Summery: Sasori lived through his and Sakura's fight. He loved how she almost killed him. She was pefect for him. He never talks to her. He always watches her. Untill he decides to help her with her training what will happen. [Requested

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' Inner'

'Sakura's thoguhts'


"Song lyrics"

Hidden Romance - Intro

Sasori sat in the shadows of the trees as he watched her lock her house door. She smield and laughed. She glows. He hopped toi tree to tree as she moved on ward to were she was headed. She started to train. Sakura started to kick the tree a hundred times as when she was done she started to train her self in Tai-jutsu. Sasori smirked. He knew she wasn't well at doing that jutsu. He pondered on weather or not to go down there and help her but he decided that eh will take his chances. He jumped down as he smirked as he stood there in front of her. Sakura blushed. He smirked.

"I thought you were dead!" Sakura yelled charging at him. He shook his head no as in he didn't die.

"You didn't kill me and I am thankful for that or I never would have seen ur beautiful face again. I have been watching you these past 4 months. I couldn't stand not talking to you or even going down near you." Sasori said as Sakura juss blushed and looked down as he let go of her wrists.

'You have been watching me all this time?" She asked and he nodded giving her a cool gaze and she yelped. He laughed as she just walked up to him. She looked at him and sighed.

"WHY DON'T YOU JUSS LEAVE HERE! THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL FALL FOR YOU SASORI!" Sakura yelled sending a sharp kunai at him. He caught it and put it into the ground skipping off heart broken.

"She hates me." He said to himself as he hopped to his lonely tree branch. He sat there for hours on end. He looked at the sky and sighed.

'Stupid Sasori. Thinking I would love him there is no way I would-' She said stopping as her heart raced.

'Why do I feel this way?' Sakura thought. 'You like him' Inner said.

' Do not'

' Yes you do its writtin all over ur face!'

'Maybe I do ok.'

' U admit it.'

' no I didn't all I said was-'

' you like him admit IT!'

'Fine I like him a bit but we can never be he is a criminal and I ama medic. It would never work' Sakura thought as she opened the door to her home. She sat down on the couch and laid down to think about that man.

With Sasori:

Sasori decided to go back to base as he sighed. He opened the door to see Deidara tryin got get rid of Tobi.

'DEIDARA GIVE TOBI A PIGGY BACK RID!" Tobi yelled as he jumped on Deidara's back.

"NO UN! I DON'T WANNA GIVE U A DAMN PIGGY BACK RIDE YEAH!!" Deidara said throwing Tobi at the wall. Sasori walked right past him followed by Deidara trying to stop Tobi from following him. Sasori locked the door when Deidara walked in.

"You didn't succeed did you un?" He asked.

"no I talked to her she said she hates me u baka." Sasori said laying on his bed looking at the ceiling.

"Aww too bad un." Deidara said as he too laid down to take a nap. Sasori stayed up till like 3 am pondering on the subject.

Ok I changed this to a chapter story not a long one but a Chapter story. This is the intro I like it more. HBU?