AN/ A short little drabble. I don't like it too much, but it wouldn't leave me alone until I typed it up. Enjoy.

Standard Disclaimer Applies

Uchiha Mikoto walks to the market with her youngest son in tow. She looks at the grocery list in her hand and wonders if she needs anything else.

"Sasuke-chan, do we need anything else?"

"Is tomatoes on the list?"

"Of course," Mikoto laughs.

Sasuke and his mother reach the market and are currently purchasing rice. Mikoto looks around. Every woman around her is wearing their hair short.

"Ne, Sasuke-chan, do you think I should cut my hair?"

Sasuke takes a moment to look at his mother. The seven year old boy tried to imagine his mother with shorter hair. It was not a pretty picture.

"Kaa-san, you look beautiful with long hair."


Around the corner, a girl hears what Sasuke said, and misinterprets it. 'Kyaa! Sasuke-kun likes girls with long hair!'