Hi. :)
Please take note of the beautiful, little innocent smiley. :) :) :)
So I haven't updated in a LONG FREAKING TIME. And I'm like 99.9999999 percent sure that I've lost readers because of that. I don't blame them at all. My stories weren't that good anyways...seriously. I've ATTEMPTED to re-read them and they're...shit, to put his nicely. I have been actively reading a few stories though. Oh, and by the way I'm one of the original Twilight fans. ;] One of those stories being a Twilight story. I can't really read a lot of them without like...disliking them. Sorry, it's just me and I'm an honest person so get over it if I offended you, 'kay? 'Kay. :) I'm really only reading two stories. Here are the links:

Dangerous Fascination: .net/s/3677489/1/

My Beautiful Disaster: .net/s/4546697/1/My_Beautiful_Disaster

OKAY, so on to my excuses! :D

1.) I'm officially a horse owner after almost 9 years of riding.
2.) My parents are only paying half boar for him...for those of you who know about horses...that's A LOT MORE THAN THAT to pay for. Therefore..I have a job. So yah.
3.) I'm TRAINING my horse.
4.) Riding, period.
5.) I no longer go to public school...I'm am cyber schooled. PAVCS. :) It's the most coolest thing (next to buying my horse) that has happened to me. It frees up so much more time and my grades have SHOT UP. I almost failed my freshman year and now I have straight As. :)

So yes, those are my excuses. Oh, and I have a tendency to pretty much KILL all my computers. So I've gone through about 4 by now. (Thank goodness for a brother who knows how to fix it every time. :D) I haven't written anything in a good 9 months Not a single word. Oh, and I RARELY review stories. If I do...I'm in friggin' love with it. So be happy when I do. :) And I guess I'll leave you guys with 10 songs I highly recommend:

Burn- Collective Soul (Or ANYTHING by that band. Oh, and I'm not just someone who started liking them after Tremble for My Beloved was in Twilight. -rolls eyes-)
Do It For You- Ballas Hough Band
Surrender- Blake Lewis
4ever- The Veronicas
Satellite- Collective Soul (beautiful lyrics, he wrote it for his son.)
Emergency- Paramore (There's not one song from PAramore that I DON'T like.)
Out of the Abyss- Judgement Day (There are no vocals in this musical group. It involves a violin, cello, and drums...that's it.)
Stone By Stone- Dredg (Going to see them live in April! Their songs require thought, by the way.)
Hellelujah- Paramore
Bar-Ba-Sol- David cook