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Angeline had died. It was a fact, a horrid one, that bounced through his skull like a rubber ball.

He hoped, if it bounced long enough, it would fly out the door of his mind, all the memories fleeing with it, going, going, gone... But he knew they wouldn't. Mental pictures of her, pale, dying...dead (it hurt to say the word, so much), would stay with him to the day of his death.

They said that when you're close to death, your life flashes before your eyes. What they never mentioned was that wheny our soulmate lies dead, your life togetehr replays a thousand times, with every hurtful moment amplified and shown with excruciatin, horrible slowness.

The fact that he had once been a criminal was more prominent than ever. She had truly been an angel to love him, to marry him, even knowing of his criminal activities.

Even in the midst of a whole new world--a world of uber-high security, of bodygaurds and servants and shady deals--she had flourished.

Another thought springs to his mind: She was good to him. And good for him, as well. She had been exasperatingly airy-fairy at times, but God she had been good to him.

Sometimes he thought Arty was the only one keeping him from flinging himself into the eternal abyss after her. Arty is such a grown-up boy--a young man, really, he'd even thought so in the hospital--to put up with it all so well.

At the tables they talk about everything but Angeline. He wonders if his son would understand his thoughts and feelings, but he is afraid if he talks about her he will be placed in much talked-of imbecile category.

He is so thankful that he retired as a criminal, that he and Angeline had a few years to spend together, to watch their boys grow up. Now he would spend his years watching them alone.

But when people looked at him, he knew they did not think of him as the man who had recently lost his wife. No, he was Artemis Fowl, ex-criminal mastermind.

You could almost say he enjoys 'mastermind', but...

Ex-criminal he despises, loathes, hates...

And in the nights when he longs for her comforting warmth by his side, he thinks, What did she think of me as?

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If you noticed that I said, 'watch their boys grow up' and are confused, let me be the first to tell you that the twins mentioned at the end of TLC are confirmed to be boys.