Kiss and Tell


Summary --- When a door of opportunity opens up for Sakura she takes it on the spot! She had promised herself that her days as a playgirl were over; will she be able to give up something she has been doing for so long or will a certain business man change all that?

Pairing--- Sasuke -x- Sakura

Character Ages

Sasuke Uchiha --- 25

Sakura Haruno --- 19

Naruto Uzumaki --- 23

Neji Hyuga --- 26

Gaara Sazuku --- 25

Shikamaru Nara ---24

Ino Yamanaka --- 21

Hinata Hyuga --- 20

Tenten Yamada --- 25

Temari Sazuku --- 22

Kankuro Sazuku --- 25 (NEW)

Kakashi Hatake --- 29 (NEW)

Itachi Uchiha --- 27 (NEW)


He rubbed his temples.

"Sakura I-"

"Do you regret us ever meeting?!"

He was taken very aback by the question, looked down before running his fingers through his locks of raven hair..

"Honestly, I can't image a day in my life without you.."

She looked up at him with shock but never got the opportunity to speak because Sasuke was currently claiming her lips in a hurried frenzy..

She eagerly parted her lips for him, wrestling with the wet muscle while her arms coiled around his neck and pulled him closer than she ever thought imaginable!

"I love you!"

She smiled at him, "I want to stay."

Sasuke wrapped his arms around her waist, rested his chin on top of her head, fingers entangling with the young woman's, just sitting there in complete serenity..

They would have to stay at the Uchiha manor until the police eventually arrived and then they would be taken in for questioning and that totally blew Sasuke's evening with the pink haired beauty but on the bright side.. He would be waking up each and every morning to see her gorgeous face pressed against his chest..

He blushed slightly, never meeting her gaze while he spoke, "Will you.. be my wife..?"

Sakura pulled herself away from him in complete shock but quickly regained from it and instead pressed her lips firmly against Sasuke's..

"Is that enough of an answer for you?"

He chuckled lowly, "Yes, koi.."

He watched the girl doze off, emerald eyes closing as her head cocked to the side, strands of pink hair cascading down her shoulder as she slept..

'Sakura Uchiha.. sounds good.'


Author's Note: OO this IS the last chapter to kiss and tell and i just want to say thank you to every single person who supported me during this whole fic! Like the time when that 'agina' person flamed on me BIG time: )


Chapter 11: Kiss


"Sasuke-teme!! Sakura-chan!!"

Uzumaki Naruto burst through the Uchiha's office door, creating a loud ruckus that made both people inside growl and crack their knuckles.

"What do you-"

He screamed which shut Sasuke up.

"What the hell is that on your finger?!"

Sakura looked down and smiled.

Naruto being the dobe he was, slowly backed up and sobbed.

"Your.. your engaged to that teme!?"

She laughed, "Yes but he's my teme.."

She stuck her tongue out at him, "Gee, thanks.." Sasuke mumbled.

Sakura giggled cutely, "My pleasure.."

Naruto held out both his hands, eyes darting back and forth between Sasuke and Sakura.

"Okay.. this is just too weird!"

They laughed at the freaking out blonde as he rushed out of the room.

"I didn't even have to use my stapler to get the dobe out of my office this time.."

Sakura laughed lightly, just being here with Sasuke made her happy and want to smile all the time.

Though, she had to admit that she was a tad bit taken aback when the Uchiha decided to kiss her lips. She parted them, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as fiercely as Sasuke was.

He pulled away with a smirk, "You up for some elevator sex?"

Sakura slapped his arm playfully, "Pervert!"

He smiled against her lips before plunging his tongue into her mouth and dueling with her own, running over rows of teeth, bottom lip and memorizing every inch of her tantalizing mouth.


"Tsunade, I'm quiting."

The woman almost choked on the other line.

"You.. quiting?!"

Sakura nodded, "Yes."

Tsunade straightened herself out, cleared her throat and smiled.

"If that's really what you want."

Sakura chuckled, "It is."

A sigh, "Well, good luck, Sakura.."

"Yeah.. same goes to you."

"Who was that?"

Sakura looked over her shoulder, "Oh.. no one."

Sasuke wrapped his arms around her midsection and pulled her against his naked chest, kissing her neck and letting his tongue run over her pulse.

"You smell nice.." He drawled on lazily.

Sakura giggled, "I need to shower.."

She arched, her body feeling so hot against his all of a sudden. Before she knew it, she was pinned against the bed, his body hovering over hers and a smirk grazing his lips.


He captured her lips and darted his tongue in her sweet cavern, savoring in the exotic taste of the woman beneath him.

"Oh God!"

He kneaded her breasts, feeling the nipples harden in his hands, fingers running over them and teeth nipping at the skin of her collar bone..

Her heart was beating ecstatically, thumping within her ribcage as she felt a wave of sheer pleasure roll throughout her body like a tidal wave.

He tugged at her jeans, "These.. need to come off."

She helped him in the removal of her jeans, sliding them from her hips and finally throwing them to the floor where they would be left forgotten just for tonight..

His lips kissed the flat plane of her stomach and back up to her taut nipples in which he sucked and tugged at the aching flesh. She panted heavily, fingers fixating themselves within the Uchiha's dampened hair.

"Please- ah!"

