Chapter 5: Broken Angels

It started to rain as they entered Windsor, it pounded heavily on the metal roof of the jeep. Rob looked out the window at the overcast night. Was this really happening? Just the other day, he was a normal guy with a normal life, but now it was gone. They took it away from him. He wondered if his family was still alive. It seemed like forever since he had seen them. He was shaken from his daydream when the humvee stopped, and people started getting out and running off of the road.

He opened a door and peered into the sky as a huge silhouette blocked his vision and cast a shadow over the immediate area. He leapt out of the vehicle, and scrambled into the forest where the rest of the people were. He turned as he saw a dragon swoop down and pickup a humvee, flinging it through the trees. Rob tackled Peter out of the way as the jeep slammed into the ground behind them. The beast flew along the line of vehicles, engulfing them in flames. The dyeing cries of the injured people were heard as the flames blazed on.

He prayed a silent prayer as a soldier grabbed him by the arm.

"C'mon, you don't want to stay here do you?" he shouted.

Rob snapped back to his senses and found himself running through the forest along with the other survivors. He could hear trees being toppled over and people screaming and relaying orders to one another.

Every once in a while a cloud of flames would set a group of trees afire, causing the surrounding area to glow orange. Rob looked behind him as he ran. Peter was running behind him a couple of meters. He heard a roar, and a dragon skidded onto the land in front of him. He changed direction, and busted through the thick underbrush, He heard Pete scream, and saw a blast of flames. He didn't want to think about what just happened. Peter was the only person he knew that was still alive up until now. He ran through the trees, the dragon right on his heels. He dodged and weaved to avoid the tree limbs, and the beast that was chasing him.

He broke into a clearing where he met up with a group of soldiers who were heading the same way as him. One soldier lobbed a grenade over his head, blowing a nearby dragon into a tree and knocking the tree over. Rob blind fired over his shoulder, hitting a dragon every few shots. He fired into the air as one beast glided over them. Holes formed in its wings as the bullets tore at them.

It landed, and charged Rob and the soldiers. He turned and ran, clutching the stitch in his side. It was burning incessantly, but it was better than what the dragon had planned for him. The monster was catching up now. He desperately fired at the dragon as he ran, but to no avail; it kept coming. He tripped, and slid across the wet ground, coating himself in mud.

He had no choice. All he could do was fight until in inevitable happened. He was going to die. He lay on his back, and slammed on the trigger. The barrage of fire hit the dragon like a train. It stumbled back, and screamed to the sky. Rob was getting ready to open fire again, when he heard the worst sound he could hear at the moment., click, click

The beast looked up, and growled at him. He closed his eyes, and waited for the burning flames to swallow him; but it never came.

Instead, he saw a flashing red light roll under the dragon's body. He scampered into the trees as the grenade went off. The dragon was gutted, and blown backwards, limp. Rob looked around for his savior, and saw Peter walking up with a smoking grenade launcher held idly at his side.

"You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?" he laughed.

"You sorry son of a bitch!" Rob exclaimed as Pete walked up to him. "You've escaped death again!"

"It's the cigs man, I'm telling ya."


The caught up with the soldiers, behind a fallen log.

"Gentlemen," a commander said. "Just over this hill is Windsor"

We walked up to the cliff overlooking a small town in Windsor, and saw the entire town in flames. Dragons soared over it, burning everything in their path.