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"A what?"

The white-headed vampire sighed. "An elf, Ryou."

"But I don't look anything like one!" the teen protested.

Bakura clenched his fists, and quickly unclenched them before he did something he knew he'd regret. "Ryou, disguising yourself as an elf would be easy. You have many features of one."

"Like what?" Ryou scoffed in a childish manner, making Bakura chuckle despite being annoyed.

Bakura took a quick glance at the teen, and concluded, "You have big eyes that make you look like a light elf, your hair is uncut and flowing, and you can be thought as a man or a women at first glance." He smirked when Ryou gave him a shocked look.

Ryou seemed to want to say something, but nothing came out of his open mouth. Pushing the shock away, Ryou inwardly pouted at Bakura's statement, and asked, "But aren't elves supposed to have pointed ears?" He pulled his hair back so that the vampire could look at his ears.

"Don't worry Ryou, we can fix that."

Yugi shivered when his bare feet met the damp grass.

"Ca-can't I be s-something else Atemu?" Yugi chattered as Atemu smirked at his shivering form.

Atemu ruffled Yugi's hair, messing it up some more, loving it when Yugi glared at him. "But Yugi, you look good as a hobbit. Why, you're the best hobbit I've ever seen."

"I'd ra-rather be disguised as an elf th-though," Yugi stated, trying to warm up his freezing arms. "At least R-Ryou doesn't have t-to take his sh-shoes off."

"Why do we have to be disguised anyway?" Yugi asked.

"Because if we're going to be going into the town, you two need to be something else that is not a human. Even good creatures out there will rat us out," Atemu explained, seeing Yugi shake somewhat violently.

"It's only going to be a fifteen minute walk," Atemu quickly stated, giving poor Yugi a hug to warm him up. "But it's weird, you seem to only become cold when you have your shoes off."

Yugi cuddled into the hug, trying to get as much of Atemu's body heat. "I d-don't know…" he whispered, feeling Atemu's lips connect with his neck.

Atemu took the advantage, and pushed Yugi back a little so that he could see the human in disguise's face, before capturing his slightly blue lips. Yugi softly moaned into the kiss, loving the warmth that he was receiving. He felt Atemu's hand's slip around his waist, as he stood up on his tiptoes.

The crimson-eyed vampire was just about to ask for entrance with his teeth when an annoyed voice entered the moment.

"Are we going to have to wait until you two are finished Atemu? Or should I just take Ryou to the portal myself?"

Pulling back in disappointment, Atemu felt his face heat up slightly as he glared at Bakura for ruining the near-perfect moment. Pushing his blush down, Atemu asked gruffly, "Is Ryou ready to go? Yugi is."

Bakura smirked as he watched his friend hide his red face. "Yes, ears and all," he stated, the smirk still on his face, as he pulled Ryou's hair back gently to reveal the teen's shaped ears. "Lets go," he said quickly as he grabbed at Ryou's hand, and walked passed the two look-a-likes.

To Atemu's relief, his blush had been eliminated, and he smiled as he looked at Yugi's even redder face. "Ready to go?" he asked.

Yugi nodded, obviously biting his lip in the process. "Hey, what ever happened to Jono and Seto?" he suddenly asked, looking around.

Atemu swung his arm around Yugi's middle as he began walking the way Bakura and Ryou had gone. "I woke up before they left. Jono said that he needed to get Seto some medical attention, but they made sure that you and Ryou were okay before they left," he explained, stepping over a fallen branch.

Yugi shivered. "I'm glad that they helped. Seto did look pretty beaten up back there," he remarked.

Atemu nodded, starting to faintly see the orange lights of the village.

"So how are we going to do this? The guarding is still pretty heavy."

Atemu looked over his shoulder to see the two disguised teens. "We can't use any spells, I'm broke, and if we use any, we'll be caught for sure when we come back."

Bakura nodded at the information. "We could make a run for it."

