Title: Calm the Parents

Author: Morgan O'Conner

Rating: PG

Summary: Sam's parents have been shocked and horrified already, so it can only get better, right? Right?

Disclaimer: I really don't own anything relating to Transformers. Just playing with the characters a bit, I'll return them unharmed, I promise. 

Author's Note: Back by popular demand! I really hadn't been planning on doing a sequel to Meet the Parents, but you guys convinced me it was a good idea. That, and Dance with the Devil has gotten so very serious, and I needed to write something light and fluffy. Hopefully, this meets the same standards as the last one, and you all have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. :)

Fifteen minutes later, when the initial shock has worn off

"Look, Mom, you're freaking out. You need to stop. Why don't we go home, where we can talk about this calmly and rationally?"

"Calm down! You want me to calm down?! How can you expect me to calm down, Sam!"

The Autobots were watching with mild interest (Sam could see Ironhide unobtrusively examining his cannons), and Lennox was hanging a little ways back in case Sam needed another human to back him up.

"Mom, really, we should go home and talk about this. Away from the Autobots that are freaking you out so much. If it's easier, I can even leave Bumblebee – uh, my car - here for now, all right? I'll even ask Will to come, he was a military captain and can explain all this a lot better than I can. Please?" Sam looked to his father. "Dad? Is that okay?"

His father looked around, from one Autobot to the next, before his gaze settled on Sam again. "All right, son. Judy, come on, let's get in the car. Sam, you and your friend, in the back seat."

Sam shot an apologetic glance at Will, who waved it off, spoke a few soft words to Ironhide and the others, and joined Sam in his parents' car. With one last glance at the bots, they sped away.


Thirty minutes later, in the safety of their own home

His mom was pacing. And drinking. These were never a good combination during the best of times. Together, they always meant trouble for Sam. He plopped down in a chair and motioned for Will to sit in the one across from him. His parents, he knew, would take the couch, where they could sit ramrod straight and be the most intimidating together. This was a rarity in the Witwicky household, but it certainly wasn't a first.

Finally, they were all seated. Judy took another sip of her drink before Ron carefully took the glass from her.

"All right, Sam. What were those things?" his father asked.

Sam bristled, as he always did when someone referred to his friends as something other than the super-cool sentient beings they were. At a look from Lennox, he calmed himself. "They're called Autobots, and they're from a destroyed planet called Cybertron. And they're not things, they're smarter than we are. They have feelings and thoughts, just like we do."

Will cleared his throat. "This started a couple years back. The night your family was taken by the government for questioning? When Sam and Mikaela were separated from you, they were brought to Sector 7, which is where most of us learned all of this. They had had contact with the aliens, and at that point, the government needed any information they could get. I was brought in with my team because we had been attacked by two of them at our base in Qatar."

"They're dangerous? Oh, I knew it, they looked like they would be!" Sam's mom started babbling until his father put his hand on her arm and motioned for Will to continue.

"No, Ma'am, the Autobots you saw aren't. What attacked my men were Decepticons, who have been battling the Autobots for thousands of years to get a powerful object and take over the planet with it. When their mission failed, when Sam destroyed the object and killed their leader (Sam winced, not thinking they needed so much information), the Decepticons, what were left of them, fled. There hasn't been a sighting of them since."

"So then why are these…Autobots…still here?" she asked unhappily.

Sam answered quietly. "They have no place else to go. This is their home now."

"I don't like this," Judy moaned. "I don't like this at all. Sam, you've been in contact with these things all this time? Who knows what it's done to you!"

Sam was getting fed up. "Nothing, Mom! It hasn't done anything to me, except give me a whole bunch of friends that I can count on, who I would trust with my life! Look, Will was in the military, and even he trusts them! Ironhide has been in hiding as Will's truck since that day two years ago! Will has a two-year-old daughter that he trusts Ironhide with! Will nothing convince you that they're okay?!"

His mother looked very taken aback. "But, Sam, you don't know anything about them!"

"I know more than you think," he said. He rubbed a hand tiredly over his face. "Dad, do you remember when you told me I had a legacy? And you gave me all of my great-great-grandfather's old stuff?"

"Well, of course I do," his dad replied, confused.

"He wasn't crazy, Dad. He had discovered exactly what he said. One of the Decepticons – their leader – had crashed landed in the arctic. He found him by accident, and linked my fate with theirs because of it. The Autobots are my legacy. And they're my friends."

"And your car? What's that?" Judy asked shrewdly.

"He," Sam said, taking a breath "is exactly what he told you he was. My boyfriend. And his name is Bumblebee, not Benjamin."

Will looked up at him, startled. This was news to him. The only other person Sam thought knew was Optimus, and even that was questionable.

Judy looked faint.


Two weeks later

"Sam, honey?"

Sam sighed. It had been endless questions for the last two weeks, questions that rarely ever made sense, and when she asked the few that did, she always seemed to not like his answers. But he had promised himself he wouldn't lie to his parents anymore. He'd even tried to stay home more the last couple weeks, for his mom's sake. But it was starting to grate. Bumblebee had stayed away from the house during that time, afraid of upsetting Sam's parents more than they already were. Sam was really starting to miss him. "Yeah, Mom," he said, checking another sigh.

