiled...

Sasuke's fingers curled under the band of her panties as he pulled them down and tossed them carelessly to the floor; his eyes stuck to her womanhood as he suddenly found himself flipped over and Sakura was now on top.

How... how could she let herself give into him like that!? She was hired to give him pleasure, not the other way around!

Exposing his muscled chest when she tossed his white dress shirt away; next to go were his black pants as well as his boxers. His throbbing erection made itself known as Sakura looked at it through hazy emerald eyes.

Her lips enclosed over the delicious tip as she sucked greedily on it; earning her multiple moans as Sasuke gripped the bedsheets underneath him, his breath coming out in pants as he closed his eyes tightly.

His hand reached between her dripping core as his middle finger rubbed against the bud holding all of her pleasure; Sakura removed her mouth from Sasuke as she gave out a small cry of sheer pleasure.

She was placed carefully on her back as Sasuke climbed on top and trailed wet kisses all over her flat stomach as he reached his destination and let his talented tongue come out to flick against her bud.

"Sas... Sasuke..."

She gripped his shoulders as he licked her dry, cheeks basking in her juices from his previous actions as he leaned forward until his lips brushed against Sakura's; eagerly capturing his lips that were already so close to hers, Sakura moaned.

Sasuke rubbed his member against her core as she closed her eyes and awaited his cock to penetrate her; she let out a small gasp as he filled her with the tip only; sucking in air to stay under control...

"You... you're big aren't you?" Sakura said breathlessly.

She bucked her hips with need to finally be filled as Sasuke grunted and sheathed himself within her; he began a steady rhythm but then his thrusts became more needy and hungry as he pulled out and slammed into her again.

Her inner walls pulled him in deeper than before as he looked at her flushed face and took hold of her milky breasts, giving them a firm squeeze as he continued to thrust into her once again; she parted her lips as if to say something but no sound came out...

She was turned to pose on her hands and knees as Sasuke took hold of her hips from behind and rammed into her with raw need; she jumped a little at first, she hadn't felt anything like that in her life before!

She pushed her buttocks back, taking more of him in as she felt him release his seed before pulling out of Sakura and collapsing against the bed; Sakura was in a state of shock as she recovered from her previous climax...

She was pulled towards Sasuke as he buried his face in the crook of her neck; what she had done tonight broke almost every rule of prostitution! Though right now she didn't give a damn and would cross that bridge when it was time, if ever!

Right now she just savored in the feel of having a real man pressed against her as he soon after fell into a light sleep; she knew that she would have to leave tomorrow morning and head back to her house for a nice long shower...

Right now all she did was cuddle up to Sasuke as she wrapped her arms around him and fell into a light sleep; hoping that she could stay like this forever with him by her side, she couldn't however; prostitutes were not supposed to be attached to a particular customer or it would mean bad news...

And Sakura was in for a whirlwind of trouble.







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