Atemu quirked an eyebrow. "Are you serious? They'd take action the moment we start running!" he exclaimed.

The albino vampire thought for a moment. "We could use smoke bombs…"

"Now you're just asking to be put into the dungeons with Marik," Atemu stated, rolling his eyes.

"Well I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas!" Bakura shouted in a whisper.

Atemu sighed. There didn't seem to be any way to get into the portals without being captured. They'd either be captured, and the two teens would be killed, and Bakura and him would be charged, or worse. Then, an idea popped into his head. "Do you still know Ishizu?"

Bakura's eyes widened. "Hell no! I'm not going to even ask for her help!"

"Please Bakura? You two were so compatible before. Why wouldn't she help you now?" Atemu asked, wondering why Bakura had such an attitude towards the sorceress at the moment.

Bakura mumbled something, making Atemu strain to hear what he had said. "What?" he asked when he didn't get the message.

"I blew her home up! She hates my guts now, so she won't help us!" Bakura shrieked.

Atemu was confused. "When did you do that?"

"Two months ago. No more questions."

Ryou and Yugi looked at each other quizzically, wondering whom this 'Ishizu' person was, and what she could to do help them.

Atemu sighed. "Do you at least know where she lives now?"

Bakura growled. Oh how he hated the woman's guts. "How should I know? I don't have her on a leash!"


"On 44th Avenue."

"Thank you."

The vampire sighed as he made it to the designated home, without the two humans being caught. Raising his fist, Atemu gingerly knocked on the wooden door, and heard someone mutter 'I'm coming, I'm coming' on the other side of the door.

As the door opened, it revealed the said sorceress, and within moments, she had a huge smile on her face, as she captured the vampire in a crushing hug, her magic fuming all around her.

"Atemu, it's so good to see you," Ishizu greeted. Looking over the vampire's shoulder, she noticed the two humans. "Are they your dinner?" she asked, assuming the first thing that came to her mind.

Atemu chuckled. "No Ishizu," he corrected. Leaning to her ear, he whispered, "They're humans, and we need your help to get them back to their world without being caught."

Ishizu blinked, as she soon realized that the two beings behind Atemu weren't what they seemed to be. "What do you mean by 'we'?" she asked.

Atemu grinned sheepishly, and took a step to the side, revealing the other vampire, who seemed to be cowering. "Ah…hi…?"

The sorceress' aura seemed to darken, as did her blue eyes. "What the hell are you doing here Bakura! Didn't I tell you to never come to me again!" she screamed, making Bakura cringe.

Deciding that Ishizu would tear Bakura apart before his very eyes if he waited any longer, Atemu stepped back in, and pushed the woman inside, and at the same time grabbed Bakura and the two teens as he entered the house. Closing the door behind him so that no one could peek on in their conversation, Atemu sighed.

"Ishizu, it was my idea, so please do not get upset with Bakura," Atemu reasoned, seeing the woman's face relax with each word.

"Then what do you need?" Ishizu asked, slight venom still in her voice.

"We need you to cast a spell around us so that we can get through the portal," Bakura explained gruffly.

Ishizu put a finger on her lip in thought. "The portal is still being guarded?" she asked aloud, earning two nods. She glanced towards Yugi and Ryou. "They explain it though," she commented.

Atemu ignored the sorceress' comment, and stepped forward. "So can you cast anything on us to enable us to get through?" he asked, hoping that she'd say yes.

Pacing around, Ishizu grabbed her spell book, and flipped through the pages. "Would you handle being turned into toads?" she asked, her eyes still in the book.

Yugi and Ryou looked at each other with frightened looks.

"I'm just kidding…" Ishizu muttered with a laugh when she received no response. "How about…would you deal with an invisible spell? It'll make you go unseen in this world, but in any other world, it wouldn't work."

Atemu's ears perked at the statement. "We'll take it!" he exclaimed happily. "How long will it take to prepare?" he asked.

