Disclaimer: I don't own Suikoden characters

Disclaimer: I don't own Suikoden characters.

Chifuku Star

By Delphine

One of the things I realized very early in my life is that so few people truly understand me. I suppose that's not so difficult to imagine, after all one very rarely understands ones self-much less another. But HE understood me, much more so then anyone else had even my own mother.

Forgive me, it seems I've gotten away with myself. My name is Apple, born and raised in Seika and come from good old farmer stock, which is evident in my appearance. I have course mousy brown hair that I keep cut shoulder length and the apple green eyes that gave me my name. My skin is a moderate natural tan not the deep bronze of those in Seika who actually enjoy being outside.

I believe it was my rejection to the ruff and tumble games so loved by other youths that first set me apart. While others would spend their free time outside I would be inside studying, researching. It wasn't for some time that I found a mentor for my obsessive need for knowledge. Mathiu Silverberg seemed godsend to the child that I was. From the moment he took over as Seika's teacher I started to build my whole life around him.

I remember clearly when I first found out Master Mathiu had joined the Liberation army. "Are you sure?" I had practically screamed at the top of my lungs.

The girl in question was Tammy, a stocky blond that wore her hair in pigtails and was covered in freckles. She had smoothed out an unseen wrinkle in her homespun blue dress before replying in her high pitched voice that never failed to get on my nerves, "I'm sure. Saw 'em myself I did." She had glanced behind, interest showing in her bark brown eyes. "That's Commander Heero that just walked in," she whispered to me as if I was one of her girlfriends.

I turned around with a frown on my face. As I caught my first glimpse of Heero McDohl I found myself surprised. The leader of the Liberation Army was only a few years older than me! He had dark hair that was kept back with a green bandanna and deep brown eyes that had seen much pain. He was accompanied by five others, of which I learned their names at a later date.

First was Meg, a blond, pony-tailed trickster the same age as me. Then there was Kirkis, a blond elf, and his lavender-haired girlfriend Sylvina, daughter of the deceased Chief of the Elves. Finally there were the blond former servants of General Teo McDohl, Gremio and Cleo.

"So you're the one that forced Master Mathiu to join when he promised he would never fight again!" I yelled at Heero.

Cleo gasped at my audacity. "Master Heero would never force anyone to do anything against their will," Gremio declared.

"I don't believe you," I said, sneering. These people had taken away the one person in my life that understood me and I wasn't about to show any mercy. With my mind made up I said with slow, seething words, "I'll find out myself if you're telling the truth." That was how I ended up at Toran Castle as a member of the Liberation Army.

It wasn't all that hard to procure a ride to the lake castle. Once there I was able to bully my way through with very little trouble, straight to where Master Mathiu resided. He explained to me that he had made his decision to join the Liberation Army on his own. After he talked me into joining too.

Do I regret it? No. I learned many things during my time in the Liberation Army. That time I wouldn't trade for all the True Runes in the world. After all I pride myself on learning all my lessons well.