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Roxas swallows a groan, toes curling, the skin of his back feeling like it's being rubbed raw on black leather. Axel's face is buried in the crook of Roxas's neck, and Roxas can feel the man's hot breath in his ear. Stifling another cry, Roxas bites down on Axel's shoulder, the redhead's breath stuttering for a moment before he slams into Roxas in retaliation, and dry leather rasps over the smooth wall Roxas is being pounded into.

It's stupid, dangerous to do it here, where anyone could find them, and they both know it.

Axel grunts and muffles his groan against Roxas's neck, where his pulse should be. His teeth graze Roxas's skin, and Roxas tilts his head back, letting Axel trail a path of sharp bites along his throat. They'll probably bruise. But they feel real.

Axel lifts his head, captures Roxas's lips in a searing kiss, and Roxas's head smacks into the wall as Axel thoroughly attacks his mouth with his tongue. Moaning into Axel's mouth, Roxas pulls mindlessly at the man's brilliant hair, fingers tearing through soft spikes and stray strands coming away in his hands.

They're going to get caught one day.

Roxas half-thinks they must want to, to act so recklessly. Axel fucks him in storage rooms, empty hallways, atop Memory's Skyscraper. Roxas pushes Axel to the floor in drafty courtyards, in other members' rooms – once, in a move of unparalleled stupidity, Axel had taken him on the floor at the base of those tall, silent chairs.

Axel usually makes the first move, but he never fights if Roxas rolls him over, pushes him against the floor (wall, counter, bed). It's always frantic, rushed, and they don't always have something they can use as lube, having to make do with their saliva, but they don't mind the edge of pain. It's one of the few things they can truly claim to feel, and it makes it more.

Axel ducks his head back into Roxas's neck, mouthing unheard words against his sweaty skin, occasionally darting his tongue out and dragging it across spots he knows from experience make the blond shiver and moan. He lifts a hand and lays it across Roxas's mouth to stifle the deep groans that spill from the younger Nobody's lips, and Roxas bites down lightly on his long fingers.

They never should've started this. They've begun confusing memories for the real thing, and it's going to destroy them. Each time they come together like this, it's another step toward their inevitable end. They don't have a future, only a series of moments, a series of nows that are being spent with reckless disregard for how they'll be paid for later.

Finally, Axel groans deep in his throat and wraps his hand around Roxas's erection, bringing the younger Nobody to a shattering climax, and Roxas bites down on Axel's shoulder so hard his teeth break the skin. Axel doesn't notice the thin trickle of blood dribbling down his chest; burying his head in Roxas's shoulder, he stifles a desperate curse as he comes, and they cling to each other as they ride out their orgasms.

Roxas unlocks his legs from Axel's waist, and Axel makes sure he can stand on his own before he pulls away, already tucking himself back into his pants. They don't look at each other as Roxas retrieves his pants and zips himself back into his coat. When they're both fully dressed, they turn and walk down the hall, still not looking at each other, not touching, a space at least a foot wide between them, and Roxas ducks his head as he hides a smile.

If they're going to die anyway, if they're destined to fade…

There are worse ways to destroy themselves.