By: Midnight-Mist49

Chapter One: Awakening

Rob Dillard awoke to sunlight pouring through his window and bathing his apartment in light.

"Ugh, Monday." He groaned as he slipped out of bed, rubbing his eyes. He turned on the TV as he brushed his teeth. The news flickered on, showing a story on wildfires spreading through London. It was strange really, London was very wet, and was rarely dry enough to start one fire, not to mention several. He disbanded the thought, and finished getting ready for work. He didn't really have to dress; after all he worked in construction. There was a huge mining project setting forth today, they were going to break new ground. There was supposedly a large cavern near the dig site. He slipped on some jeans and a hoodie, and walked out the door.


"What have you got for me Pete?" Rob questioned.

Peter Quentin emerged from the mining shaft on an elevator; completely covered in soot.

"It's a cavern alright, looks like you were right." He answered, lighting a cigarette.

"Aren't I always?" Rob joked. "I'll take it you've already broken ground?"

"Just started this morning, around six I guess. It was closer than we thought."

"Well," Rob said, putting his hard-hat on. "Let's take a look then shall we?"

They stepped onto the elevator, and pressed the down button. The carriage hummed to life and started its descent.

Twenty minutes later, they were at the bottom. They stepped out into a large cavern.

"Bloody hell." Rob said, astonished.

"This isn't it." laughed Peter. "The new one dwarfs this one."

They walked into a dark tunnel, lit only by the light bulbs that lined both sides of the walls. They then stepped into the largest cavern Rob had ever seen. It was at least a mile wide.

"This is brilliant" he said, not thinking of anything else he could say.

But before he could celebrate anymore, an emergency siren blared.

"Attention, there has been an accident." a fuzzy voice sound over the intercom. "Please make your way to the emergency exits as soon as possible."