Ishizu squinted her eyes to see the small print better. "Well, since I can't master all magic as of now, I'm still considered what everyone calls a 'noobie'. So just to gather all of the magic to cast this spell, I'll need several months of training, and on about average, it'll take about a year to prepare."

Atemu felt his eye twitch, and he could hear Bakura release a deathly low growl in his throat. He wasn't too sure about Yugi and Ryou.

Looking at the serious sorceress, Atemu felt his mouth fall open a tad, and he muttered, "Are you sure?"

Ishizu looked at him with a grave look, which made him immediately believe every word she had just let out. Within moments, Atemu felt that the tension of the news was becoming too thick, when Ishizu burst out laughing.

"I-I can't believe you ac-actually fell for it!" she laughed. "An-and you tho-thought that I was the idiotic one?" she snorted a couple time, making Yugi and Ryou come out of their stupors.

Coming to his senses, Atemu narrowed his eyes, thankful that Bakura had stayed back. "Ishizu, are you going to cast the spell or not? We can get someone-"

"No, no. I just like messin' with ya!" Ishizu cut in, taking the vampire's arm as he began to turn around. "Let me just power up."

Yugi and Ryou gazed with wonder as blue and silver sparkles fell around the four of them. Were they invisible yet? They were just dying to know.

"All done," Ishizu announced as she placed her wand back into her pocket. "The spell should take affect soon."

Bakura and Atemu seemed to let out a sigh of relief as the sorceress let out the news. "So when we come back through the portal, we'll both still be invisible?" Bakura asked, his voice a little relaxed.

"Yup." Ishizu smiled. "And just because you all fell for my trick, you don't have to pay me. But seriously, you should've seen the looks on your faces; especially yours Bakura; priceless," she stated, lightly pinching the white-headed vampire's cheek.

Swatting the hand away, Bakura growled. Could they leave yet? Ishizu seemed a lot crazier than he remembered…she probably when psycho when he burnt her house down.

Suddenly, Ishizu was jumping up and down in excitement. "It's working! It's working! You're all turning invisible! This is probably the first spell that's actually worked in months!"

"Ah, well, we'll be seeing you soon Ishizu, thanks!" Atemu said hurriedly, pushing the three others out the door, wanting to get away from the crazed sorceress.

As soon as the portal with guards all around came into view, Bakura and Atemu grabbed the two teen's hands. "We're going to make a run for it, okay? So stay as quiet as you can, and be prepared for anything that may come our way," Bakura explained to Ryou and Yugi, who nodded twice. "We'll have to go two at a time. Ryou and I will go first," Bakura added.

Making sure that the runway was clear, Atemu and Yugi watched as vampire and human made a run for it. Within seconds, they had disappeared into the portal without any complications.

"Ready Yugi?" Atemu asked, squeezing Yugi's hand reassuringly.

Yugi nodded, squeezing back.

Stepping out into the open space, Atemu started running towards the portal, and Yugi ran as fast as he could to keep up with Atemu's abnormal speed. Within what seemed to be milliseconds, they had left dark, damp, and orange surroundings, and were met with shadows created from sunlight.

Yugi blinked at the brightness, even if he was surrounded by shadows. He had grown so used to the darkness, he had almost forgotten what sunlight looked and felt like. Directing his gaze down, he was grateful to see that his shoes were now secure to his feet. Looking around, he noticed that they were in the woods part of Domino Park, and that his hand was not attached to Atemu's anymore.

Swerving his head around, he soon spotted Atemu running to his left. "Atemu! Wait!" he called out, going after the vampire.

Coming to a stop behind Atemu, Yugi looked at where Atemu was staring, and let out a small gasp. Bakura was shaking, and sweating like crazy, as Ryou held him in his small hold. "What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

"We didn't expect it to be daytime when we arrived. Bakura needs to get out of here, or he'll burn up," Atemu explained. "He's not a daywalker like me, so he can't survive in the sunlight. I think that you should say your goodbyes Ryou, he needs to get back to his world."

