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Yugi groaned in pain as he tried to move his left leg. That only led to even more pain.

Holding back his tears as best as he could, Yugi remembered exactly what happened earlier…

Yugi had been out of school for about a week and a half, for he had caught a terrible cold. Although he loathed being sick, he was mostly relieved that the bullies could do nothing to him for a couple days.

But all that soon came to an end.

Hurriedly shoving his books and binders into his locker, Yugi swiftly grabbed his bag, slammed his locker shut and dashed down the hallway.

Yugi knew what would happen if Ushio and his thugs caught him. They would beat him up, except much, much worse. It would make up for the week he was out.

He knew that that would happen; he'd seen it happen to his dearest friend Ryou.

Stopping at the street corner, Yugi looked around. He so far hadn't seen the group of bullies, but Yugi knew better.

They could be anywhere.

Deciding to take a shortcut through the park, Yugi scurried across the crosswalk, hoping to blend in with the other people around him.

Once he was on the park grounds, Yugi walked at a slower pace to catch his breath, but what he saw made him completely freeze.

There, leaning on one of the park's benches was Ushio and his group smoking cigarettes or some kind of foul drug.

Feeling slightly lucky that they hadn't spotted him yet, Yugi tried to think of something real quick so that it would stay that way.

But sadly, as the idea of leaping back into the bush behind him popped into Yugi's head, he was stopped from doing so when a rough hand was placed upon his shoulder.

"Why, hello Yugi. It has been a while, hasn't it?" Ushio smirked, his eyes narrowing.

Feeling at a loss of words, the only thing Yugi could do was run.

Not daring to look behind him, Yugi knew that they'd catch up eventually, and sadly, eventually came pretty quick.

Entering the woods part of the park, Yugi felt someone grab his bag and pull him back, making him fall to the ground like a sac of potatoes.

Feeling dizzy, Yugi heard Ushio's voice overhead. "We missed you so much Yugi, that we're going to add in all those other beatings that you missed." A few snickers were heard.

Then the world seemed to stand still when the group started to kick and punch the poor teen.

By the time the punches and kicks had stopped, Yugi felt completely like a broken doll. With his heart racing, bruises probably painted upon his body with a few flesh wounds, and feeling unable to move, Yugi started to regret not taking Jou and Honda's invite to the arcade.

Feeling like he was going to loose consciousness at any given moment, Yugi realized that it had grown dark, and that it started to drizzle.

'Just…great…' Yugi heaved in his mind as the rain started to come down harder.

Wearily blinking, Yugi noticed two feet dressed in black in front of him.

Feeling that this person would more than likely bring him to the hospital, Yugi faintly smiled as he fell into a world of darkness.

The figure dressed in black lazily looked down at the now unconscious teen.

Feeling the rain becoming stronger upon his shoulders, the figure's crimson eyes narrowed as he sank to his knees to observe the boy more closely.

Since the boy was lying on his stomach, the figure rolled him over onto his back, nearly gasping.

The boy looked so much like himself, but with childish features.

Putting a finger to the boy's face, the figure felt the boy's skin becoming cold, and noticed that the color in his face was quickly fading.

But what the figure really noticed was that there wasn't a scratch on the boy's neck.

It was puzzling, because the figure had watched the beating upon the teen within the safety of the shadows. He watched this boy scream out in agony every time he was hit, but nothing but mere dirt had come in contact with his neck.

'Just a sip.'

Feeling tempted now, the figure slowly lowered his head to the boy's neck and revealed his fangs and bit into the boy's flesh, blood rushing into his mouth.

Quickly pulling back, the figure was stunned. This boy's blood was the richest and purest blood he had ever tasted.

Feeling the urge to drink up the rest of the boy's blood, and just kill him on the spot, the figure stopped himself before doing so.

He had a better idea.

Carefully picking up the boy in a bridal-like fashion, the figure strolled in the rain into what seemed like a different world.

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