Wind of Truth & Sands of Change

On Fear…

001. Karura's Words

She barely remembered her mother. She remembered the faint smell of lavender. She remembered a beautiful red kimono that hung in one of the closets. She remembered her smile. But mostly, Temari remembered Karura's eyes the day she died, and the words she whispered in her ear.

The emotions in Karura's eyes were overwhelming.




Those emotions had scared Temari so much. But what had scared her most, were the words her mother said. "Never fall for one obsessed with power." She had whispered. "Never fall in love with an ambitious man, Temari."

Temari doubted she would ever forget those words

002. Crying

Kankuro couldn't even begin to understand his sister.

He couldn't understand what was wrong with her. Maybe she was like that because she was a girl.

Temari didn't believe what adults said to her in the beginning and he wasn't sure she believed after. Temari was always crossing the line, testing the limits.

It was almost as if she had something to prove.

"We aren't supposed to go near him." Kankuro muttered.

Temari looked at the boy and then back at Kankuro. "He's crying." She then continued getting steadily closer.

"He's a monster, Temari." Kankuro whispered looking at the little boy in fear.

"So they say."

003. Shukaku

Kankuro woke up with a jolt. He was covered in sweat and tangled in the sheets. He was remembering Gaara. He would never forget as long as he lived, the way the boy's eyes changed and blue veins crawled on his skin. He couldn't forget that that monster would've killed him. He wasn't ready to die.

004. Unable to Hate

When Temari thought about it, they'd been screwed over when they were kids. So many things could've been better, if they'd only been allowed to grow up without fear. They had instilled the same fear in her heart as they had in Kankuro's heart. Fear that would someday blossom into hatred.

But she could never hate him.

She was afraid of him, but she couldn't bring herself to hate him.

He was, after all, her younger brother.

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