Basically, i cannot tell you how hurt i was by some of the comments, though i realize i will have to take criticism.

Here i am, with three options. One, i can delete this story, which is looking like quite the fine idea. Two, i can re-write the last chapter, though really that would make me feel like I'm succumbing to all of your views what you think the story should be, and this is the way i had planned it from the start.

Three, i can continue on with my sequal taking no heed in what some of you have said.

I would do this if i had the confidence, but i don't.

Also, by the way, if you would like to flame this story, at least have the integrity to do it in your actual account.

Ah well. I don't really have anything to say anymore.


Right, some time has passed since i wrote that and I've had to had a pep talk from my sister, but basically I've come to a conclusion.

I do not care.

I'm continuing with my sequal, much to the disappointment of some of you, but it is my story after all.

Although, there will be a story before the sequal, because i need a second chance.


Happy again.

Seriously, i have more mood swings than a pregnant whale going through divorce.

Anyway, I'm writing this to answer some questions that i knew would come.

DRACO'S DEAD?! HOW COULD YOU?!: He is not! Silly!

HERMIONE DOESN'T KNOW DRACO'S DEAD?! HOW COULD YOU?!: It gives grounds for a sequal.

HOW DARE THEY STOP THEM FROM FIGHTING!: This was a huuuuge issue in the reviewers, and sorry. The whole theme of the last two chapters was meant to be in like the forties, where the woman would wave of their fella's to fight. Sexist i know, but i stand by what i wrote, and what Draco said about it. If i had the power to keep who i loved safe, I'd use it.

WILL THERE BE A SEQUAL?: There will be indeed.

DO YOU HATE US?!: On the contrary my dears, i rather love you.

Uhh what else was there?

Yep, i think that's it! Hooray!

Uhh i think that's it for me. In this Authors note anyway.

Before the sequal comes out, I'm writing a different story, one with a different pairing.

Sirius/Hermione i think, not really sure.

BUT! Here's a summary of the sequal.

Two years after the war, Draco Malfoy awakes from his coma, and goes to find Hermione.

He looks into a window and finds something that hurts him, and makes him leave.

Three years after that, the engagement of two people brings Draco back, but only to start making a life for himself.

That's really all I'll say. XD

Look out for it!

The only goal i had for this story, was to make the auctions cliché, less of a cliché.

Here's hoping.




Forgot to say.

Every author has a source of inspiration, muses.

Mine were three people who have been there from the very start.

Michelle, Darkparadox, and Jevanminx. Whom i can only hope will be there in the sequal, for they are lovely.

As well as everyone else is.