Ryou nodded slowly, and hugged the albino Dracula one last time, placing a small kiss on the burning lips. "Come visit me, okay?" he murmured.

"How could I not?" Bakura breathed back, attempting a smirk, but only managed half of one.

Handing the burning vampire to Atemu, Atemu walked Bakura back to the portal, and helped him through. Walking back to the teens, Atemu smiled. "You can get home from here Ryou?" he asked, hoping that Bakura's sudden departure didn't suddenly depress the teen.

Fortunately for him, Ryou smiled and nodded, turning on his heel, and before he was out of earshot, stated, "See ya tomorrow Yugi."

Once the albino teen was out of sight, Yugi turned to Atemu. "So, ah…"

"I can walk you home," Atemu stated simply, putting a finger on the teen's lips.

Nodding in agreement, Yugi took Atemu's hand in his, and started to walk out of the park.

"Yugi! Where have you been?" a concerned Solomon Motou asked as he burst through the Game Shop's door.

Letting Atemu's hand go quicker than intended to, Yugi ran up to his grandpa, capturing him in a hug. "I'm sorry I left early Grandpa, but I promised my friend Atemu that I'd show him the city since he's new here. Sorry I didn't tell you last night."

Solomon Motou sighed a sigh of relief, and pulled his grandson back. "You better tell me where you intend to go next time Yugi, I was just about to call the police," he stated in a stern voice. "This happened yesterday too," he slightly recalled, going into unnecessary deep thought.

Getting himself out of his grandpa's grip, Yugi turned to Atemu, and asked in a childish voice, "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure," Atemu agreed with a smirk, taking Yugi's hand again as the smaller led him inside, and then upstairs to the small living room.

Sitting down on the couch, Yugi blushed for what seemed to be no reason. "So when will I get to see you again?" he asked in a shy tone.

Atemu smiled as Yugi fought down his blush. "Anytime you want…or I could just pop my head in whenever I have to time."

"It sounds like you'd just do that to scare me; and when it could be three in the morning," Yugi scoffed playfully, sliding closer to the Dracula.

Atemu put on a shocked face. "Oh Yugi, you know I wouldn't do that. Not to you," he said with sarcasm.

Yugi gently punched him in the arm. "You know I'm not oblivious to your sarcasm anymore, right?" he asked as Atemu pecked him on the cheek.

"But I liked it when you were…" Atemu half moaned. "It made it easier to control your mind…" he added.

Yugi didn't hear the last statement, and allowed Atemu to trail kisses from his exposed neck, and onto his face, inching closer and closer to his lips.

Feeling that Atemu was just taking forever on purpose, Yugi forcefully grabbed the vampire's face, and passionately kissed him, feeling Atemu slightly shudder at the unexpected action.

Inwardly smirking, Atemu quickly took Yugi's small hands from his face, and lowered them to the open space on the couch beside them. Taking advantage, Atemu forcefully kissed back, hearing a slight moan come from Yugi. Wanting to suddenly finish where they left off before in his world, Atemu gently bit down on Yugi's bottom lip, asking for entrance.

Yugi happily complied, and opened up, allowing Atemu to explore. A couple minutes later of a battle of tongues, and exploration of hot caverns, the human and vampire finally broke apart, for the need of air was building up.

Lightly panting, with slightly bruised lips, Yugi smiled, and hugged Atemu like there was no tomorrow. Atemu took in the boy's scent one last time. "I'll miss you," Yugi mumbled into Atemu's shirt.

"Me too," Atemu replied. "But I'll try to come over as much as possible." Looking over Yugi's shoulder, Atemu looked at the time that read 4:37 p.m. Pulling back, Atemu gave Yugi one last kiss before saying, "I need to get going, Bakura might have gotten too much sunlight, and could be causing havoc as we speak."

Yugi smiled. "Alright. I love you."