He squeezed the neglected breast, free hand slipping between her legs as he ran the thumb over her sensitive bud. He could feel her panties already becoming wet from all his previous ministrations.

"Give in."

He pulled away from the twin peeks covered in his love bites, running his tongue over her stomach before pulling away at her panties..

Sakura looked through blurry eyes, just the sight of Sasuke's head bobbing up and down between her thighs was enough to make her blush for an entire day!

"Sasuke I- ah.."

Her head was tilted back, mouth slightly parted as she felt a wave of pleasure rush through her.

"You taste good."

He licked his lips for emphasis, before totally removing the black boxers he wore; pressing the tip at Sakura's entrance until her legs were properly wrapped around his waist and she bucked her hips in need.


Her fingers gripped at the bedsheets, eyes closed as she cried out in surprise, he must be more excited than usual..

For some reason unknown to Sakura.. he seemed.. bigger than usual.

He didn't move until he could feel her inner walls pulling at his cock, he grunted while placing his hands on either side of her head and pulling half-way out before sheathing himself all the way again.

"God! Oh God Sasuke!!"

A loud squelching noise echoed off the walls of the spacious room, the creaking of the bed didn't go unnoticed either..

But they didn't care at the moment.

They were letting desire reign supreme for tonight and the nights to come afterwards..

"Fuck! Your so.. tight!"

She blushed, throat gone cry from all the screaming she had previously done. Her lips were parted, she felt him capture them and kissed back lazily..

There seemed to be a tight and burning coil in the very pit of her stomach the more Sasuke thrust into her core.. It was driving her insane and her body felt feverish the longer they kept this up.

She felt her first orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks but Sasuke didn't quite seem satisfied so instead, he fell backwards and brought Sakura with him; still joined from below.. This new feel made Sakura jump in surprise and made Sasuke harder..

He guided her hips in an upwards motion, bucking his as well while growling at the friction it created between the two of them..

She gripped his shoulders in need, clawing at the pale skin as she shook her head and continued in an upwards and downwards motion.

"I.. I can't!"

The sight in front of him was enough to make him die happy on the spot. He greedily cupped her bouncing mounds, squeezing them and only adding to the immense pleasure the young woman was feeling at the moment..


The afterglow of their sex made both smile in content, arms wrapping around sweaty bodies and lips molding perfectly together..


"You know I love you, right?"

Sasuke chuckled, "I hope so.."

They shared a quick kiss before exiting the Uchiha manor and heading for the large business in the heart of Tokyo City.

From now on they were going to be looking forward to every morning.. Because they would both be sleeping soundly beside each other..


He took out the bottle of aspirin from the drawer and decided to take out a few just in case his headache escalated to whole new levels.

Which it would..

"We have to do something!"

He raised a brow.

"And why is that?"

"Because I'm bored.."

He lost his balance and nearly toppled over, "Entertain yourself, dobe!"

He jumped up and down like a small kid.

"I don't wanna!!"


He turned around and smiled at Uchiha Sakura.

"Sasuke's being mean to me again!"

She sighed, "Honestly you two.."

She narrowed her eyes, "Grow the fuck up."

He gasped over dramatically, "You swore! 25 cents in the swear jar!"

She punched him over the head, "Oh shut up!"

"Oi, Naruto!"

He looked over his shoulder at his three office buddies; Nara Shikamaru, Hyuga Neji and Sazuku Gaara.


They looked at him funny.

"Wanna do something?!"

Shikamaru looked him over, "Like what?"

He placed a finger on his chin, "Let's get some ramen!"

And they were gone.


He ran outside and looked at the three retreating backs of Shikamaru, Gaara and Neji running towards the elevator.

"Wait! Come back!!"

A loud crash was heard and the sound of liquid spilling along with maniac laughing echoing from down the hall.

"My coffee!"

Shikamaru smirked.

"Boo-hoo, Hyuga!"

Gaara piped up while poking Naruto with a pencil, "I don't think he's breathing.."

Shikamaru chuckled, "He won't be getting up for a while."

Sakura slapped herself in the forehead, "This will never get old, ne?"

Sasuke chuckled while shaking his head, "Nah.."

They pressed their lips together, tongues starting a war and running over rows of teeth as well as every square of their mouths..

"Oh! I almost forgot!"

He pulled away much to Sakura's dissatisfaction.

She looked at him weirdly, "A stapler?"

He nodded his head, "A red stapler to go along with my black one!"

She watched as he took out his stapler and showed it to her, "They look so good together."

She sighed, "Why do I need this again?"

He raised a brow, "For stapling things together."

He turned his back and headed for his desk, leaving a snickering Sakura to glance at this backside before-

"And for this?!"

The moment Sasuke looked over his shoulder was the moment he got smacked square in the face with his own weapon and crashed to the ground.

"What. The. Fuck."

She laughed, "Hurts. Doesn't it?"

He nodded while groaning and grasping his head in pain.


She giggled, picked up her stapler and placed it at the edge of her desk.

"I think I'm starting to like this stapler.."

Sasuke groaned in pain again, "I think I'm starting to hate it."

She full out laughed, "There's more where that came from!"

He rubbed his aching temples and popped back the aspirin.

"I hate you.."

She swatted at the Uchiha.

"I love you too.."


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