The Craft Two: The Next Generation

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the movie or whatever. Kara, Val, Erica, and Dana are characters I made up. So is anyone in this story who wasn't in the movie.

"Um…no…" said Kara, "But I've like, heard about it and stuff. It's kind of interesting."

"Yeah, I've done it. I'm kinds into it, I guess," Dana said.

Val looked to Erica.

"Oh, well, uh, nothing too serious. You know, an Ouija board at my birthday parties. Attempted séances at my cousin's sleepovers and stuff. That kind of thing."

Val smiled. "Well, this is nothing like an attempted séance. This is real." She spoke of the Craft as if it were a precious baby. She reached into the trunk and pulled out a fat red candle, and a bunch of little white ones. She stopped as if remembering something. "Shit," she said softly.

"What?" Kara asked.

Val sighed. "Flowers. I forgot, we need pink flowers!" She smacked her hand to her forehead as if to say, "How could I be so stupid?"

"Maybe we can just go outside and get some. Like, from your neighbors' yard or something," Dana suggested.

"Yeah. I think Mrs. Coppler across the street has some growing in her front yard. She won't notice. Besides, we only need, like, two," Val said. "Come on," Val rummaged in a box near her trunk and pulled out a flashlight.

The girls got out of the attic and went downstairs. Val opened her front door, which made a loud creaking noise, causing her mother to come and ask them what they were doing.

"Oh, um…well…we're looking for, uh, Erica's ring. Yeah, she thinks she dropped it outside before she came in," Val lied.

Bonnie gave her daughter a suspicious look. "All right. You girls be careful."

"Yeah, okay mom," Val said, closing the door as she followed the other girls outside. "Okay, let's go."

The girls walked across the street and into Mrs. Coppler's yard. Valerie turned on the flashlight and went up to the small garden lining the porch. She plucked two light pink flowers from the ground. "All right, let's go back"

The girls ran back across the street and into Val's house.

"Did you find it?" Val's mom asked when they got in.

"Find what?" Val asked.

"The ring," Bonnie said slowly, looking puzzled.

"Oh, that! Uh, yeah. Yep. It was, uh, on the porch stairs," Val said, hiding the flowers behind her back. "Kay, well, um…we'll be upstairs."

Val, Erica, Dana and Kara raced upstairs and back into the attic.

"Okay, let's all sit in a circle," Val instructed. They all got on the floor and made a circle. Valerie put the little white candles around them, and placed the big red one in the middle of their circle. She pulled the petals off the two flowers and sprinkled them around the red candle. Once all of the candles were lit, Val took her place in the circle and explained what they were about to do.

"Well, to kind of, uh, I guess, prove to you that this is like, real, we're gonna do this thing called a Glamour that my mom did when-"

"Wait, your mom taught you this stuff?" Dana asked, looking very surprised.

"Well, no, not exactly. She never really told me about it, but I was in the attic in our old house and I found all her old stuff. She had this Book of Shadows thing and wrote in it about how her and her friends did it before. I guess she was really into it when she was our age."

"Wow," said Erica. "I think my mom used to be into it, too. It's weird that like, our moms were into it and stuff and now we are."

"The only thing I know about my mom when she was young is that she used to be in an insane asylum," Dana chuckled.

"Hey, my mom had a friend that went into an insane asylum," Kara said. "Her name was Nancy."

Dana's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. "That's my mom!" she exclaimed.

"Wait, Nancy? In my mom's book, she wrote about doing witchcraft with a girl named Nancy. And two other girls. Rochelle and a girl they met at St. Benedict's, Sarah," Val said.

"My mom's name is Sarah! And she moved her and went to St. Benedict's!" Erica said.

"And Rochelle is my mom!" said Kara.

"Oh my God," whispered Dana. "This is so weird!"

"I know. Our moms all did this witch stuff together, and now here we are like, twenty years later, doing the same thing," Kara said

"You guys, my mom wrote about doing some pretty amazing things. That could be us! You know, make things happen!" Valerie said.