"This probably isn't any of my business, but…well…" She was wringing her hands, and that was never a good thing. "How do you and Ben…Bumblebee…do things together? Like…you know, sex."

Sam choked and banged his head against the desk.


And another week after that…

"Mom, just so you know, I'm going out," Sam said, grabbing up his overnight bag and walking briskly toward the front door. His departure was halted just as he was reaching for the handle.

"Where are you going, who will you be with, and when will you be back?" the Witwicky matriarch asked from her place at the table, where she was sipping a mug of coffee and looking shrewdly over at her son.

Sam sighed. "Y'know, Mom, I really am twenty years old. I'm also pretty capable of taking care of myself."

"And you're not leaving this house until you've answered all of those questions to my satisfaction."

"Fine," he said with another sigh, setting the bag down. "Will is picking me up, we're going to the outlook to meet up with Maggie, a friend of ours who just flew in from D.C., and the Autobots. From there, we're all going for a relaxing weekend at Will's house, since Sarah invited all of us and it's a nice little cut off area that the 'bots can have some freedom. Before you ask, yes, Bee will be there, and for the record, when I come home, he's also returning. It's been three weeks, it's not fair to make him stay away longer than that, and, y'know, he is also my car, so having him around comes in handy. I'll be home in a couple of days."

Judy carefully set her mug down and glared at him, lips pursed. "I still don't like this, and I certainly don't approve of this…whatever it is you have with that car. But I suppose I really can't argue with you, and you say that air force captain will be there as well, so I guess it should be safe…"

"I love Bee, Mom. You should really get used to the idea. And you've been getting to know him for over a year now. Just because there's more to him than you originally thought, doesn't change who he is. You liked him well enough then." He didn't wait for a reply, just grabbed his bag again and left the house, climbing gratefully into Ironhide's cab and trying not to think too much as they sped off toward the outlook.


Thirty minutes later…

Sam jumped out of Ironhide's cab and made his way over to the quiet Camaro parked near the edge of the overlook. He ran a hand over the hood. "Hey, Bee," he said quietly. "Missed you."

The air next to him shimmered and he was suddenly enveloped in strong arms, warm breath tickling the side of his neck. Sam was struck by how ridiculously realistic their holograms could be.

"Missed you too," Bee said. "I had convinced myself they would never allow you to leave."

Sam smiled. "They're going to have to get used to it sooner or later. I told them you were coming home when we got back."

Autobots so rarely smiled, but when Bumblebee decided to use his human projection, he had a smile that could light up the universe in Sam's mind.


A weekend later…

"Are you truly sure this is a good idea, Sam?" The disembodied voice came quietly as Sam was pulling up in front of his parent's house, startling him because Bee rarely actually spoke when in car form.

He ran a hand over the steering wheel. "Yes, I'm sure. For the millionth time, I'm sure. That's all you've asked all weekend, and the answer isn't going to change."

With a resigned sigh as Sam stepped out of the car, Bee created and solidified his human projection and followed Sam up to the door to his house. Sam grasped his hand tightly and opened the door.

If he was surprised to see his parents both standing in the kitchen, he didn't let it show, just grasped Bee's hand tighter and closed the door behind them.

"Mom, Dad…you both know Bee. I'm sure you can learn to be civil, or let me know now and I'll start working on finding new accommodations." He figured short and to the point was probably better.

Bee glanced at him, startled. "Sam, no, I don't want to be the cause of -"

"No, Sam is right."

Both Sam and Bee looked over at Judy, shocked. Her lips were pursed in a tight frown, but her eyes were resigned.

"He shouldn't have to live here with two people who can't support his decisions. I may not like it, but he's an adult now." She glared a little at Bee, despite herself, and he shrank back, just enough for Sam to notice. "I don't like it. This can only lead to trouble, I'm sure. My son dating a…a…an alien. But…we'll both try to respect it, for Sam's sake."

"Thank you," Bee said quietly.

This time, it was Sam's smile that was blinding as he went forward and hugged both his parents tightly.


A few hours later, when all is dark, the parents have gone to bed, and Bumblebee is outside in stasis…

"Wow, so it all worked out then? I'm glad for you, Sam," Maggie said over the webcam with a grin.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I was pretty freaked, y'know? But they seem to be cool…or trying to be, anyway. Actually, and I dunno if they or Bee are more freaked by this, they want to pick a day to go to the overlook and have an in-depth conversation with him to try and get to know him better in his normal Autobot form." Sam grinned in delight, imagining how that conversation would go. He was going to go just for the popcorn moments.

Maggie laughed. "Well, I'll be honest, when Will first told me what he'd found out about you and Bumblebee, I found it…unlikely. But you two are great together, really. And…well, this is going to sound strange, all things considered."

"What's up, Maggie?" He took a few deep swallows from his can of Pepsi.

"Well, I don't even live with my parents anymore, but eventually, they'll need to know…well, Ratchet and I were wondering if you could offer any advice, since now you've been there and all."

He very promptly spewed Pepsi out through his nose.

End (Really this time!)

Chapter completed on May 24, 2008