Standing up from the couch, Atemu started to leave, but before he made his departure down the stairs, he whispered loud enough for Yugi to hear, "I love you too. See ya."

He disappeared down the stairs.

-Two Months Later-

"Yugi, are you almost done?"

"No, not yet Grandpa, I'm still cutting the tomatoes."

Yugi smiled when his grandpa audibly sighed with hunger. Turning his attention back onto the dinner he was making, Yugi continued to slice the tomato into thin strips.

Slice after slice was cut, and he started on another tomato. Nearly done with the tomato, Yugi's hand accidentally slipped, and he cut the tip of his finger open, and blood immediately started to ooze out.

"Ow!" Yugi cried, dropping the knife down on the counter, as he grasped his hand. But he stopped his movements as soon as he looked at the blood dripping out of his finger.


His blood was still amethyst colored. Even in this world, it still was amethyst. Still staring at it, Yugi didn't hear his grandpa come in.

"Yugi? What's wrong? I heard you yell," Solomon asked with worry, peeking over his grandson's shoulder. As soon as he caught a glimpse of Yugi's blood, he immediately sprang into action.

"Yugi! Here, come over to the sink, and wash that, I'll get a band-aid," Yugi's grandfather stated hurriedly, moving Yugi over to the sink, and turning it on, and since Yugi still didn't move, he took the teen's finger and put it under the running water.

Coming back to his senses when the water stung his cut, Yugi noticed that his grandpa didn't say anything about the color of his blood. When his grandpa came back with a band-aid, and some disinfectant, Yugi suddenly asked, "What's the color of my blood?"

Solomon gave his grandson a confused look at the question, but simply answered, "Red Yugi, what other color could it be? Green? Yellow?"

Yugi bit his lip in embarrassment, but just mumbled, "Never mind."

As soon as the band-aid was wrapped around his finger, and free of any germs, Yugi continued serving dinner, and momentarily forgot the amethyst color when he and his grandpa sat down for dinner.

As promised, Solomon washed the dishes, and Yugi retreated back to his room. Closing the door behind him, he switched the lights on, only to jump a good five feet up. "Atemu!"

Atemu smirked, and somewhat stalked up to the boy, quickly noticing the bandaged up finger. "What happened here?" he asked, holding up the hand, and then gave the finger a small kiss.

"I cut myself when I was making dinner…" Yugi replied lamely. "My blood is still amethyst," he announced.

Atemu smirked. "Good. I like it when people are different." Another kiss to the finger.

Yugi blushed, and gave Atemu a squeezing hug, since he hadn't seen the vampire in over a month. "Is the portal still being guarded?"

Atemu smiled. "No, and thank Ra that it isn't. Bakura nearly beat up three guards when they announced that the portal wouldn't be open until next year," he explained. Yugi gave him a confused look. "But the whole town protested, and they did one last check of any humans, and when they found none, then they opened the portal."

"That's good. At least you won't have to use any more invisibility spells to get through," Yugi sighed, still clinging to Atemu.


Glancing at the clock, Yugi saw that it read 9:57 p.m. "I had a late dinner, and I have school tomorrow. I should be getting to bed," he announced, suddenly remembering that it was only Wednesday. "Join me tonight?"

Atemu's eyes immediately lit up as he watched Yugi crawl into bed. A lot quicker than he intended, the Dracula slipped into the bed with the teen, and wrapped a hand around Yugi's waist.

"Goodnight Yugi," he whispered into the boy's ear, smiling when Yugi shivered.

"G'night Atemu," Yugi whispered back as he turned off his lamp, and then turned around to cuddle into Atemu's warm chest.

A couple minutes of silence passed, and Yugi shivered again.

"Something wrong Yugi?" Atemu asked, bringing the human closer.

"I'm cold," Yugi replied, seeking more warmth.

"Do you have your shoes off?" Atemu asked, shifting his own feet so that they touched Yugi's bare ones.

"Yes. Why?"

"That explains it."

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